I wonder if Kari Lake has ever been to California. Has she really even heard of the place before, I wonder? Because it sure doesn’t sound like it to me. I lived in California for 40 years and it was known as the “land of broken toys,” the “realm of fruits, flakes and nuts,” the place where we all rain danced from the ashram to the UFO festival. California is also known as a blazing blue state, politically. The last time it voted for a Republican was 1988.

Nevertheless, Lake is touting a conspiracy theory that the golden state is in fact the red state.

My friends, I cannot tell you how Donald Trump is hated in California, in Los Angeles in particular. Down there the MAGAs know enough to keep a low profile. Californians went nuts in 2016. Remember “Calexit,” secession from the Union? I was weighing whether to join, seriously. I was beside myself. That’s when I began blogging so as not to go to the lunatic asylum.

I’m going to stop right here for a moment. This is why I am horrified that YouTube is allowing election denialism on its platform.

You can go to Twitter and read the rest of the thread if you wish. The author of this was banned by Twitter for pushing this nonsense and then he got back on Twitter when Elon Musk took over.


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  1. Someone or something, must SHUT-down this RW Psychopathic propaganda & conspiracy theories! This is causing the VIOLENCE in Amerika! RW are causing DEATH & destruction, everywhere! Why isn’t the Government STOPPING this! The UK Muzzled Fox’s owner, Murdock! Why can’t we?? This is NOT “free” speech, it’s HATE speech that causes violence & death to innocent people/civilians!

    • Misinformation is killing our country. I remember years ago a friend of mine believed the birther conspiracy and I had to tell her, no, that’s a conspiracy set up to discredit Obama. He was born in Hawaii. I could name many other occasions when perfectly reasonable, intelligent people have said, “what about this or that,” and because I keep on top of these things I’m able to tell them, “no, that didn’t happen that way. Such and such is what happened.” The fact is most people don’t have the time or inclination to check out facts and verify them. They just believe what they hear and act accordingly. That’s our problem now.

  2. Once upon a time my reaction would have been “I want some of whatever drug she’s on” but it’s this kind of thing that makes me fearful I could accidentally get dose with whatever the hell she’s taking!

    Then I thought of South Park and something that’s come up from Kyle or Stan sometimes:

  3. Yeah. That map of California is the 1984 county voting map.

    The Wiki article “1984 United States presidential election in California” has a more shaded map indicating actual level of support (lighter blues and lighter reds rather than the stark bright blue and bright red as shown above). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1984_United_States_presidential_election_in_California

    And Dave Leip’s Atlas of US Elections uses the stark blue/red when showing the 1984 California results although Leip uses the consistent color scheme in which the Republican candidate is shown in blue and the Democratic candidate is in red so the map at that site (https://uselectionatlas.org/RESULTS/state.php?year=1984&fips=6&f=1&off=0&elect=0&minper=0 ) is the reverse of the image shown in the Twitter bits.

  4. Do those making the voting machine claims not understand what happened at Fox News? Do they really want to donate ALL their money to the machines they are vilifying? ‘Cause from where I stand (sit-whatever) those companies WILL NOT take this lying down and they WILL go after them.


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