Little Lies (by Fleetwood Mac)
“Tell me lies
Tell me sweet little lies
(Tell me lies, tell me, tell me lies)
Oh, no, no you can’t disguise”

The attached news item is more evidence that recent Supreme Court Appointment, Justice Brett Kavanaugh was once a disgusting, little, privileged preppy, who was raised without proper parental or sibling guidance; who probably needed to get bitch slapped regularly by public school, cool guys who were every bit as scholastically and athletically accomplished, who grew up to be every bit as successful and who engaged in as much adolescent out of control hard drinking, fighting, partying and womanizing as well…but who were ingrained with the understanding that Raping, Exposing and Perverting were not a part of any decent upbringing …and who were raised with true respect for their mothers and sisters. This type of upbringing was the rule…not the exception in the 1960’s (and earlier) middle America that most of us knew, received and recognized. For every little shit, like little Brett who did not get it, there were plenty of cool teenage boys (with sisters) who were ready able and eager to slap the shit out of these turds until they figured it out.

But as ignorant and disturbing as all of these charges are, the American public thirty years later might have been able to accept a straight up adult apology and  excuse of “I was 16 or 17, pukingly drunk, awash in hormones and I did dumb shit stuff…but then I grew up”. But adult Brett showed no such adult behavior. Instead, the 50-year-old Brett, in front of God and Country, pretended and lied in a very obvious and UNSUPREME like manner that he did not know the meaning of his own self entry diary text “ffff”. He suggested that it meant something different than what every teenage boy from that era ( and maybe today’s era too) knew it to be. He just lied straight faced as could be….and in so doing, he showed very clearly the lack of character which demonstrates that he is not quite the grown up that he should be in order to be sitting on the same bench where giants once sat. Grown up Brett succeeded only in bullshitting his way through a lie that would be foreign to the world of a Ruth Ginsburg…a lie that is not foreign to most heterosexual men…decent men… who outgrew their dumb-ass, “female ignorant”, privileged, preppie days…and who actually grew into adult men who have the spine to be accountable for former teenage ignorant behavior, so as adults they can assure the world… and their daughters that they have out grown a viscously stupid adolescent mentality.
This is a grown man who wants to sit in judgement of all others in the country, as a Supreme Court Justice on the highest court in the land.  And yes, this is also a man who has no reservations about singing out any sweet little lie or belting out any heartbreaking “lying eyes” denial…if it will get him the job… if it will get him what he wants. I submit that a person like Brett, who lies so easily and so unnecessarily…and so publicly…I submit that such a person  lacks the temperament to remain cool under pressure. I further submit that such an easy liar is a person who is NOT qualified to be a Supreme Court Justice. And now that there is further evidence that this Justice lies and dissembles by omission and commission… in order to get his job, I think that this lying should now be grounds for articles of impeachment.
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  1. Well said.
    I watched his entire performance last winter and he is one of the most entitled little shits I’ve ever seen. He still seems like a boy who thinks he can lie his way out of anything. Also, something else that galled me was his compete assurance that he was somehow due this position on our highest court. He worked his ass off he basically said. So what. Many other people worked too, without the help of being a wealthy white male who went to tony schools.
    He just assumed it was his natural progression. He might have done the coursework and gone through school, like so many before him, but he reeks of privilege and ease and too much leisure time growing up. All this led to his lack of character and empathy.
    He doesn’t have the temperament for the Supreme Court either – he is spoiled, he pouts, and he is quick to anger and defensiveness.

    • His indignant outbursts were all an act…which really made me want to puke. I cannot imagine how all the other women who were victims of his other attacks or assaults or other obscenities…I can’t imagine how they can deal with this. If 2020 goes right, there is a good chance that he’s gonna be yanked…I’ll just leave it at that!

  2. Mike, thanks for articulating so eloquently what we’ve all known since Bad Brett gave his command performance in front of the Senate and the nation. A man who would allow Christine Blaisey Ford to continue to pay the price for his own unconscionable behavior way back then cannot be trusted on the bench of our highest court. As the survivor of a brutal sexual assault at gunpoint who never saw justice, I fully agree that Kavenaugh should be impeached and thrown off the bench in shame. He more than deserves it.

    Meg Blaine Corrigan, Author, Speaker, Trainer


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