There is a certain cosmic irony, a karma if you will, to Lauren Boebert’s departure from politics being finalized by the same mechanism that finalized Sarah Palin’s, i.e., ranked-choice voting. Now let’s be clear: Palin was done in by Palin, nobody else. After a while her looney tunes act wore thin. And the same is true of Boebert. She’s the one that has done nothing in her two terms in Congress but be a professional troll and tweet a lot. That’s what’s going to take her out of Congress, that and the fact that her fiasco at the Buell Theatre, done when she didn’t know about security cameras, exposed her for exactly who and what she is, which is a liar and a phony with a profound sense of entitlement and an abundance of arrogance.

Boebert won reelection by 564 votes in 2022 and she’s probably headed for doom in 2024 and rightfully so. Adam Frisch, her Democratic contender, has outraised her 4 to 1. A lot of people are disillusioned with Boebert. Additionally, she’s facing a Republican primary and she may not even make it to the ballot in the first place. But granting arguendo she does make it to the ballot, then ranked-choice voting may seal her fate.

The tweet ends, “voted against violence against women act.” What a swell gal, eh what? And then the tweet goes on, “Name just one positive thing Boebert has done since taking office. I’ll wait.” Don’t wait on me, friend, because I got nothin.’ Second to George Santos the MAGA Republican loser who needs to leave the House most is Boebert.

This is Boebert’s legacy. This is how she’ll be remembered.

I haven’t lived in Colorado for over four decades but I did grow up there and went to college at the University of Colorado at Boulder. I worked as a radio announcer for a couple of years after college before I moved to Los Angeles. Colorado is a good place with a lot of good people and it deserves so much better than this scum bag.

Let’s do the footwork, people. Give Adam Frisch whatever you can. If you’re a Colorado reader do whatever you can to get out the vote and get rid of this freakshow in CO-3. Let’s bring back some kind of normalcy and class to the Centennial State. Colorado deserves better.

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  1. The most unfortunate thing about her time in congress isn’t that her porn performance in that theater will be her legacy, it is that we all had to see it. Can’t scrub hard enough to remove that sh*t stain from our retinas.

  2. to your strengths! Set up booths across the state, and agree to give free hand jobs and boob grabs for a pledge to vote for you. Once you nail the male vote, pun is intended, then you can find a way to ‘stimulate’ the female vote. You could hand out coke straws and pleasure tools with your name emboldened on them. If you need more ‘suggestions’, I’m open to your charms. We old guys CAN be influenced. Unfortunately, in my case, I’m not a voter in the land of towns in ditches, or sitting on potential brush piles.

    • Yeah but they sure did “investigate” Hillary over Benghazi. I have a feeling gym bag and the rest feel that phony circus was worth more than every bill ever devised in the history of our nation. Did they find out a thing? I seem to remember what did become clear was that congress did not fund enough for proper security at that location.

      ‘pubes are scum, pure and simple.


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