As that character in the old Laugh-In series from the 70’s, used to say, “verrrrry interesting.” Here is a new development in the Greene divorce. Yes, we speak of Marge and Perry. Perry took Marge, cloven hooves and all, for better or for worse 27 years ago before he finally said “phuque it, I’m outta here” last week — and five weeks before his wife will be reelected or not. Bear that in mind.

The details of Perry’s side of the dissolution will appear in the court proceedings, naturally. What is intriguing is that Perry, who filed last week for divorce, initially moved the court to have the proceedings take place under court seal. Marge approved. She wanted everything about the divorce to be sub rosa.

Then today, Monday, voila. He done changed his mind. The net effect of that is to act as a decloaking device, as they might say in Star Trek. Before, it was all stealth mode, now it — whatever “it” is — will be hanging out there for one and all to see.

Details will be public record. Hoe kay. This ought to be something.

There is one issue that I am interested in above all else. You know what it is.

This is more detailed. Tape runs about four minutes.

As to Perry’s motivation, one can only speculate that this is a cudgel to get a better settlement negotiated and quick, too.

Here’s another video you may recall. This is Matt Gaetz talking about Marge’s “alibi from the pipe bomber thing.” Interesting that Matt even thought Marge needed one, don’t you think? Plus the look on her face when he says it is priceless. (bottom clip)

The election in Georgia just got that much more interesting.

As Murfster likes to say, “Don’t touch that dial.”

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  1. veeerrrry interesting? I still find it veeerrry speculative. As you say though, perhaps there is something in the divorce papers and maybe there is something, I don’t know, interesting I guess. In general the divorce shit tends to be the airing of dirty laundry that would have been better left un-aired in the hamper. I reckon we’ll see one way or the other.

    I feel about as strongly as anyone else on this side of the political spectrum, that MTG ought not be re-elected and perhaps her being the pipe-bomber might sway some people. I wonder if it would sway enough people away from voting for her to toward a candidate from another party–is she running against someone or unopposed? Regardless, I am comfortable saying enough voters would remain loyal MTG voters despite, or perhaps because of, her involvement in such a thing.

    • If we are at a place in our country where an incumbent congressmember is found to be the pipe bomber and people want to keep that person in office, then democracy is done for. Game over.

      • Saddened to say to you Ursula that death was experienced in 2020 when though defeated by Biden, 7 million more “informed” voters thought honest donnie.s genius needed another 4 years???? Then marched on the Capital to prove the point!!! What we are seeing now is as after a chicken has been put to the sword. I hate the imagery but it’s sad but true.

      • It is puzzling isn’t it that Marjorie Traitor Green is likely to win re-election by a huge margin. Green is proof that graduating from a well respected university doesn’t confer intelligence.

        • It’s not puzzling at all to see that you didn’t graduate from a well respected (or any for that matter) university. Proof you need to stop reading the propaganda here..

        • red4751, They can be forgiven for electing MTG the first go round, because as a noob she did and said what was required to win election. BUT based on her shocking behavior in Wash. should those very same electors send her back to congress, booted from committees and all? Then truly they ARE stupid to the highest degree!!!! Remember the words of Forest Gump’s mom “Stupid is as stupid does”

  2. Well the people of Alaska got tired of their little reality show star and said nah! I wonder is any more reality stars will go, like the wizard Oz perhaps???


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