When Mary Trump found out that President Joe Biden had some choice words for her uncle, Donald Trump, she noted in her Substack blog The Good In Us that it left her with mixed emotions. She writes that she was “elated” to hear Biden tell it like it is. She only wished he’d say this quiet part out loud. Frankly, I think it would be hilarious if Biden did this. I’m sure Trump would burst a blood vessel. She first found out about this from Politico, which noted that Biden “has described Trump to longtime friends and close aides as a ‘sick fuck’ who delights in others’ misfortunes.” That’s according to three people who heard Biden’s colorful if profane description.

And let’s face it folks — President Biden is definitely NOT wrong. This makes me remember the time when Trump visibly mocked the disabled New York Times journalist Serge Kovalevski, apparently forgetting that he himself has small hands that could easily be mocked. Then there’s the time when he focused his misogyny on former Fox News host Megyn Kelly for “blood coming out of her wherever.”

Granted, Kelly is, in general, not a nice person. But she didn’t deserve that.

And Mary Trump noted that according to one of the sources who spoke with Biden, the president also said “What a fucking asshole” Trump is.

This may be the one and only case where truer words were never spoken.

“if true — and i don’t doubt it — i’m very pleased to hear biden talk like that.”

“i wish he’d start saying it publicly,” she added.

I do too. Think about how much fun this could be if Biden and Trump participate in debates. It could certainly liven up the evening.

During a speech at Valley Forge in January, Biden almost accidentally revealed his thoughts while marking the third anniversary of the January 6 insurrection. The president was definitely in a feisty mood and he lambasted Trump and his followers for being gleeful about political violence.

“at his rally, he [trump] jokes about an intruder, whipped up by the big trump lie, taking a hammer to paul pelosi’s skull,” biden told his audience.

“And he thinks that’s funny,” the president elaborated. “He laughed about it. what a sick…” biden’s voice trails off.

This was met by cheering and chuckling from the crowd.

This is the sort of thing Trump does. He may soon be facing some very real legal tragedies soon but this is a man who, for most of his life, gained everything he ever wanted with little to no effort. Difficult choices for Trump at this time probably centered around which of his golf courses he should hit the links at.

Unsurprisingly, Trump & co. are deeply offended.

“it’s a shame that crooked joe biden disrespects the presidency both publicly and privately, said Chris Lacivita, a senior trump campaign adviser. “but then again, it’s no surprise he disrespects the 45th president the same way he disrespects the american people with his failed policies.”

Biden has become increasingly disgusted with Trump over time and he’s especially upset over Trump’s “jokes” about the attack on Paul Pelosi, the 83-year-old husband of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. A man wielding a hammer who was radicalized by nutty right-wing conspiracy theories broke into Pelosi’s home in San Francisco in October 2022 looking for the former speaker. He attacked her husband, fracturing his skull, and was subsequently convicted of attempted kidnapping and assault. In the aftermath of the vicious attack, right-wingers being who they are, jumped on the crazy train, spreading salacious rumors, which Trump couldn’t resist using for his appalling “jokes.”

“We’ll stand up to crazy nancy pelosi, who ruined san francisco — how’s her husband doing, anybody know?” trump said befor a crowd of california republicans at a state party convention in september. “and she’s against building a wall at our border, even though she has a wall around her house — which obviously didn’t do a very good job.”

I realize Biden has his flaws (it really would be nice if he’d quit kowtowing to Israel), but the fact is, he’s a man who, unlike Trump, understands what it is to lose loved ones — not only did he lose his son Beau to cancer, but he also lost his wife Neilia and 13-month-old daughter Naomi in a horrifying car accident in 1972.

About the only thing Donald Trump has ever lost is our respect for him. So I agree with his niece, Mary Trump. I hope Biden calls this creep out, and soon.

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  1. Trump didn’t lose my respect. I can honestly say from the first time I learned about him (when he loved doing interviews flacking his ghost written Art of the Deal) I’d see him sitting there and think “What a fucking smug asshole.” That was my first impression and it went downhill from there over time. He kept popping up in the news and of course on his TV show (I’ve never seen a full episode of ANY “reality” TV show – it’s a shit genre as far as I’m concerned) and even before he got all preachy in the “birther” movement attacking Obama I’d come to view him as a vile, disgusting incompetent blowhard worthless piece of shit.

