Look, I get it. President Joe Biden hasn’t spent 50 years in congress, and now in the presidency by making stupid decisions. And I have no doubt that Joseph Biden Jr. is acutely aware of the plate on Harry Truman’s desk, The Buck Stops Here

And I even get Biden’s point. If Biden decides to drop the hammer on the 14th Amendment, and basically waive the debt ceiling in order for the US to pay its debts, The GOP would immediately file a lawsuit challenging Biden’s action, and either a federal district or appellate court would place a temporary stay on Biden’s action, and the US would go careening off the cliff anyway. Constitutional crisis.

But would that action cause one? Our judicial system is the crown jewel of out democracy, something no other country can quite match. Because while it allows both the federal government as well as the states to create laws defining criminal behavior, it also allows every single citizen access to the courts to adjudicate civil disputes. The courts are open to all.

But at the same time, it’s not like the American judicial system is like the Grand Bazaar in Cairo. The Founding Fathers didn’t want the judicial system becoming the ultimate pissing contest for every two guys who had harsh words at a bar somewhere. So they put in a couple of rules.

And one of the things that the Founding Fathers threw into the mix was the concept of standing. Basically, if your neighbor gets into a pissing contest with the local government, what skin is it off of your nose? In order to file a lawsuit, you must be able to prove to the court that you personally have suffered some personal or professional hurt or loss by the law or action.

So let’s just say that President Biden goes ahead and pulls the trigger on the 14th Amendment, suspending the debt ceiling so that the United States can continue to pay its already outstanding debts. Tell me this.
Exactly who is either personally or professionally harmed by the United States paying its bills?

Who? Those same 14 red state Attorneys General d*ckheads in the south and southwest who try to file charges against Biden for even farting? House Squeaker Cavein McCarthy because Biden just stole his new toy, and now the Freedom Caucus is pissed at him over it? The Freedom Caucus itself, who no longer has the ability to drive the global economy off of the cliff and into a ditch? Go ahead, tell me. Exactly who is either personally or professionally harmed by the United States government continuing to pay its bills? My immediate guess is nobody! 

And this is one time when the far right SCOTUS might actually be an ally. Chief Justice Roberts is now in control of a court where dogsh*t is now more popular. And it’s already showing. A bunch of far right doctors and pharmacists found a far right GOP shill judge to try to tell the FDA that they had their heads up their *sses, and to stop dispensing the abortion pill. The Supreme Court, smelling more impending abortion disaster, stayed the appellate courts restraint, and the drug remains available as the case works its way through the court.

With that in mind, does anybody honestly want to believe that the Roberts Supreme Court would want to create a global cataclysm by staying Biden’s executive order while it works its way up to them? And remember this. The US Constitution stays all. Ig Trumps both state and federal law. You want to change the US Constitution? Change. The. Constitution. And as it stands right now, the United States Constitution says that The validity of the United States debt shall not be questioned. Even by slimy toads like McCarthy, Jordan, Greene, and Gaetz. End of story.

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  1. What happened with the reconciliation they had started when this whole pile of fecal material began? I thought they had pulled a fast one on the MAGA cretins and started the long process in time to stick that stick in their spokes.

  2. And let’s not forget, SCOTUS has no enforcement mechanism. Should the nuts rule against the 14th Amendment, Biden can simply say that he views this ruling as advisor because it flies in the face of the plain text.



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