Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene was really upset when President Joe Biden dipped into the strategic oil reserve last summer in a somewhat successful attempt to bridle back galloping gas prices accelerated by both the growing American economy and sanctions on Russian oil after their invasion of Ukraine.

So Marge, flexing her newly acquired muscle, sought to add an amendment to H.R. 21 The Strategic Petroleum Response Act – doomed to failure in the Senate GOP revenge bill that seeks to displace executive authority over the reserve – that would prohibit entirely the President’s prerogative to sell the oil to massage the market.

Her amendment failed 14-418.


Enter AOC who last summer successfully co-sponsored with (R) Dan Crenshaw an amendment to The National Defense Authorization Act allowing the military to experiment with psilocybin mushrooms in the treatment of post traumatic disorder symptoms of members of the military…

Texas Signal

“On the night of July 12, the House of Representatives passed a pair of amendments to the proposed National Defense Authorization Act for 2023 that work together to accomplish the long-standing objective of veterans’ advocates to officially explore the effectiveness of psychedelics in treating trauma for armed services members. The connected amendments were all the more surprising due to the fact that the two representatives that authored them, arch-conservative Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) and self-described democratic socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), come from different sides of the political spectrum.
Representative Ocasio-Cortez’s amendment added MDMA and psilocybin to the list of substances authorized for an official study on opioid alternatives. Its passage not only signifies the accomplishment of a legislative goal she had been reaching for since her entrance to Congress in 2019 but also marks a major win for libertarians, who have consistently advocated for the measure.
Representative Crenshaw’s amendment addresses the medical research’s funding, as it creates a Pentagon grant program for certain eligible government entities to conduct research and clinical trials on PTSD treatment of active duty service members using psychedelics.”

…and AOC just couldn’t resist playing it for the yucks:





Some of the responses to ACYN’s original tweet were even more on point:


🤣🤣🤣 So much for “I’ll never leave this woman…”





Poor Marge, she’s just not as smart as she think she is.

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    • Careful. She will sick the gazpacho police on you for saying that.
      She’s on the Homeland Security committee now. Don’t they control that?

  1. Do you think anyone offered to help her understand how the US gov functions or to sit down with her and explain the purpose for some of the things the US has? Like say…oh, I don’t know…uhh…like the reason the US has a ‘strategic oil reserve’. What the reserve is, why it’s there, and the reasons presidents have used it over the years. Or do you think they just laugh at her behind her back? You’d think Mccarthy would want her to understand some things, right? She makes ALL of them look like morons.


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