In the last 5 minutes MSNBC just broke information that should get his fat ass off of his golf course. The J6 committee has been in negotiations with the DOJ for weeks now about turning over documents and deposition testimony.

But MSNBC reported that the J6 committee had just turned over the contents of 20 deposition interverviews to the DOJ. It is impossible to state just how important this development is. Here’s why.

How many times have I said it? When you work a major criminal investigation, you start at the bottom, flip the little fish, and work your way up. The J6 committee was under no such strictures, they weren’t going to prosecute anybody. Instead they keyed on individuals that could help them in their search for information on the Capitol riot, and the days leading up to it. And by and large, they got them.

Here’s the McGuffin. The J6 committee had no interest in the little fish, they were under a time constraint, and needed to get to the heart of the matter. And they cast a wide net that garnered them more than 1000 witness depositions.

As I wrote earlier, the DOJ wouldn’t be calling big fish like Pence’s Chief of Staff and General Counsel if they hadn’t already hung up the little fish. If they’re getting transcripts from the J6 committee, then they’re not looking for secretaries, they’re looking for people whose testimony can help them to sharpen their questioning for bigger fish that they’re planning to call before the grand jury.I’m now more confident than ever that the DOJ is pushing the envelope, that they’re much farther along than we previously were, and that they’re zeroing in on the major players. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. A,god chunk of the White House staff are plain GS types who are civil.servants who work there no matter who is,Pres. Remember Linda,Tripp? Do you think Clinton would have appointed her? These are the poot would stuck taping together Donnie Donuts’ shredded documents so they could be sent to the National Archives for posterity as,required by lae. I suspect those little fish were happy to help.take down His,Royal.Stupidity,,and gave valuable intel.that allowed the 1/6 people to know who to.interview and what questions to ask. They likely loathed him.

    My first jobs,were in D.C. I know whereof I speak. High-powered assholes,who.make extra work are not beloved


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