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I fear that after decades of GOP surreptitious excavation to try to weaken the very foundation of our democracy. The sh*t may finally be about to hit the fan.

Pseudo Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito, the nitwit with his judicial philosophy deeply rooted in The Salem Witch Trials, has extended the court’s stay on the obnoxious ruling of the 4th Circuit Appellate Court banning the use of the abortion pill until midnight Friday night. A typical Roberts court d*ck move. wait for a late Friday night news dump, when all of the justices are once again safely locked away in their McFortresses, and then make a ridiculous shadow docket ruling stripping another civil right away from millions of Americans.

From reporting it appears that one of the reasons for the delay on the rights stripping is that the court has kind of hoist itself on its own petard. In his assenting opinion to Alito’s far right fundamentalist ruling, Beer Bong Brett Kavanaugh smelled a trap, and tried to avoid it. In his opinion Brewski Brett went out of his way to assure all of the little ladies out there that this was not a national ban on abortion. It simply left it up to the states to determine their own laws. In dealing with the potential trap, Kavanaugh specifically stated that The free right of interstate travel for the purposes of abortion services was neither granted by, nor allowed under the ruling.

Nice Try Brewski! But apparently the far right Christian fascists in the state legislatures didn’t read that far down the ruling. Now you have states like Idaho not only criminalizing transporting a minor across state lines for an abortion without parental consent, but criminalizing even giving the minor money to go and do it herself. Other states are criminalizing a woman resident from travelling across state lines to get an abortion where it’s legal, and then returning to the state. At least the poor misguided waif won’t be pregnant anymore, so the orange jumpsuit should fit better.

That’s the real problem for the Roberts court, and the reason for the delay. Kavanaugh insisting that the ruling was not a national abortion ban was fine, as was the assurance that women with resources could travel wherever they liked to obtain one. But when you look at what the deep red states are actually passing into law, outlawing an abortion pill with a 20+ year history that has been proven to be more safe and effective than either Tylenol or Viagra sure as hell feels like a national ban on abortion. Thus the delay while Alito tries to find the right combo of $8 legal words to justify their hypocrisy.

But this time, I’m not so sure it’s going to work. The simple fact of the matter is that this whole thing is an act of purely political Kabuki theater. The suit should never have survived the preliminary hearing. In order to bring suit, the plaintiffs must establish standing for bringing the suit. In other words, they have to prove to the court that by the decision they’re fighting, somehow they are either personally or professionally harmed or damaged by the rule. And if Baldilocks Alito can cut out his open mike standup comedy sh*t for a minute, I’d like to hear how a bunch of far right anti abortion activists and a handful of Jesus wheezing doctors are being personally or professionally harmed by women hundreds and thousands of miles away making a perfectly legal personal choice fits the bill?

If this goes down the way I think it will on Friday, I fear that on Saturday we’ll have a full blown constitution al crisis on our hands. Alito is a blithering idiot to wait until Friday night to drop the hammer, when everybody will be off on Saturday and Sunday to protest! And protest they will, likely in Pink pussy hat numbers.

We Americans are by nature a pretty easygoing lot, at least those of us without 148 AR-15’s stacked up in the basement, but when you piss us off, there’s hell to pay.

The anti Trump inauguration protests dogged his whole residency. When he tried to ban Muslims from entering the country, not only did protesters swarm international airports, but so did lawyers and social workers, offering pro bono legal assistance to the weary travelers. And when Stephen Miller started separating infants and toddlers at the southern border, people rose up, and they kept rising up until they finally forced the Trump administration to do the unthinkable, stop the separations, and start keeping records to try to eventually reunite the tykes with their parents. And they ACLU has been holding two administrations feet to the fire over the issue ever since.

And even corporate America joined in on the fun. Major League Baseball pulled the summer All-Star game from Atlanta following the passage of anti LGHTQ law. Television and movie companies piled on to pull their contracts from filming in the state. The NCAA pulled all of its championship sports events from North Carolina after they passed their anti trans bathroom law.

And we’re starting to get whispers that the same thing may happen again. The AMA has loudly condemned the law as unconstitutional, unfounded, and as a potential national health risk. A few weeks ago MSNBC reported that groups of doctors and clinics in states where abortion is legal have already signed up to declare that they’ll stop proscribing the drug when the FDA tells them to, and not some national nag in a black muumuu. And the state of California recently pulled a multi million dollar state contract from national pharmacy Walgreens, for taking the wimpy decision to stop dispensing the drug, even in states where it’s legal, after getting a letter from a bunch of red state bully Attorneys General.

Personally, I just get the feeling that when this starts rolling, it’s going to make the Trump era protests look like pre-game warmups. Those protests were fighting to ensure American civil rights to somebody else, whether Islamic, Mexican, or Salvadoran. This time it’s the constitutional and civil rights of American citizens at stake, and those American citizens just happen to represent a majority of the US population, and the men that love them. These things aren’t going anywhere in my view, especially in deep red states, where the constituents have the most to lose. We cut our national social activism teeth in 2017, honed and fine tuned it in 2018 and 2022, and in 2023 it will be the razor sharp tip of a national spear.

And again I can’t see corporate America not getting involved again. Due mostly to the massive threat of social media activism threatening boycotts against major companies for silence. And what about this? Do you think that the Ladies Garment Workers Union, and the Service Employees International Union, both with large female memberships will call for National strikes or National Days of Action, just to make their point, and put the squeeze on corporate America to have that Come-to-Jesus moment.

