The last time I saw anybody look as miserable as Ron DeSantis looked tonight — and at the previous three debates — was literally at a funeral. He projects dis-ease, discomfort, unhappiness. This is clearly agony for him. And it becomes agony for the viewer as well. DeSantis is not comfortable in his own skin, which was made glaringly obvious the other day when he “debated” Gavin Newsom. Newsom is comfortable in his own skin and he’s well prepared and knows how to think on his feet. DeSantis brings none of those qualities to the table and all of those qualities are key to winning a presidential election. Every single last one of them. Or, at least they used to be before Donald Trump up ended the apple cart.

DeSantis is the Peter Principle personified. He might have become an effective member of Congress, had he stated a House rep for a while. But no, he wanted more and he wanted it now. And so he became governor of Florida and that’s not enough, he wants the big enchilada, the whole deal.

And, in all truth, seeing a complete idiot like Trump get elected POTUS, I can well understand where somebody who isn’t that qualified would say, “My God, if HE can do it, I can do it in a cakewalk.” And I think that was the germination of this madcap plan that DeSantis and his wife Casey hatched.

But so many times things don’t work out the way we planned, right? Maybe Team DeSantis should read a body language expert’s opinion on the unspoken message which was telegraphed tonight. We all got it, loud and clear, whether we knew that’s what we were getting or not. There is such a thing as subliminal messaging and there are definitely people that creep you out, although you may not know why.

And before we get to the doctor’s commentary, take a look at the other shining star on stage tonight.

And this.

Ramaswamy is a high strung mess who spews conspiracy theories. It’s nice to get a professional opinion, but we already knew that in spades. And DeSantis is a total fake and he’s not fooling anybody. He and Casey may be fooling he and Casey but that’s about the size of it.

Raw Story:

Brown thought DeSantis’ face stood out most.

“The overly-frequent elevated forehead contraction is THEE most common body language sign of insincerity and chronic deception. There are few better examples of this behavior than Ron DeSantis,” he wrote. Next, he drew attention to what appears to be a large frown on DeSantis’ face.

“A feigned pout is a reliable body language signal of insincerity and manipulative personality,” the expert wrote Wednesday. “This is highly significant when displayed frequently – but also even in isolation depending on the context.”

DeSantis wasn’t the only one that caught Brown’s eye. He also noticed patterns with Ramaswamy.

And this is intriguing. Ramaswamy is in his thirties but Botoxed? OMG.

“Though Vivek Ramaswamy (38 y.o.) is very heavily Botoxed, it won’t do anything to diminish his pugnacious nature (Eyebrows elevated, yet with almost movement of his forehead),” the expert wrote.

Additionally, the expert said, Ramaswamy had another habit that stood out.

“Men who frequently wag their index fingers at others have a dramatically increased likelihood of having impulse control disorder. Moreover, men who frequently wag their index fingers at women, have an additional significantly increased likelihood of later using their fists.” […]

Back to DeSantis, Brown had this to say:

“Immediately after Nikki Haley scores a point against DeSantis and Ramaswamy, Ron DeSantis adopts a modified fig-leaf (genital guarding) configuration – signaling his emotional discomfort and and emotional vulnerability in that moment.”

Brown added that it appears as though DeSantis doesn’t want to be on stage.

“Someone has advised Ron DeSantis to stand away from his lectern. This bad advice,” he wrote. “It projects a lack of full engagement and cognitive-emotional dissonance. Ron wants to be president – but he sure doesn’t want to be on this stage. Also, high heels.”

I guess DeSantis is going to keep the high heels.

How soon before this nightmare is over? Let’s see how the polls shake down. There should be at least one, possibly two, before the Iowa Caucus in mid-January and then we’ll see what happens there. It is possible that DeSantis could win there and then do a Ted Cruz. Or, Trump may win there, in which case it will be interesting to see if DeSantis decides to suspend his campaign at that point, or if he insists on staying in for another several rounds.

And you know full well Trump will only continue to get uglier to anybody who stays in the race.

We’re in for an interesting year, friends. Quite possibly the most interesting year of our lives. One of them, to be sure.

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  1. Meh…….”another one bites the dust!” RW have become the party of Nazi’s & freaks with their extreme Ideology. The world does recognize losers, when they see & hear them! Most of the U.S. & world, still live in REALITY!

  2. Given Fakeaswamy is about vas obnoxious as it gets. He is Trump with brown skin: loud, obnoxious, misogynist, bigoted, racist, never met a conspiracy theory too crazy for him into it, patholigical.liar.

    But we don’t really have to.worry about him.because he is Brown’s lined and Indian, which means no right-wing moron for him.

  3. Chris Christie is loud, obnoxious, vindictive (,Bridgegate) but he is the smartest one in the group. He has facts at his disposal and a good sense of sarcasm. The South and Midwest would never vote for him, but dayum, he can put the other 3_in their place, and he skewers Donnie Donuts like a kabob on a grill.

  4. How the hell did Fakaeaswami graduate from high valedictorian, get a degree in biology from Harvard and a law degree from Yale and become a billionaire from founding a pharmaceutical company y? If he believes half the debunked conspiracy theories he spouts, he would be an ignorant red neck with the I.Q. of a houseplant.

    • He ran a scam about medication that addressed Alzheimers, if I remember correctly. It didn’t work but he cleaned up. Another grifter!

  5. ‘And you know full well Trump will only continue to get uglier to anybody who stays in the race.’ It’s tRump, he’ll be ugly to whoever drops out as well since he hates ‘losers’. I hate this era in American politics. The R’s are mostly hideously nasty people with sewage rushing out of their mouths. They all believe the same nasty garbage. All are unfit for office.

    • I feel the same way , and if anybody is a loser, it’s trump . His father sent him to college but only one professor said he saw him in his class one time for about 10 min. no one else ever saw him . He’s rich because his father left him $400 million dollars when he died . He isn’t a self made millionaire .


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