    Alas, years before I became a Marine at age 26 life had taught me no matter how bad something of someone or things in general get. it can always get worse. Tragically that’s been the case with Trump. Worst of all is that we can’t even see the bottom of the hole with Trump.

  2. How on earth can any self-respecting individual have a modicum of respect for a disrespectful individual such as Trump, that you’ve revealed above, where Biden “… has described Trump to longtime friends and close aides as a ‘sick fuck’ who delights in others’ misfortunes…”. Bravo! One can only hope that Biden vocalises this to all – individually and collectively – during his campaign leading up to his next win as POTUS. Nothing like a justified descriptor, aimed squarely at that ‘sick fuck’ Trump – whose jugular will flail about the ceiling, once he’s aware of Biden’s well chosen words.

  3. My good buddies and I knew all about TFG while teenages in Brigantine NJ during the late 1970’s, watching his so called resurrection of Atlantic City. How did that turn out?

  4. The day I give a rat’s ass about what any of these traitorous nazis think will NEVER ARRIVE! HEY ASSHOLES…thank your lucky stars it isn’t 1941-1945…or YOU would be in the crosshairs of bullets fired by defenders of Democracy! As Danzel said in Man On Fire…a bullet never lies…You DO!!!! So go take a flying phuck at a rolling doughnut!

  5. Mary, please note: those of us with working brains, educated and capable of using our language, appreciate the fact that President Biden doesn’t utter every thought he has in public. We like that he doesn’t say inappropriate things out loud when it can be heard by millions of people. We think it is a good thing he is basically the complete opposite of your uncle and we would like to keep it that way. Yes, dingleberry is a sick f*ck but announcing it to the world is unnecessary (everyone with sense knows this) and icompletely without the class we expect from a U.S. President. You could say many of us were spoiled having had an erudite President for eight years: President Obama. That’s OK-we were. Want to know something else? We’d like to be spoiled like that again.

    I know your heart is in the right place Mary but please do not encourage folks to be vulgar especially those constantly in the public eye…or ear. lol

    • We had articulate Presidents my entire life and long before my time on this earth began. You or I might not have always like what they articulated but they could address reporters, the public well and sometimes could captivate with their ability to connect. Until baby Bush. Bush 43 wasn’t a stupid man, at least not nearly so much as he sometimes seemed to be. However, by his own admission he didn’t apply himself at some point in his education and the lax attitude went right through his time at Yale where he only graduated by a lot of “Gentleman’s Cs.” At least he was willing to be honest about that. However, at Harvard I’m sure he had to put in the work for his Masters which shows he’s not as dumb as all thought. He also grew up in TX and wanted to be “one of the guys”, a regular guy (even though given his family he was anything but) and got used to talking, and then acting dumb. It served him well in TX politics, just as it did when he ran the Texas Rangers baseball team. He was great at helping them build a fan base with his mingling with people in the stands during home games. Alas, once he decided HE was the oldest son and that if someone was going to assume the Presidency and repeat his father the glare of the Presidential spotlight isn’t at all kind to everything that had worked so well for him before. He kept lapsing into the younger “Texas” W and at inopportune times. Then we had eight years of Obama who like JFK and Reagan was a gifted orator.

      Trump however actually is a dumb as he seems. Even if he’d tried he’d have never done well, much less excelled at an elite university. He just didn’t have the intellect. Nor did he have it for business as his record proves. His gift as it were was being able to pull of a con – figure how to tell marks what they wanted/needed to hear. The problem with cons is that at some point the grifter needs to accept they’ve gotten a good payoff and walk away. Or they wind up in trouble or sometimes dead. Trump is a con man through and through. Tragically, sometimes con men become, whether by design or planning to be cult leaders. I don’t think Trump started out intending to be a cult leader but there came a point where he realized that’s what he was. Leader of the MAGA cult. And worse, like a handful of such people he began to believe his own bullshit, at least in part.

      In my lifetime we’ve seen some tragic examples of how such things end. Jim Jones and Jonestown. David Koresh and the Branch Dividians. But Trump and MAGA? Jan. 6 should scare the living fuck out of everyone. Because MAGA is so much larger and it’s leader has power Jones and Koresh only dreamed of. The longer this all goes on, the worse the eventual implosion will be. Germany and the rise & fall of Hitler was before I was born but it’s something we can use as a very realistic example of what we could face because of Trump.


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