“Suddenly he hears this sound, this melody that keeps spinning round and round, now he resides and plays trombone in this mystic unknown zone,” — Manhattan Transfer, Twilight Zone

Mike Lindell has been called to a high purpose. His fans and supporters, we are told, have persuaded him that he should run for the chair of the Republican National Committee, evidently because they believe that he can do a better job than Ronna McDaniel.

I personally think it’s a wonderful idea. This is who the GOP of 2022 is. This is the level of stupidity and absurdity to which they have fallen. It started back in 2016 when then-visionary Lindsey Graham said, “If we nominate Trump we will get destroyed… and we will deserve it.” That’s how it started, May 3, 2016, and this is where it is now.

Man, I will change my registration right now to Republican to vote for this. This is a howler. Mike Lindell running the RNC. OMG. In my wildest dreams I couldn’t have come up with anything this funny.

Maybe Mike could co-chair the RNC with Steve Bannon? Ya spose? I’m all for that as well.

Hell, let’s REALLY go for the whole enchilada, here. Let’s think big. We’re thinking too small. How about Lindell is the Speaker of the House, leading the stunning seven-vote margin of Republicans on to glory? How about that?

Replacing Ronna does make sense. There is a perverse logic to that. But replacing her with Lindell. That is too luscious.

Absolutely. Let’s give Mike a chance to helm the RNC. This is the best idea he’s ever had. This is better than the broken clock being right twice a day. This is more like the broken radio suddenly starting to broadcast sermons from Hell itself. Abandon all hope, RNC, ye are gone for sure now.

I love it. I think I’ll send Mikey an email and encourage him. I encourage you to do the same. This is exactly what the RNC needs, is the deranged election denier himself, Patient Zero, as it were, running the show.

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  1. Best idea I’ve heard coming from the ‘pubes in more than four decades. Hope they jump on this one since it will take care of a lot of our nation’s problems by pretty much destroying the ‘pube party.

  2. Go ahead laugh it up, just like when you guys laughed it up when Trump entered the presidential race & won one of the most successful first term presidency in history! The American people had the last laugh then, just like they will have the last laugh when Mike Lindell resurrects the RNC into the greatest political party in history!

    • And the American people had the last laugh in 2020 when they voted Trump out of office. Just too bad Trump wasn’t willing to accept the will of the people (or the Electoral College).

      As for “successful,” only if you’re using some Orwellian definition.

    • You do.know I.Q. 45 lost in 2020? That every state was certified, including v those with Republican Secretaries if State?
      Fat Donnie’s accomplishments:

      ***Lied about the seriousness of Covid,causing more deaths
      ***Refused to institute a,mask mandate or initiate a lockdown
      ***Didn’t invoke the Defense Production Act, despite CEOs begging him to so they retool to.make masks and other PPE,so nurses,and doctors had to wear the same mask all day and don garbage bags. People died
      ***Refused to help.blue cities because he couldn’t carry them; vindictive bastard
      ***No healthcare plan
      ***No distribution plan for vaccine
      ***Tax cuts for billiinaires. Retired people like me with $35K paid a,lot more
      ***Alienated our NATO allies
      ***praised Putin for invading Ukraine and generally prefers authoritarian fascist leaders

      ***Infrastructure bill
      ***American Rescue to bring high tech manufacturing back from overseas
      ***Modeled good behavior and safety during a pandemic by wearing masks and holding rallies outdoors
      ***Restored normal relationships with allies
      Stood up to Putin about Ukraine

  3. Two scenarios I foresee:

    First, Lindell loses the vote and hires the Cyber Ninjas to prove reveal how the election was stolen/rigged.

    Second, McDaniel loses the vote and demands recount after recount and then takes the matter to court to prove Lindell stole the election (by bribing folks with their very own MyPillows and other stuff from the MyStore).

    Either way, it will be downright hilarious watching the RNC be subjected to the wacky hijinks they’ve inflicted upon the rest of us.


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