Not all wars start with some single, cataclysmic event, like Germany pouring over the borders of the European Low Countries on the morning of May 10, 1940, and officially kicked off World War II. Sometimes it’s a fuck up.

As 1900 rolled in most of Europe and the Balkans were governed by monarchies. And because monarchies are highly tribal, an incredible number of European monarchies were linked by bloodlines and marriages. The 1900 royalty drinking game was crafting treaties of support with kindred souls. All it took was for one crazed separatist to pop a cap in Austrian ArchDuke Franz Ferdinand’s ass to cause a tragic chain reaction that led directly to World War I.

If you’ve been watching the news even fairly closely for the last couple of weeks or so, you have seen what appear to be a rather random series of worrying events. But when you step back and put them together, the results are worrying to say the least. And tonight Rachel Maddow put them together.

This composite is not in strict order, nor is it complete, it is meant to provide approximate date contest. In the last few weeks;

  • A couple of weeks ago, Traitor Tot fed the base with the insane bullshit that the medical community was now rationing critical care for white people. Trump’s contention was that white people were automatically being put to the back of the line by the medical community for vaccine and therapeutic treatment
  • A week later, a ragtag mob of neo Nazi’s staged a protest at a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital in Boston. They chanted slogans, dragged their knuckles, passed out fliers accusing the hospital of killing white people, including naming 2 specific doctors as culprits. Then they invaded the Boston mass transit system, handing out fliers, and white power saluting and Heil Hitlering their way all over the place
  • Then they hit up the city or Orlando, home of Central Florida University. They lined the streets, chanting and holding protest signs, saw a car with the cardinal sin of having an Star of David sticker on the bumper, dragged the young Jewish student out, beat and kicked him, spit on him and pepper sprayed him
  • Then they took over a Florida interstate overpass in Orlando. They chanted, Nazi saluted, made fools of themselves, and hung banners from the overpass. In Florida, it is a crime to hang anything from an overpass. The cops showed up, but since this is the National Socialist Party of Florida, they let the bucketheads go on their own recognizance, and took down the banners
  • In the last 10 days or so, almost 3 dozen HBCU’s have received bomb threats. This has led to the cancellation of classes, shelter-in-place orders, and massive police presence on the campuses. Today, the FBI announced that it had 6 people of interest with tech skills that they wanted to find and talk to

Look, there are far too many of these events, with too many common threads, taking place in too short of a period of time. The bucketheads and bedsheet banditos are feeling their oats. Every time he opens his filthy sewer hole, The Orange Shitgibbon eggs these shitwits on. They hear the Toddler in Chief promising pardons to the J6 rioters, and immediately think the same thing will apply to them.

These fucking idiots are pushing the envelope. They are going to keep right on doing it, trying to see just how far they can go. And then they’re going to go one step further and see what happens. And if the pushback isn’t sufficient, then they’ll push a little harder. And feel more emboldened. Because The Trumpster Fire has their backs. As Elwood Blues said, They’re on a mission from God.

How many more neo Nazi rallies have to occur until a too loosely wrapped buckethead shows up with a weapon and decided to use it? How many more idle bomb scares to HBCU’s before a radical bunch of bedsheet banditos decide to try to carry it off? Trump supporters have already left two fully operable bombs in front of the DNC and RNC headquarters the night before 1/6. It’s a miracle the slaughter hasn’t already started.

Remember what I said at the top. It doesn’t take an explosion to start a war, sometimes it only takes a spark. These fuckers don’t give a shit about Trump anymore, he’s cover. They’re working off of their own agendas. And they’re playing a very dangerous game. I keep thinking of the lyrics of Bonnie Tyler, I’m living on a powderkeg, and giving off sparks. We are at a crisis point.


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  1. In November 1979 the Klan & the nazis killed several people in the middle of the day in Greensboro. Some of the dead were doctors at Duke. The police knew it was going down & did nothing. The FBI had someone in the car with the killers but did nothing. The city recently acknowledged their wrongdoing. I knew some folks who were working with them to protest a number of injustices. The point is these challenged primates don’t have a problem with killing. Never have. It’s hard for nice people that have never had a gun in their face being threatened with death to make the leap to realize this is deadly serious shit. Time to wake the fuck up. You, yes you, could be next.

    • Thanks for the reminder…But this is what I’m talking about…Because the more of these fringe groups get away with this shit, it only emboldens other groups to jump into the pool too…

    • I don’t just keep my hunting rifles for hunting. In a town known for antisemitism, my rifles are out of the gun safe during Hanukkah. G_d help the stupid f*&% that throws a rock thru my window.

  2. I am a retired police sergeant and I saw this coming as I was leaving the profession. When I became an officer Louisville was under a consent decree w/DOJ, so they were careful to hire “enough” women and blacks and stress civil rights during the academy. There was one loony tune in my class and fortunately he didn’t make it thru probation.

    I became a field training officer and was tagged as “sedate” because I didn’t go out of my way to escalate situations. Later, I was chosen to do background investigations on applicants. This is when I realized that things were starting to go downhill. First, when I was hired more than 5000 applied for 30 openings. By the time, maybe ten years later, I was doing backgrounds they were lucky to get one or two hundred.

    I did backgrounds for several years and there were only two applicants that I felt strongly enough about to state in my investigative summary should not be hired. They hired them anyway. One didn’t make it thru probation, the other one was fired after killing an unarmed black teen-ager.

    The last recruit I was FTO for before my promotion, was always wanting to get into a fight. I talked to training, I made comments on his weekly evaluations, all to no avail. In fact, he was getting promoted to sergeant as I was retiring.

    I only had one problem child as a platoon sgt and she was smart enough to request a transfer.

    When I was hired and when I retired, the hierarchy of the dept was white male. There might have been a token woman or two thru the years. In fact, the dept hired its first female chief just last year. Between fewer applicants, less stringent requirements and like seeking like, the dept had more than its fair share of hot heads by the time I left.

    So I have no problem believing that there are enough officers that sympathize w/neo-Nazis, remember Kyle Rittenhouse?

    Also, when I was hired, you had to live within city limits. By the time I left you only had to live within 30 minutes. I think having to live where you patrol makes you more sensitive to the needs of the community and more attuned to the effect you have on it.

    • That was in September of 21939, so that Hitler could begin moving forces into poland as a jumping off point for his planned invasion of Russia…Hitler’s war in the west required speed and surprise…Rather than risk winter weather, he waited until May 10, 1940 to drag the rest of the continent into general war…

  3. Murph,
    WW2 started when Adolf invaded Poland on 9-1-39. Once Poland was conquered and divvied up with Russia, we had the Phony War (except for Norway and Denmark in April 1940) until the Low Countries got their chance to play with Nazis on May 10th, 1940.
    Look up Alfred Naujocks on Wiki. He helped start WW2 with a fraudulent ‘attack’ by ‘Poles’ versus the Germans. A French author says he was one of Heydrich’s bullyboys who helped set the Reichstag Fire that ended German democracy. That’s what I am afraid we’ll see, some RW goon who starts La Guerra Civil thinking that Agolf Twitler has his back.

  4. Actually ww2 started when japan invaded china in 1937.
    There is only one way to deal with natzis.
    You kill them.
    All of them.
    If cops are natzis, they get the same treatment.
    As for the fbi, ……


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