Gee, Gropinfuhrer, I have no idea why people are so mean in general, but if you are asking in particular why people are so mean to you, I could hazard about a billion and a half guesses.

Let’s see, a lot of women are mean to you because you and your henchman Mitch McConnell installed three SCOTUS judges who are busily destroying the reproductive rights body autonomy they have had for fifty years.

A lot of minority folk are mean to you because you are an unrepentant racist.

A lot of patriots are mean to you because you are trying to undermine the foundations of our democratic republic.

But that all goes without saying, let’s get to the fun part, asshole, people being mean to you on Twitter:

I most enjoyed Trey Callaway and Eric Champnella being mean to you with this snarky “Hotel Mar-a-Lago”…

But there were other fine examples of people being justifiably mean to you in Rick Wilson’s thread:

There’s a good reason.

Spincter says what?


Could be, Steve.

Could be.

Not even a little bit, Diana.


Because they hate him as much as we do?

You might be on to something there…





I guess this one is a mystery for the ages, dirtbag.

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  1. Gosh I never thought that song could get more exciting. The scene at the end is pure sweet water, when you’ve been wandering around Death Valley wondering if you were ever gonna taste water again. B E A UTIFUL!!!

  2. Why isn’t former guy looking in the mirror when he asks such an asinine question? Honestly is that for real? I would wonder about a high school student who sent out such a message but a 75 year old man? Are you fucking kidding me? You know, there has to be a point where Jarvanka tells him he’s looking foolish and then take away his little toy so he can’t shame the family even more than he already has.


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