Since James Comer is dying to expose corruption in Washington, how about he starts with George Santos? That’s a no brainer. And if there are enough people on that already, well, there’s always Donald Trump and his family. Jamie Raskin has prepared a memo which exposes Comer’s bad faith.

Chairman Comer has publicly stated that the alleged financial wrongdoing that Committee Republicans are investigating, including the SARs (Suspicious Activity Reports), implicate “the entire [Biden] family.” However, none of the SARs reviewed by Committee staff allege, or even suggest, any potential misconduct by President Biden, nor do they show President Biden’s involvement in Hunter Biden’s financial or business relationships.

This finding is consistent with recent statements by Eric Schwerin, Hunter Biden’s former business associate and then-Vice President Biden’s former financial adviser, with whom Committee Republican and Democratic staff met last month.

During the meeting, Mr. Schwerin explained that between 2009 and 2017, he performed a number of administrative and bookkeeping tasks for the then-Vice President and Hunter Biden. In doing so, he had the ability to view President Biden’s bank account transactions and stated that he was not aware of any involvement by President Biden in the financial conduct of his relatives’ businesses, much less any transactions into or out of the then-vice President’s bank account related to business conducted by any Biden family member.

Hit the link and read the entire thing. It’s a little over four pages. Raskin exposes Comer’s innuendo and misrepresentations, in lieu of facts. That said, we live in a world of conspiracy theory and some portion of the population accepts Comer’s smears as truth.


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  1. As I said, in an earlier post, they don’t want facts, they want factions. All they want is a wedge issue, and they want to Wedgie the entire American public like a scene from an 80’s teen angst movie reference. “Chaos is what killed the dinosaurs darling. “If you know the reference, you’ll know how old I am.

  2. I think the rnc needs to pay for all of the costs of prosecuting and investigating thier army that tried to overthrow the government.

  3. Hunter Biden’s lap top. Could there be a bigger non story? only one Hillary Clinton and Bengasi. That little witch hunt took 8 years and cost the taxpayers a ton, and found???? Nada, nothing, zilch, big fat nothing!!! But that’s enough to have the maga crowd crowing lock her up!!!! Now Biden’s lap top…yawn….what? Steve Bannon’s had a copy of the hard drive for about 5 months now? And not one freaking word about ANYTHING on it???? Perhaps little Stevie just hasn’t had the time to go over it yet????? Yeah right. C’mon Steve release some pictures of Hunter Biden’s junk! The world awaits! And we can put this story to bed?


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