Tyler Boebert is in the news once again. He’s the 18-year-old son of Lauren Boebert and soon to be a father, with his 15-year-old girlfriend. The congresswoman is of course spinning this as a wonderful thing, that her minor son impregnated another minor and now the two children are going to have a child of their own — although technically Tyler is an adult, having turned 18 on March 21.

Naturally, as with all things Boebert, it’s the tip of the iceberg. One of Tyler’s friends, 19-year-old Noble D’Amato, told Westword how he was egregiously injured when an SUV that Tyler was driving “so f**king fast” flipped over and landed in a creek bed. D’Amato then goes on to describe how Lauren Boebert covered it all up.

Noble D’Amato, a nineteen-year-old friend of Tyler’s who was riding shotgun, wound up hospitalized with multiple concussions and a severely lacerated hand.

“I still have problems with my hand,” D’Amato says“My thumb almost got cut off. It prevented me from getting a welding job, because I can’t hold a TIG torch anymore. I’m a personal-care provider now.”

The crash, which went down around 11:30 p.m. on a Saturday night, also led to D’Amato being charged with unlawful possession of a schedule IV controlled substance after he was found carrying unprescribed Xanax pills, according to the Colorado State Police. A “silver marijuana grinder w/small amount of marijuana” was also reported to have been found in D’Amato’s backpack at the scene, earning him a drug paraphernalia charge.

Tyler must have been in a hurry to get them to a church service or something wholesome, wouldn’t you think?

Tyler, meanwhile, got a careless driving ticket and a summons to appear in court — with local prosecutors in Glenwood Springs later dropping his case down to a “defective vehicle for headlights” ticket following the acceptance of a plea deal, according to the Garfield County Court Clerk’s Office.

Tyler’s slap on the wrist included court-ordered driving school through Colorado’s “Alive at 25” driver’s awareness program and a mandatory review hearing scheduled for today, April 10, to make sure the soon-to-be father completed the course, the clerk’s office says.

You don’t need to be a psychologist or a sociologist to conclude that Tyler is not being benefitted by Mommy getting him off easy. Very bad life patterns are being set, as we speak. Normal people learn about accountability and the consequences — intended or not — of their actions and how to behave accordingly. Tyler is apparently running wild and somebody else cleans up his messes.

“The injury reported was superficial at best and was addressed by medical professionals out of caution,” Boebert’s office said in an April 4 statement supplied to Westword. The statement also said that “the incident involved two minors,” which isn’t correct: Although Tyler, who turned eighteen on March 21, was seventeen at the time of the accident, D’Amato was nineteen.

D’Amato calls the Boebert statement “bull$hit,” and suggests that Tyler’s mother —  who has a laundry list of charges on her own record, including careless driving and operating an unsafe vehicle for rolling her truck into a ditch in 2016 — was likely the one pushing to sweep everything under the rug.

“She’s never liked me,” D’Amato says. “But that doesn’t give them the right to try and hide the fact that I was injured. They just don’t give a f**k. It’s the entire family.”

D’Amato, who says he has no plans to take legal action against the Boeberts, points to a 2020 incident that saw Lauren Boebert accused of covering up an off-road accident in Moab “that nearly killed her sister-in-law” and also involved Tyler, according to the watchdog groups American Muckrakers PAC and fireboebert.com.

Nothing like having law breakers elected to be law makers. Please, let’s find a way to get Adam Frisch elected to the seat currently held by Boebert. Boebert has no interest in legislating and no ability for same. She wants to be on TV and be a MAGA troll. Colorado deserves better.

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  1. The boberts are a disgrace to the state of Colorado.
    …..but they love her.
    Plus, it doesn’t take much to buy either a sheriff or judge in Colorado….

    • I’m from Colorado and I’m utterly appalled at this. I didn’t grow up in the sticks. I grew up in a suburb of Denver and then went to college in Boulder. I can’t believe that an ignorant, uneducated, redneck bimbo like Boebert is in congress. This is a disgrace. The only comfort I find is in the fact that she only won by 546 votes last time, in a deep red district, so I’m thinking (praying) her days are numbered.

      • I have spent a lot of time in Colorado, mainly around Fairplay and Alma.
        I had no idea that scum like that was hiding in plain sight…

        • It’s very disillusioning. I grew up with a lot of Republicans, but they were not that far apart in their values from me. Generally speaking, they just wanted things to be quieter, slower, more gradual and of course as a Democrat I wanted past injustices to minorities, women, whatever addressed right now. But there was never this MAGA madness or anything resembling it.

          • Yeah…I grew up with siblings that turned out to be republiCLOWNS. Useless, no talent assholes….and crooked enough to screw over their own mother.
            That’s why I call republiCLOWNS motherf3cking assholes…

        • The problem with that is that you put a punk like him behind bars and they only get worse. A neighbor of mine put her wayward kid in juvie hall, thinking he would learn his lesson. He came back John Dillinger a few months later. The kid was a punk before juvie hall but after juvie hall he was scary.

    • Probably his mother. He learned how to drive dangerously and cover it up. Driving Like a NASCAR Contender and Buying Your Way Out of Trouble 101 seems to.be one class he aced. And probably the only one.

  2. Colorado deserves better. No, Colorado got what they voted for. They put her in for a second term knowing exactly who she is and what she represents. Taxpayers now get to provide her with lifetime benefits for being an ignorant, do nothing skank.

    • I think there’s a minimum number of years you have to serve to get all those nice things.
      “After serving for five years, a member of Congress becomes eligible for a pension plan. Their retirement benefits depend on their plan, age and time served in Congress. A member of Congress can collect their full pension at the age of 62 or if they are 50 years old with 20 years of service. They can earn up to 80% of their final salary, though this high percentage rarely occurs.”
      She’s way short of the full pension.

      • Oh, thank God. I thought four years, aka two terms, was the requirement. But FIVE years? Wonderful. Let’s get Adam Frisch in there.

        This makes my day, P.J. Fank yew!

  3. Lauren Boebert was born in Florida and moved to a Denver neighborhood called Monbello when she was 12 years old. Lauren Boebert is not a native Coloradoan. She is a “Florida woman”.

  4. How do you get charged with drug paraphernalia for a grinder with bits of weed in it in a state where marijuana is legal? I’m confused.

    • That exact same thing ran through my mind. Colorado was the first state to legalize cannabis. How can paraphernalia for the consumption of cannabis be illegal?


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