It’s good to get actual confirmation that the Freedom Caucus folks are actually entertainers. We’ve basically known it all along, but it’s always good to hear the truth from the horse’s mouth. Lauren Boebert was on Fox News and the host asked her why she acted the way she did that fated night in Denver at a performance of Beetlejuice. “Did the play get you excited?” (I think he meant horny/) He asked that after he asked her if she had had too much to drink. This entire clip runs over 5:00 but if you want to get to the good part, forward to 2:19.

“It’s been twenty years since I was in the dating scene.” I don’t think she did a lot of “dating.” She was working at Burger King when her future husband, a 22-year-old oil rig worker, asked the 16-year-old out and the rest is history. I doubt that they went to the theater. The drive-in movie, most probably, but not the theater. Maybe Bobo doesn’t know that the code of behavior is a trifle different?

In any event, the part I love is, “It is my responsibility to bring levity to my constituents’ lives, never gravity.” I wonder, seriously, if this was how the job was explained to her. That’s it’s a PR job, it’s all sound bites and entertainment. Say what you will about Mitt Romney, I give him credit for pouring over the Constitution and studying it before making the decision to vote to remove Trump. That’s what Boebert’s job is, too, but no way in hell she’s going to do it. She’s a paid entertainer. Maybe she can get her pension from the Screen Actor’s Guild rather than the U.S. government (God forbid she should be reelected and qualify for one.) And granted, political theater is its own kind of amusement, always has been, but for a lawmaker to vow “to bring levity?” To say that’s their responsibility? OMG.

She also says that she has ended the relationship with the Aspen bar owner who was her date and that “all date nights are canceled.” I wonder what the sudden turn around to a monkish existence is?

I loved the bit at the end where Jesse forgave her, ahhhh, absolution from a Fox News high priest. Now she has been publicly exonerated, by the mercy of almighty News Corp., hallowed be its name. Now all is well in MAGAdonia.

Let’s vote her out and get somebody in whose responsibility is to be a hardworking and effective lawmaker, not to entertain. Adam for Colorado. Donate.


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  1. I don’t know what the laws are like in Colorado but if she went about 70 miles northwest of DC to the eastern panhandle of WV where I lived she could make a small fortune owning/fronting a titty-bar. (Bare Naked Boebert’s?) There were a half dozen within ten miles of the farm I lived on up there and not much farther away over in Charles Town several more. A couple of them were well established enough that their signs would advertise porn star appearances now and then. Of course, she’d probably want to have it be gun themed and allow patrons to carry. Drunk patrons (not just the guys ) with guns that sometimes get out of hand and have to be “bounced” and full-nude strippers. What could possibly go wrong? She’s going to be losing that fat Congress Critter income & perks next year and let’s face it, she’s not pundit material.

    She might as well open a joint for “regular guys” feeling a little “anxious”…

  2. Boobert bared her boobs, then showed her ass…
    The pregnant lady objected, she was called crass.
    The question rose up from her sucking the vape…
    What’s she smoking? Drinking? A mix of weed and the grape.
    Suddenly the Democrat pounced on the tit!!! Boobert didn’t stop him…no sir! not one bit!
    She countered with a grab of her own…
    Evidently wanting to finish at someone’s home.
    People complained, the house stepped in…
    To stop this woman from more x-rated sin.
    Did she leave? She reluctantly did.
    She denied, then lied, to keep on the lid.
    Video was found, shown around the town…
    With middle finger raised, titties falling out of her gown.
    Now’s she’s back on the horse…I hear say.
    She’s really sorry of course, it’s a new day.
    Back to trashing AOC from her moral perch…
    Acting like a stupid bispeckled jerk.
    Did she learn a thing? I think not…
    Next time sweetheart…choose a private spot.



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