Jeffrey Epstein is not temperamentally suited to chilling in a 6’x 8′ jail cell. He’s got sock drawers that are bigger than that in his $56 million Manhattan mansion, which he offered to put up for collateral, yesterday, along with his private jet, in an effort to be released on bail. Epstein also begged the court to let him wear an ankle bracelet and offered to surrender his passport. So, he’s quite desperate. Be that as it may, prosecutors revealed on Friday that Epstein wired a total of $350,000 to two people who might testify against him at trial. New York Times:

Mr. Epstein sent the money to the potential witnesses in late November and early December, 2018, shortly after the Miami Herald began publishing an investigative report about a secret deal he had reached with the authorities in Florida to avoid federal prosecution, prosecutors said.

The United States attorney’s office in Manhattan made the new allegations in a court filing asking that Mr. Epstein be denied bail while he awaits trial, saying the payments were evidence that he might try to influence witnesses if he were not detained.

Two days after the Herald published its expose, Mr. Epstein wired $100,000 to a person who had been named as a possible co-conspirator in his deal with Florida prosecutors a decade ago.

Three days later, Mr. Epstein sent $250,000 to a person who not only had been named as a co-conspirator in the Florida agreement, but was also identified in the New York indictment as an employee who helped Mr. Epstein in his sex-trafficking scheme.

There are undoubtedly plenty of co-conspirators in Epstein’s world, considering how long his sex-trafficking ring was up and running; and, to Epstein a six-figure payment isn’t problematic, so prosecutors are not being overzealous in their desire to keep Epstein in jail until he goes to trial.

Three things would be very nice: 1. A list of possible or known co-conspirators and Epstein’s financial relationship with each of them; 2. If Epstein festers in jail until trial, then is convicted, and sentenced to life in prison; 3. If the big prosecutor in the sky decrees that he burns in Hell. I rarely wax religious, but the vileness of Epstein’s crimes, and the lives he has so cavalierly destroyed, with less concern than you or I would toss aside a candy bar wrapper, scream out to nature itself for vengeance. The man is evil at the molecular level and it looks like he’s finally going to get his comeuppance.


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  1. He has another private jet and a lot of “friends”, so they ought to keep him behind bars, instead of trusting him with anything, including an ankle bracelet (which can be removed).

  2. If Epstein gets really desperate he may start dropping the dime on the exploits of some of his “friends” including DJT.

    One of the few things the right and left agree on is you don’t mess with children sexually…..proof of that is Moore losing the Senate contest in blood red Alabama.

      • While I agree that he could murder someone on 5th Ave. and not lose any votes, I believe this would take him down and out.

          • Moore’s election came AFTER 2016, P J, and as Blue said, in blood red Alabama. So don’t be so quick to dismiss.

          • I’m saying that these are people who can and will overlook actual crimes, if the person committing them tells them what they want to hear. (Remember, Tr*mp admitted to grabbing women and walking into dressing rooms at a beauty pageant without warning.)

          • That the cult will accept anything Trump does as good (at least for right now) is hardly a newsflash, P J. But child rape isn’t just any old crime that misogyny and misanthropy can lend sufficient cover fire to. No, THAT’S something that WILL knock the remaining fence sitters completely off their perch and into the camp of the opposition. And I remain convinced that we outnumber the cult anyway BEFORE that kicks in.

        • Remember the young woman who accused tRump of raping her at age 13 and then withdrew the lawsuit after receiving death threats? She said the rape took place in Epstein’s Manhattan apartment. And that suit was filed before the election.

  3. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t lost my faith, that I still believed in heaven and hell. This is one of those times. Epstein might not be as rich as he claims but he’s still got more than enough & probably has enough dirt on others who are loaded to be able to flee no matter what kind of guarantees he makes to the court. He might be older than I am (not by much) but I’m sure he could, if necessary barricade himself in a spot in his NY mansion right before a helicopter swooped in and dangled a rig he could snap himself in to and hoisted him right up & out of there – to a yacht waiting offshore & well into international waters. From there he could be quickly and similarly moved hundreds, even more than a thousand miles within 24 hours to a boat that could take him to a non-extradition country without us being able to find out even what boat he’s on.

    Someone with the ability to do so should write up that scenario and slip it under Judge Berman’s door.

    • Denis,
      I don’t believe in hell either, but life in prison would suit me just fine!

      After years of seeing Unindicted Co- conspirator #1 get away with everything short of murder, what a pleasure to see that there are still signs of life in our justice system!

      • I’m on a fine line here, but, I think Trump and his complicit Republicans are guilty of at least manslaughter with a vengeance … ever since that midget brain Sessions and Trump cooked up the holy mess at the border, and NOW, the record shows 3-4 kids dying in the concentration camps, maybe more than that now … virtual murder by ignoring basic needs of prisoners and a, “don’t give a damn POTUS”,…

  4. You know…I think it’s interesting (in a schadenfreude kind of way) to see so very many old, rich, influential white men going around NYC these days like walking corpses–gray-faced, sweaty, short of breath, fanning themselves in what looks like panic. Who knows? Maybe it’s just summer or maybe The Big One is about to strike them dead on 5th Avenue? Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of old perverts.


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