Can You Believe It? Rudy Giuliani Actually Thought Fox Interview Went Just Fine


How did you think it was going to work out when a senile lawyer was hired to represent the interests of a world class dotard? Well, that’s about how well it has worked out so far and Rudy’s been on the job, what, two weeks? Maybe Rudy’s really a double agent on the side of the Resistance, because short of that, there is no other explanation for his immolation of Donald Trump on the most favorable venue in the known universe to Trump, Sean Hannity’s show. These are the lowlights of that interview from the Washington Post:

President Trump and Michael Cohen have been forced into admissions about the Stormy Daniels situation that they clearly didn’t want to make. First, Cohen denied the affair between Trump and Daniels but conspicuously didn’t address the payment. Then he admitted to the payment but conspicuously didn’t address Trump’s involvement. Then Trump said Cohen was acting as his attorney but conspicuously didn’t address whether he had reimbursed Cohen via a slush fund. Now it turns out that there was something of a slush fund, in the form of Cohen’s retainer.

And now this will amaze you, Rudy apparently thought that the interview went just fine.

Tony Carbonetti, a longtime friend and adviser to Giuliani, said he was dining with the former New York mayor on Manhattan’s Upper East Side on Wednesday night before he went on Fox. “We thought it was a quick hit and he was coming right back,” Carbonetti said, adding that Giuliani returned to the dinner table around 10:15 p.m. and seemed pleased with how the interview went. […]

Asked whether he might be fired for what he told Hannity, Giuliani replied, “No, no, no! I’m not going to get fired.” Laughing, he added: “But if I do, I do. It wouldn’t be the first time it ever happened. But I don’t think so, no.”

Rudy also admits that nobody else on Trump’s legal team knew anything about the Cohen reimbursement and, apparently, that’s the way Rudy wants it.

Neither White House counsel Donald McGahn nor Emmet Flood, the White House attorney recently hired to handle the Russia investigation, knew that Trump had reimbursed Cohen before Giuliani revealed it, according to a person familiar with their knowledge.

McGahn and Flood also were not informed in advance of Giuliani’s plan to disclose the repayment information in his Fox interview, nor were other senior aides in the White House. The communications and media staff run by press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders did not book Giuliani’s appearance on Hannity’s show and were not involved in helping him strategize his talking points.

Asked about White House officials being caught off guard by his disclosure, Giuliani told CNN on Thursday: “They were. There was no way they wouldn’t be. The president is my client. I don’t talk to them.”

Great. The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing, but what can possibly go wrong? The Keystone Kops had a better coordinated legal team than Trump has.

Here’s where the road Rudy is paving is going to take Trump. The sooner the better.

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