If you have any spare change laying around, get a hold of your broker and invest it in Maalox and Tums. Because the Republican party is about to start ordering it in box car lots. His lowness has just laid down an edict, and it might just ensure the demolition of the Republican party.

“If we don’t solve the Presidential Election Fraud of 2020 (which we have thoroughly and conclusively documented), Republicans will not be voting in ’22 or ’24,” Trump declared. “It is the single most important thing for Republicans to do.”

There ya go. Every GOP incumbent and incumbent wanna be has been folding themselves into pretzels to chase Trump’s base, and he just dropped the hammer. Of Trump doesn’t get the results he wants from all of these fraudits over the 2020 election, There is no longer any reason to vote in already rigged elections in 2022 or 2024. Period. Full Stop.

The entire GOP has spent two years trying to cultivate and suck up to Trump’s base. And in the process, they have pissed off pretty much everybody else in the country. Well tonight, they have a whole new problem. Trump’s base is monolithic, and if he tells them to sit out, they will sit out. What does the GOP do now?

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  1. What worries me is that they won’t need to vote. Why do I say that? Because the GOP is so afraid of Trump (all the way down to the local level) or believes in him so fervently that they are SYSTEMATICALLY going about the process of literally threatening fair election workers into leaving their positions – to be replaced by Trump loyalists. Moving up to state legislatures including in states like my own (NC) where the reality of voter preference is purple but the GOP has decisive control in the statehouses they are passing laws that allow legislature to set aside the results of an election and declare a winner, who of course will be a Republican!

    Basically, they are setting things up so it doesn’t matter what the voters express at the polls. That means their own voters won’t have to actually cast ballots. Instead the GOP will simply go through the processes they have/are establishing to invalidate the results in any county they wish to change the outcome in their favor. Sure, it will get fought out in the courts, but thanks to the Roberts Court the Voting Rights Act is effectively gutted.

    And even though the Constitution established that the federal government sets the standards for federal elections, putting in place a new (and improved) Voting Rights Act isn’t going to happen because certain Democratic Senators refuse to accept the reality of what the GOP is doing. Not only will they NOT go along with eliminating the filibuster, they don’t even want to go back to the old-school rules that were in place when you and I were kids.

    So again, I fear this latest rant from Trump won’t matter even if GOP voters do as he says and stay home. They have PLENTY of elected and appointed officials and a fucking army funded by right-wing zealots to change the results and put the GOP in charge.

    Many, including me warned for years (decades) about the well planned and eventually executed strategy conservatives took (primarily via The Federalist Society) to take over the federal judiciary. We weren’t taken as seriously as we should have been but the ole retroscope shows we were right all along. When the Koch brothers conceived and funded the “Tea Party” people didn’t take it seriously enough – especially and including that while all the attention was being given to the passage and implementation of the ACA/Obamacare the REAL action was going on with redistricting!

    Anyone who thinks a similar strategy hasn’t been conceived and is being executed with conservative mega-donor dark money is kidding themselves. It’s happening all over the country as I write this. We need to be afraid. Very afraid and fighting back in an organized way to ensure fair election officials and observers are in place next year and beyond. And lawyers need to have briefs ready to go even before the polls close on election night next year. Even that might not be enough but we have to try.

    • That is true, but there is another dynamic at work here…The minorioty communities, especially the African American community, bought their voting rights through activism and blood…When someone tries to take that right away from them, like the GOP is doing today, all it does is to piss them off…If Biden and the Democrats can motivate the minorities in 2022, they will walk over hot coals to get to the polls and get their voices heard…And that’s why THIS is so important, Trump is purposely trying to suppress his OWN party’s vote!!!

    • I agree with everything you said . They are definitely doing this with all the re districting of voting & voter suppression laws all these Red states are happily allowing to happen . Just wait America is falling into a Fascist hell pit run by our Mega Rich overlords who will use & abuse the American people to force them to run their factories & all while subjecting us to plague no Healthcare no affordable housing . Our overlords don’t give a shit about us . We are cogs in their machines that churn out profit only for the wealthy while the rest of us suffer & die .

  2. I like this, kind of like Trump standing behind a dump truck filled with 16 tons of road gravel while he reaches around the side to pull the lever that lifts the load for dumping …

    Then, as the gravel begins build up around his legs, he makes two signs with his hands … One hand is the Nixon, “V”, the other sign is the ok bunny rabbit with his index finger down to his thumb, can’t forget all those dead from the neck up followers, looking forward to seeing his approval …

    • I kniow, thaty’s wny I had to get this out there as quickly as possible!!! The GOP has always known that Trump was errativc, but they never thought that he would pull the rug out from under all of them just to satisfy his childish pique..But now he’s done it…And they’re boned…

  3. As long as he tells people he won in 2020, he can be kept off the ballot in 2024. “Sorry, sir: you only can win this job twice. Third time is an automatic loss.”

  4. Fascism doesn’t require votes. It requires stooges in the right places. Hell. I’m a white man from Appalachia but I’ve been married to a black lady & have lived with another for 10 years. Ur right about the past & I hope women wake up. Ur also right that a sizable core will do what he says but we need to do everything we can to protect the vote now. Living in NC, I see the effects of rigging state elections. We can’t rely on rules. They won’t honor them.

    • Well, I certainly hope your wife doesn’t learn about the other one you’ve been living with, because that sort of dangling modifier can cause lots of issues, lol.

    • With respect, all that talk makes me think of something General Phil Sheridan once told his troops: “God damn you, don’t cheer me, FIGHT!” There’s plenty to do for every election coming up. Not everyone can do everything but if you look hard enough, both the DNC and affiliated groups have got plenty of ways to pitch in. So for me, no tine for handwringing, praying for better or saying what I want. I got some texting to do.


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