Honey Bobo, as she is now being called on line, has had the week from Hell. Poor Bobo. If only someone had told her that we’re 1/5 of the way through the 21st century on this planet and there are security cameras everywhere. It’s a lesson Lauren Boebert’s learned now, though, in the dear school of hard knocks and she’s the kind of fool who can learn in no other. A lot of Republicans are chiming in and here’s Ann Coulter’s dos centivos.

Ouch. And Coulter is not alone. Here comes Jenna Ellis, and her comment is that “Congress shouldn’t be a frat house.” Ellis is a former Coloradan and a MAGA and she’s undoubtedly miffed because Boebert was able to ride high on the MAGA wave as a congressmember, when poor Jenna actually had to go to law school and then adjudicate traffic tickets for a while before she could reap the Trump whirlwind. No fair. Newsweek:

Lauren Boebert getting kicked out of the Buell Theatre in Denver for being loud, disruptive, vaping, and video recording after being asked multiple times to stop is embarrassing and disrespectful behavior from a sitting Congresswoman,” Ellis wrote on X, formerly Twitter, on Wednesday. “Good grief Republicans, do better.”

Referring to the recent debate surrounding the mental capacity of older lawmakers on the Hill, Ellis added, “Congress shouldn’t be a frat house any more than it should be a retirement community.” […]

Ellis, a former Colorado resident and frequent attendee of the Buell Theatre’s shows, defended her remarks to Newsweek on Wednesday, saying that she believed lawmakers should do a better job of representing their districts, regardless of what party they’re in.

“I call upon my fellow conservatives to be principled and expect dignity and decorum from all members, rather than the typical political practice of condemning the other party for anything and defending our party for everything,” she said.

“It doesn’t matter which party an individual member is affiliated, Congress represents the people in their district as a whole. Americans should expect more from our national representatives than classless public displays of disruptive and disrespectful behavior—whether on or off the floor of the House. It is unbecoming of the high office to which they serve.”

And here’s a tweet that didn’t age well, not a tall, a tall.

And this didn’t age well, either.

And this totally did not age well. Man.

I think Bobo should call up Mike and Mother Pence and ask them how a good Christian, Republican woman — in that order — would handle this. What’s that you say? What if Mike sees this and asks Mother why she never grabbed his johnson, in or out of public? Well, it would certainly be an interesting conversation, we can say that much.

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  1. honey BoBo had better start looking over her shoulder…..her gun loving, drunken, anger issues estranged husband saw them all over each other too and I’d imagine he is in a rage after seeing that display.

    This episode is far from over.

    • Is their divorce finalized yet? If not even the ambulance chasing lawyer Bobo’s hubby can afford will have a merry old time using this footage in court when hashing out a settlement. Better get all he can while she’s still drawing a Congress Critter salary because I don’t think she’s going to be such a hit at RWNJ events as a paid speaker! (Although she could probably make some easy cash with instead of a “kissing both” she had herself in a “Feel If They’re REAL” booth!”)

      • I read that Mr. BoBo the redneck Pedo is not cooperating in the divorce, so I assume it is still being hashed out. Funny, SHE may end up paying HIM alimony and child support.

        With her in state, if the weekend passes without some sort of altercation I would be surprised. My advice to Honey BoBo is to get the hell out of Colorado and lay low in DC for a while……or…..

    • Maybe but if I were Mr. Bobo, I’d want to have this diseased twat as far from me as possible. She’s done nothing but embarrass CO, her family, friends (if she has them), and Mr. Bobo and he’s an embarrassment himself. Still, I cannot imagine him thinking he’s losing anything. And this video footage is pure gold for his attorney. She’ll be paying through the nose if it’s used correctly in court. “But your honor, she’s obviously an adulterous slut”. Cue the video. Doesn’t get much more clear cut than that.

  2. Let me make sure I understand this. Ann Coulter, who’s made a career out of being a conservative pundit by playing up the fact she’s tall (six feet in fact), blonde & blue (like a good Fox Host), with an hourglass figure and a big rack that she’s gone so far as to flaunt in a flag-themed bikini is calling out Bobo for being trashy? I’m not saying Coulter’s wrong in her assessment of Bobblehead (Bobble-Boobs?) Boebert but come on! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

  3. No Anne. Colorado cannot find a republican who is not trashy and stupid because that is what present day republicans are-trashy and stupid. From their turd emperor all the way down to this twat from CO. You’re no better Anne.

  4. Coming from Coultergeist, the woman who.bought herself a pair of boobs and proudly displayed them in cocktail dresses on the early morning news shows, that’s rich. At least Counter didn’t have to take the GED 4 times to.pass it; she went to Cornell as an undergrad, then law school.at University of Michigan. Basically Norbert as an attorney.


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