The Bride of Beetlejuice had two gigs going and they’ve both gone straight to Hell. One was being a right-wing MAGA troll (her actual job while getting paid to be a lawmaker from taxpayers’ funds) and the other has been the voice of Xian womanhood. I have oft said that when Lauren Boebert got thrown out of Congress that she would find a new career as an evangelical wingnut. But she blew that out of the water the night of the tatas and vapes.

I had a friend who defined character thusly: “Character is who you are and what you do when nobody else is watching.” Or, when you THINK nobody else is watching, or nobody who can hurt you, in any event. In Bobo’s case the security cameras were watching and that escalated the situation from a he said, she said debacle to provable fact. And that was the beginning of the end for the hypocrite par excellence who disgraces the CO-03 seat that she holds. In any event, here is Boebert’s attempt at spiritual inspiration — which was swiftly met by gagging, and then by retaliation. Including by yours truly.

You can call me mean if you want to. But I don’t buy her phony ass religious bullshit for one minute. I never have. It’s a ploy and a manipulation. And guess what? I wasn’t the only one to have that reaction.

Well, friends, the gauntlet went down. A riot on Turkey Day! Cluck cluck cluck cluck! And yes, of course it got worse.

Or, it could be a runt she’s riding and then we could find something that rhymes with that.

Poor Bobo. She simply did not uplift TwitX on this Day of Thanks. I look forward to next Thanksgiving when it will be possible, I hope and pray, to lift a glass and toast to her being defeated at the polls and out of politics.

Boebert is the clone of Madison Cawthorn. She rode the crest of the MAGA wave, which is all about superficial appearances and having a great line of bull. And like Cawthorn, at no time did she pause and say, “Wow. This is amazing, the door that has opened for me. If I can only learn and become worthy of this blessing that has fallen into my lap and actually become a real legislator.” That would have been the actual prayer of anybody with a lick of sense or even the slightest hope of being an actual public servant, worthy of the name.

But it never crossed her mind, any more than it crossed Cawthorn’s, because they both took the same route: they decided they deserved the big money and the attention and they were just too effing wonderful for words.

Cawthorn flamed out and so has Boebert. It’s all over now for her, except for the counting of the votes.

But before we go, here’s what a Republican had to say.

You’ve seen it here friends, who she is and who she wants us to believe she is. Boy, are they two different people.

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  1. I think that is on the lines of all the guys in jail who have ‘seen the Blessed Light and been accepted by the Saviour’ – AFTER they have been caught and found guilty.

    None have ever been redeemed BEFORE they were found out.

  2. “I have oft said that when Lauren Boebert got thrown out of Congress that she would find a new career as an evangelical wingnut. But she blew that out of the water the night of the tatas and vapes.”

    Well, if she’d just pulled a Jimmy Swaggart quickly enough, the “evangelical wingnut” career might still be in play. Unfortunately, she’s gone way past the “I have sinned against you, my Lord” stage (granted, Swaggart didn’t pull his little crying jag until after he was caught some time after the actual incident happened but, still, he did it just as quickly as he could after being caught).

    • Nope, that “boar” will “repent” and the “good xian wingnuts” will forgive her and likely reelect her to office so she can continue her performance assholery and get a life time pension.

      • I pray to God that you’re wrong. If the people of CO-03 can’t see who she is, then we might all just be doomed. There’s only so many shit-level legislators you can have in office before the entire system goes into a serious meltdown.

  3. There aren’t many things as odious as religious hypocrisy. There’s the lying and the hidden agenda, but the faux sincerity smells like a pile of fish heads rotting in the sun.

    • Absolutely. Bobo is a liar and a manipulator. She’s no more follows Christ than a cat feels guilty for eating a mouse. It’s pure bullshit.

    • It’s something I despise about the repug psychochristians, all the phony proselytizing, the Bible thumping and flag waving, just sheer uncompromising hypocrisy while they carry on lying, cheating, stealing and trying to take rights away from everyone else. For them it’s win at all costs. They wouldn’t recognize the Ten Commandments if Moses were to hit them over the head with the clay tablets themselves.

  4. sorry to pop your Ballon but I don’t think she’ll ever be out of politics. it’s the grift that keeps on giving and maybe more importantly to people like her (mtg, Ted Lindsay) it’s where the cameras are. in between perpetually running for office she’ll pop up on fox or one of the others to provide her deep take on whatever is going on.

  5. I know I’ve asked this before but it bears repeating: why do all these con, xtian, ‘pubes always look (well, and sound) like braying asses?


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