This is one of those posts where I will get a certain number of angry comments or emails, upset with me for “amplifying” these sickos’ message. My purpose is not to amplify depravity but to illuminate people as to what the right-wing listens to and what it thinks. This is some heavy misogyny here and it behooves us to take a look at it, beyond its overt sensationalistic message. Yes, there is always that, the tweak to own the libs, to shock our sensibilities. I get it. But underneath that is an ugly and pernicious world view.

Here is Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin’s vision for a brave new world. Bear in mind that this man was banned from Twitter for hate speech and Elon Musk reinstated him last December.

This is sheer brutality. This is a justification for that 10-year-old child who became pregnant as the result of rape and had to be transported over state lines to get an abortion, to be impregnated in the first place. The “logic” is, if a female child is biologically capable of being impregnated, she is ready to be a mother. Let’s grant for the sake of argument that that’s true. So by extension, then, correct me if I’m wrong, a 12-year-old boy who is biologically capable of ejaculating and impregnating someone, is therefore ready to be a father. Amirite?

Rolling Stone:

Almost immediately upon having his account reinstated, Anglin tweeted a response to rapper Ye praising Hitler and denying the Holocaust on Alex Jones’ show. “Saying you love Hitler is not even a big deal,” Anglin wrote, “no one cares about that. The man died 80 years ago.” Anglin also endorsed Ye in his presidential run. […]

Anglin has publicly indicated that the goal of his operation and adherence to white nationalist ideology is to “ethnically cleanse White nations of non-Whites and establish an authoritarian government. Many people also believe that the Jews should be exterminated.” Anglin is a staunch supporter of Nazi ideology and regularly espouses Holocaust denail. In 2018, Anglin wrote that he “[hates] women. I think they deserve to be beaten, raped and locked in cages.”

This is the kind of mind, and the kind of “free speech” that Musk went out of his way to restore.

In 2017, the Southern Poverty Law Center won a $14 million lawsuit brought against Anglin on behalf of Tanya Gersh, a Jewish real-estate agent, after Anglin directed an intense harassment campaign against her and her family. On Nov. 9, a Montana judge issued a bench warrant for Anglin’s arrest on grounds that he had ignored the judgment. Anglin’s physical whereabouts are currently unknown and he has long maintained he resides outside of the U.S.

I don’t know if the Daily Stormer, which is Anglin’s website, is worth $14 million, but that’s neither here nor there. The point is that this is a portion of what the right wing listens to and we need to be aware of this. The Neo-Nazis and the Proud Boys and the Three Percenters are all cut from the same cloth. If we had been more aware of what right-wing ideology was in 2016, we could have dealt more effectively with Donald Trump. We got sucker punched. And we paid a price. My goal is that it doesn’t happen again, so I keep one eye on Right Wing Watch and they keep both eyes on the sewer.

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  1. Disgusting though it will be, someone needs to do a thorough investigation into the early lives of these warped minds. Nick Fuentes must have had some kind of appalling upbringing to turn him into the ultra-creep he’s become at such a tender age. Same for Anglin.

  2. You can be menstruating without “dropping eggs”. And anyone who thinks early-teen marriage is a good idea should have to take a class in reproductive biology.

    • They’re not talking about early teen marriage. I probably should have given a bit more background, my bad. Nick Fuentes, who is Anglin’s buddy, recently said that when he turns 30 he wants to marry a 16-year-old because “that’s when the milk is good.” And Anglin replied that that’s not the right age, it should be taken down a few years.

      The policy here is to rape female children.

      • Your last point is key. I’d be willing to bet these pedophile, “groomer” a$$hats ONLY mean forced marriage for underage females. Boys of the same age? Not so much. Of course for the closeted gays among them kidnapping boys that young and keeping them in some basement for “use” is right in their wheelhouse.

  3. As always, thank you for the watching/listening you (and the other writers) do. I appreciate the “early warning” on the RWNJs—-I mean, it’s an ugly job, but we all need to know what plots these people are trying to foist on us!

  4. Well, the creator of the universe did make one mistake–allowing this Andrew Anglin to roam the planet. This fool really makes a good advertisement for the use of birth control.

  5. Someone should ask Angliln or any other male if they’ve ever had their balls “racked.” (kicked, punched, fell and straddled something allowing the crotch to be the point of impact etc.) It’s happened to EVERY guy and sadly (and painfully!) multiple times. The follow up with asking if ole god made a mistake by fashioning us guys with our testicles hanging down outside our bodies instead of tucked safely away internally with some protection around them! I for one say if there is a god he/she/it either f**ked up big time on that one, or has a penchant for cruelty. The “OUCH! MY BALLS!’ guy antics in Idiocracy are admittedly humorous but I also am reminded every time of some painful incidents – a couple of which were particularly embarrassing! So yeah – god makes mistakes.

    • As a guy myself, I have some history of a shock that was so easy to remember and impossible to forget, but on the other hand, young girls are taught the escape and run tactic, that with precise targeting, a male, attempting to control them has something else on his mind and they may get an opportunity to escape … While he is gasping for oxygen between OMG, OW, that hurts SO BAD … And a big list of bad words!

      It Seems that in the maker’s infinite knowledge, external parts are necessary to protect the little swimmers from excessive heat, and they appear on animals the same way …

      NOW, back to the pedo’s in the GOP … Trump has admitted he favors the 15-16 year old girls, that his true friend of many years who supposedly committed suicide in his jail cell, liked them a bit younger, in Trump’s own words …

      I have to wonder how many young girls were put on private jets on that small island for a bundle of cash …. Trump the germaphobe, didn’t think it was polished enough for the visitors from around the world …

      These young girls are OWNED by various slugs in the world, they are never heard from again, servitude and sex are called sex slaves, until they get too old or fight to leave, then they disappear without a trace … Anyone that says this cannot happen here, have Trump and friends that know a whole lot more about the business to investigate …

      • Please allow me to make 2 points in rebuttal of this approach.

        1. The ‘precise targeting’ really needs to be PRECISE, or the girl is left facing a sore-but-not-incapacitated, and now ENRAGED, male.

        2. Most girls, and I’ve been part of this discussion in a group situation back in the 1970’s at school, simply don’t know that a male can be actually incapacitated by the pain from a blow to a testicle. In fact, the context to the discussion was a boy who went down after collecting the pointy end of an Australian Rules football (Not AS pointy as the ball used in American Football, but pretty close) where it hurts. The girls at the scene thought that the guy was being overly precious, while the other boys were expressing real concern (and not helping their argument by simultaneously laughing so hard tears were running down their faces).

  6. Has anyone broken it to.him.that He isn’t white? Just wondering.
    Go ahead, gobshite. Have sex with a 12year-old. And go right to jail.Do not pass “go”. Do not collect $200.


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