Twitter is all a flutter this morning. There’s a false story that Ivanka has changed her name from Trump to Kushner but the real scoop is that Business Insider ran a piece a few days ago detailing Ivanka’s ongoing efforts to distance herself from her corrupt family and reinvent herself as the perfect wife and mother. Why she thinks anyone cares is beyond me, but I imagine that she’s inherited the planet-sized Trump ego from Daddy and assumes that all eyes are on her, 24/7.

She hasn’t changed her name, but Ivanka Trump’s image has undergone a major makeover in recent years, as she has slowly separated herself from her father’s brand. But, despite the rebirth, Donald Trump’s elder daughter remains deeply entwined in his businesses — and legal troubles.

Gone are the power suits and American flags in every other photo she’s caught in, Ivanka’s Instagram feed these days is filled with shots of her with her family, glamorous shots of her outfits, and tributes to her late mother.

Instead of attending campaign speeches and rallies, the former businesswoman and one-time presidential adviser has most recently been spotted with husband Jared Kushner and their children attending synagogue and spending time at the beach on Mother’s Day.

But the distance isn’t just symbolic – Ivanka has spelled it out.

Last November, in one of her most recent public statements about politics, Ivanka announced she had been “done” with the Capitol drama since the day she left and “would never go back to being her father’s adviser.” Days later, she skipped her father’s 2024 presidential campaign announcement.

She can run but she can’t hide. There is still that matter of a $250 million lawsuit in New York State.

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  1. She spent her life cavorting in her daddy’s cesspool and the detritus from that will never wash out. Even if she spend half of the Jarvanka fortune on the finest spas and dermatology procedures. Not to mention her very DNA. Nope. Wannabe Princess Ivanka CHOSE to align herself with daddy and the Trump Org. early in life. She COULD have chosen a different path and kept her own distance, using the huge head start of being born to money to make her own way in the world. But she didn’t and instead spent decades playing Trump Org. “hotshot” executive and using daddy’s angel investment money to create a slightly different Trump “brand.” Now? She COULD choose to start right now and for the rest of her life strongly and loudly denouncing her father, brothers and the Trump Org. and apologizing for ever having been part of the latter, and supporting her father’s business and escpecially political career. Then foresake any pursuit of new income for herself, and donate the majority of her wealth into establishing a REAL charitable organization – one where all she is is a spokesperson who has not actual decision making authority so as not to taint the charity’s actual work. By spokesperson I mean an annual appearance at some event to acknowledge the efforts of those who do the actual work, and describe actual accomplishments. Then STFU until the next year.

    If she CHOSE to do that, perhaps in ten years she might earn at least some forgiveness, and get past the widespread scorn she has been so deservedly getting. Think Nicole Wallace as an example. Wallace hyped the Bush 43 administration and came to realize how wrong she was for doing so. She’s apologized for what she did. And she’d made a real effort to atone for it, including periodically noting that there was a time when she was SO wrong about things. It took a long time for me to trust she was reformed, but after years of apology and willingness to criticize not just actions of that administration she served in but her own actions I believe she is sincere and that I can believe her reporting, and that her opinions should be taken seriously. I might not always agree with her but the point is that I think carefully about something when I’m not sure she’d right.

    Would Wannabe Princess Ivanka make the REAL effort to change and atone? Let me put it this way. President Biden is about to name a new Commandant of my Marine Corps. My broken down old left active duty decades ago enlisted puke a$$ will get named (now or in the future) before Ivanka would actually change and try, really try to become a decent human being!


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