While it appears from the background of this video that Lauren Boebert is at least in her district, unlike fellow RWNJs Kari Lake and Marjorie Taylor Greene, who seem to being spending a lot of time in Florida burnishing their V.P. credentials, she is way off base when she accuses her detractors on the left of “blaming her” for the sickening frequency of mass shootings in the nation. No, BoBo we are not accusing you of strapping ARs onto their bodies like suicide vests and directing the killers to their target, but rather we blame you and your fellow wing-nuts, for creating, with your snide attacks on the LGBTQ community and your fetishistic attachment to guns, a cultural stew that feeds into the appetites of those otherwise predisposed to violent outbursts to act out THEIR violent fantasies.

And we blame you for continuing to make Paul Pelosi jokes that were never appropriate, and have not become so with the passage of time…

You got that right, Texas, gee who does that remind me of…🤔


Yep, it’s what’s in their wallets.

💯 💯 💯




It’s a puzzlement.

🤣🤣🤣 I am definitely stealing that one.

We must have, Mike.



You sure are.



You know, BoBo, you’d be correctly accused of much less bigotry, violence and hatred if you’d just shut your bigoted, violent and hate filled pie hole.

The simplest solutions are often the best.

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  1. From where I sit she and other hatemongers do in fact share responsibility and should be called out for the violence they advocate, and with the policies & laws they promote and too often get passed (or in the case of gun control prevent being passed) enable. Yeah, Bobblehead should be blamed and if she doesn’t like it she can fuck off.

  2. Well Bobo, we don’t actually blame you specifically. We actually blame the you collectively–the cons, religiosos, ‘pubes…you have compadres you know.

  3. Dollar Store Sarah Palin is so stupid, she’s just as dangerous as the real one.

    But the voters in Alaska are smarter than the voters in Colorado.

    I know. It’s not a high bar, is it?


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