This is all speculation I grant you, but when you combine it with our recent past history, and the debacle in France over Macron raising the retirement age by two years, it all comes together almost seamlessly. The American people are sick and tired of being misruled by a permanent minority of Evangelical zealots. Enough is enough.

With all of that being said, the one thing I can’t seem to find or wrap my head around in the solution. On the one hand, you have the majority of Americans, at least 64% who feel that abortion should be legal and accessible in all or most cases. And on the other hand, you have six far right, anti abortion ideologues, masquerading as Justices on the runaway rain wreck Roberts Supreme Court. And they could give a sh*t less. They’re covered. According to the constitution they can only be removed by impeachment, and good luck with that. Where is the middle ground for compromise and an equitable solution? Nowhere, as far as I can see.

My greatest hope, and my mist devoted prayer is a combination of long term, sustained grassroots protest, especially locally, and sustained pressure against major companies. Show up at every single one of your MOC’s events, town halls, ribbon cuttings, fundraisers, and make your feelings known. After all, these ballot mice are going to need your votes in November. And then threaten every single company, small, medium or large, with boycotts if they give one red cent to a GOP incumbent or challenger who favors abortion restrictions. After all, Traitor Tot is already sucking up every last dime of small money donors, these clowns are going to need every penny they can get their hands on.

And when November of 2024 gets here, vote your *sses off. Vote like your reproductive lives depend on it, because they do! And from where I’m sitting? Between now and then every single Democratic incumbent and challenger should be running on an ironclad promise of Supreme Court Reform so they can get those idiots heads out of their *sses. Todays Sesame Street letters are and R, for Abortion Rights, and the number is 64, the percentage of the population that believe that abortion should be safe and legal. Throw in common sense gun reform, and you’re unstoppable.

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    • So9mething I’m working on for tomorrow… 🙂 Like, this law bars pharmacies from using the Uited States Postal Service to transport mail deliveries to states where it’s prohibited…But the USPS is federal…What if they decide to keep shipping anyway? What are the idjits going to do then???

  1. Alito and tommy are going to have to twist the law in knots to say a federal agency authorized by congress cannot fulfill their obligation on any medication. This is the court on the third rail. Roberts cannot be on board. This is about a medication, it will set up all sorts of precedence, which major corporate pharma does not want the courts in .

    The delay is the scary thing, that is that alito and tommy want more time to convince gorsuch and potty more time to convince kaveinnaugh that embryos are humans and that is the end times for all discussion. the supreme court decides that all abortion is murder. starting from inception. That makes birth control murder.

  2. The real party will begin when the lights are turned on and the cockroaches start scurrying around.
    Thats when the cockroaches get stomped.
    Be kind to America.
    Stomp a cockroach.
    F4ck the federalist republiCLOWNS that cheated the 2000 election to put an incompetent fascist and war criminal in office for 2 terms.
    A big f4ck you goes out to all of the dems that let scotus f4ck America in 2000. Cockroaches come in both blue and red.
    Just as Manchin and chicklets.
    A big f4ck you also goes out to our joke of a doj, the dumbest motherf4ckers in “law enforcement “…

    • You left out the A$$HOLES on our side that just couldn’t bring themselves to get off their high horse and vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016. And I’m not just talking about the Bernie people (not all of them I should note, but a significant number nonetheless) who had their not so little tantrums and voted for Trump out of spite or voted third Party – for Vlad/Russian sponsored Jill Stein in particular. No, I knew too many and read about there being so many more including in those three critical states where a combined 77k votes would have made the difference who came up with excuses more tortured than a conservative SCOTUS opinion that twists the Constitution into a pretzel to NOT vote at all, or vote third Party as a “protest.” Because… reasons. None of them good reasons mind you. Yes, there was Clinton fatigue and (no doubt accurately) the feeling that the GOP would go into Clinton Derangement syndrome and ramp up their “scandal seeking machine” to a whole new level. Or (and this especially applies to women) really wanted to finally see a woman President – just not Hillary. Or who thought she wouldn’t be liberal enough which is likely true but considering what we knew then which was bad enough (and of course it was much, MUCH worse than we feared) petulantly refused to “waste” their vote voting for “another centrist.” (This I think was the biggest factor) I could go on and on. Look, I wasn’t thrilled by Hillary Clinton either but I knew she would be an effective President and if like her predecessor not as liberal as I’d like I would both during her tenure and afterwards be glad and perhaps even proud. So I worked my butt off trying to get people to vote for her. Hell, even Bernie proclaimed on her worst day she’d be miles better than Trump and he was right!

      Trump got three SCOTUS picks. Contrary to what so many think even McConnell wouldn’t have held those seats vacant for four years. One? He might well have tried to get away with it. But not two much less a third. Think about what’s going on right now with abortion, and imagine a SCOTUS without any of Trump’s picks. Yes, Clinton’s nominees would have been more in the Garland mode instead of progressive thinkers but they all would have respected precedent which has gone out the window due to Trump’s picks! And we would have had a slightly more progressive tilt to rulings than had been the case for years.

      So in the end, Democrats DO in fact bear some of the blame.

  3. That could work if the “justices” gave a rat’s pattoot about protests, or women, or what most citizens want. They are insulated and will face no consequences.

  4. The justices are Federalist Society. They loathe the modern worl.where icky women and gays,and really, anyone not a rich white Christian male. Dem voters should be very afraid of what these unqualified (Barrett) or untrustworthy (
    Thomas the ethically challenged )or flat out criminal.(if those other women and witnesses had testified about Alleged Rapist Kavanaugh,do you think he would have been confirmed) want to do. I was a kid in the 50s and early 60s when women needed hubby’s signature to get a credit card or buy a car. It was horrible.


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