Joy Ann Reid of MSNBC just posted a tweet that says that in a late night vote, the U.S. Senate just passed a treaty resolution allowing Sweden and Finland into NATO by a vote of 99-1. Shock and awe, the lone NO vote was from all purpose douche nozzle Josh Hawley.

This is huge, and something that Putin has tried for decades to avoid, through threats, bluff, and bluster. In one fell swoop, Putin has just seen almost 1,100 miles of his border now bumping up against more NATO forces.

It is obvious that Putin has taken leave of his senses. All he had to do was to learn the lesson of his lap poodle, Traitor Tot. Trump played too fast and loose with the rules, and got impeached twice, and booted from office after only one term. Putin dreamed of making the annexation of Ukraine his legacy, and he has now placed Russia in an even weaker international position.

And that doesn’t even count the devastating effect Putin’s folly has unleashed on Russia itself. Most economists estimate that the sanctions have wiped out the last 30 years of Russian advances, and with the brain drain of younger, more educated Russians fleeing Russia for the west since the start of the war, it will take decades longer to undo the damage. Especially considering that the US will never release sanctions as long as Putin is in power.

Sic Transit Gloria, Vlad!


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    • I’m still trying to wrap my head around that 99-1 vote. Hawley voting no doesn’t surprise me. But Rand Paul? And RON JOHNSON? WTF? RoJo had his head buried up Putin’s ass and HE turned on ole Vlad? I wonder what Johnson has learned the rest of us don’t yet know, but it sure as hell can’t be good for Putin.

      • Josh Runs Like a Bitch voting against such a thing is expected. I understand Rand Paul voted absent or some cowardly bullshit like that. Traitorous scum like so many ‘pubes. What surprises me is the rest of the ‘pubes-they cannot like this expansion of NATO. Only thing I can think of is this scans well with their voters–and you know they took that temperature before this vote.

  1. Unintended consequences! When does a narcissist question him/herself? Never. That’s why they should never be given power on any level over other peoples’ lives. Other people? Who cares? Evil.

  2. The sad part is that whatever Putin does now doesn’t even really matter as far as Russia’s economy is concerned. He could pull out of Ukraine and Crimea tomorrow. The vast majority of the companies that left Russia aren’t coming back under any circumstances. Putin has proven that Russia is far too unreliable and unethical to do business in. The Russian economy is f**ked. Probably for decades.

    • Sad but true, Kevin, I feel sorry for the Russian people! Many of them are just like the people in the US: they don’t really care to get involved in politics, so they are just trying to get through each day. But selfish leaders like Putin and tRump want to burn everything to the ground in pursuit of their own ultimate power, so the people are the ones who suffer!

  3. Someone just needs to finish Putin and his butt busted trump, by putting a bullet between there eyes and be done with both of the morons***



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