BREAKING: McCabe gets ready to sue the Trump Administration


Andrew McCabe, Former FBI Director, is planning to sue the Trump administration for defamation, wrongful termination and other possible civil suits, according to multiple media reports Friday.

Attorney General Jeff Session fired McCabe earlier this year after a report found that he made an unauthorized disclosure of information to the media and that he lacked “candor”  with federal investigators.  McCabe denied the allegations and said that he was being targeted in an effort to compromise special counsel Robert Mueller.

Justice Department IG Michael Horowitz released the report last week alleging that McCabe authorized a leak to the press to “advance his personal interests” and misled investigators about the matter. Trump tweeted that the memo was a “disaster” for McCabe.

McCabe’s attorney, Michael Bromwich accused opponents of McCabe, like President Trump of “continuing slander”. He also said that he is unsure of when the lawsuits will be filed but in the meantime, is working on making them “solid” and states “we’ll file when we’re ready”.

We’re ALL ready for this!  Bring it!!

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