Erik Prince’s notorious company Blackwater has gone through name changes and iterations since their out of control antics when Bush 43 was President led to the loss of their federal contracts.   However, Prince has never given up on his dream of his organization taking over large swaths of tasks that should be the province of the U.S. Armed Forces.   And civilian law enforcement as well.   In the United States.   Since being reined in by the Obama administration from his self-imposed semi exile Prince has continued to hire out his mercenaries, but as I said has never given up on re-establishing a significant role in U.S. military and law enforcement work.   At four or five times the cost to taxpayers that our actual military and LE cost of course!

I’ve kicked myself for not thinking of it right away, but one image (I’ve looked and looked but can’t find that specific one) in particular I saw stuck in my head.    Something about it was familiar.  There are of course other images of “federal law enforcement” dudes in DC geared up for bear yet with nothing on their “uniforms” indicating who they are or what agency they are from.     The few who will respond to questions will only say they are “with the Department of Justice.”   In case you didn’t know the DOJ has regular federal cops providing security at the main building in DC and at some of their other locations.   If you’ve ever been into a federal courthouse you’ve seen them, or if away from DC more likely some local yokels from some regular security agency manning the entrances.    They are most definitely NOT the kind of beefed up dudes that have suddenly appeared in our nation’s capital.   The “we represent the DOJ” guys look much more like soldiers than cops.   Not even most SWAT officers are as beefed up (steroids?) and geared up as these dudes.

Anyway it’s been bugging the hell out of me, these lines of guys who look more like not just soldiers who spend more time in the weight room bodybuilding than actually training.    They look, and are equipped more like mercenaries and that’s when it hit me.   They reminded me of the guys from Blackwater, or whatever the hell it’s known as these days.

Keep in mind that Erik Prince pitched a plan for his guys to completely take over operations in Afghanistan and eventually much of the Middle East.    I again remind you at many times the cost of having our actual official Armed Forces already cost.    And our official Armed Forces would still have to provide much of the logistical support such as sealift and airlift not to mention close air support during combat at times.    Prince’s sister Betsy DeVoss took her position with every intent of leveraging it into shoveling a chunk of our tax dollars into her KKKristian “education” organizations.    I’m sure Trump made sure he’d get his cut of the action but I digress.   Erik knew he’d never make it through a confirmation hearing even with a GOP in Senate hands, but he had much, MUCH bigger designs on the federal treasury than his sister.   He’d have never been able to secure the hundreds of billions in contracts he was hoping for if he was actually part of the administration.

So far he hasn’t gotten anything, but I fear that might have just changed.    At the very least, I’m betting that the “uniforms” and gear so many of those new “we answer to the DOJ” forces are wearing have been supplied by Prince.    They are dressed and geared up just like the guys you saw creating havoc over in Iraq.    And given how “pumped up” some of those guys are I can’t help but believe some of them are Prince’s own guys.    It might not be all that big a contract, but he’s the kind of guy who if he can get his foot in the door will steadily open that door wide enough to drive a tank through.   And in Billy Barr he’s got an AG who if he can keep it under wraps long enough will expand Prince’s “mandate” to places all over the country – to provide “election security” at least in red states that have become vulnerable this year.   Anyone want to guess where those mercenaries will be deployed?   Voter intimidation could move to a level beyond our wildest fears.

I want journalists to flat out start asking Barr and the White House if DOJ has contracted or is even in discussions with Prince to provide his people for “security.”   I want our people in Congress to be raising the same questions, and formally requesting the GAO and the DOJ’s own inspector general to look into DOJ contracts given out since Barr became AG.   Barr is wily and despicable enough to have planned for using “federal law enforcement” in voter suppression efforts this fall.

I want to see legislation introduced that requires any law enforcement (state as well as federal) wearing riot/tactical gear and/or openly carrying a weapon to have their name, badge (with number visible) and agency displayed.    This needs to happen now.   The House Judiciary Committee should formally subpoena Erik Prince to answer questions about whether he has entered into ANY contracts with DOJ, or even held any discussions about doing so.     Maybe I’m overly paranoid, but I’ve long since reached the point where I believe Barr will do ANYTHING to protect Trump.   He’s in too deep himself and the only way to save his ass, and those of his offspring too is to save Trump’s.   If that requires utilizing a mercenary like Prince then he’ll do it.   However, Prince isn’t about to work for free and can’t be sure that even with his goons unleashed to do the kind of shit here they’ve done overseas Trump will win this fall.   He does after all pay his people a shitload of money and he’s not going to front Trump (who so famously stiffs people he owes) who will control the RNC’s coffers at least until November to cover the cost.    He’s going to want some serious payments along the way and that kind of money isn’t petty cash – it’s going to leave a trail.   The kind of trail that can be found if someone knows who to ask and/or where to look.

So far our side has been playing defense, (rightfully) complaining about the lack of identification of just who is now patrolling the streets of DC without admitting who they are or who their actual parent agency is.   It’s time to go on the offense.   Say flat out these guys are dressed and geared up like mercenaries.    Demand that Barr/the federal government prove they are not.   Start, and keep asking question about whether Barr has the DOJ contracting with Prince or any other private outfit to provide “support services” for crowd control for protests.   Put them on the defensive, and do it with questions on TV, and in Congress itself via floor speeches, hearings and proposed legislation.    The spotlight is something that is almost as damaging to Prince (and to a lesser degree Barr) as sunlight to a vampire.   So turn that sucker on and hold it on target.

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    • Thanks. I think all of us should be pressing our legislators to be digging into this. Even if Prince or one of his competitors isn’t already under contract he/they have surely been making offers. If nothing has been agreed to yet, the best way to keep it from happening is to shine the brightest of spotlights on Prince and other mercs.

  1. I’ve thought that for days. Prince was involved in that coverup with the Commerce Secy on some island in the mideast too, remember. They look just like trumped up mercenaries and they are certainly killers. The only other place we’ve seen this lately is Putin’s stormtroopers in Crimea and Georgia.

  2. You just might be on to something here. Saw several minutes of shots of these guys this morning and they just didn’t look like either cops of regular soldiers. They looked hardened and cold; and honestly, pretty damned scary. Thinking may be possible Muriel Bowser, mayor of DC knows; if so, she will soon speak up is my guess. Whether they are Prince’s Goons as you say, or other mercenaries, the deal is if they are mercenaries then this has devolved into a dangerous banana republic with hired thugs who have firepower enough to kill all the protestors.


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