Even for a 3rd world, tinpot dictator wanna-be, some days it just ain’t worth getting out of bed.

First NBC News breaks a report stating that the FBI, Secret Service, and NYPD are actively coordinating the logistics and mechanics of the serving of a Trump indictment, possibly as early as next week.

Then an hour later, the news breaks that DC District Court Chief Judge, and Trump personal kryptonite, Beryl Howell had taken one last opportunity to poke Traitor Tot in the eye.

For months now Special Counsel Jack Smith has been trying to get Trump Florida attorney Evan Corcoran in front of the grand jury to question him on issues surrounding the false declaration filed by Trump’s Florida legal team stating that all classified documents were now back in government possession. Which led to the Mar-A-Lago raid.

Corcoran has steadfastly refused to testify, citing attorney-client privilege. Smith called bullshit, and went before Judge Howell requesting a crime-fraud exception, potentially forcing Corcoran in front of the grand jury.

In a ruling today, Howell found for Smith, but not all the way. While she ruled that there were limited topics that Smith couldn’t bring up, Smith got most of what he wanted. Which puts Corcoran in the hurt locker.

For a couple of reasons. First, the Supreme Court has already placed limits and conditions on the ability of a lawyer to appeal a crime-fraud exception ruling, so he may well not be able to run much clock before being forced into appearing in front of the jury. The second reason is that Corcoran isn’t just some innocent bystander here. A quick refresher. In response to continuous DOJ pressure for fuller disclosure, a junior Trump Florida attorney, Christina Bobb, submitted a signed declaration to the DOJ that every last classified document formerly in Trump’s possession was now back in their grubby little mitts. This turned out to be not true, forcing the Mar-A-Lago raid.

But Bobb was just a patsy. It was Corcoran and another senior Trump lawyer who actually drafted the declaration, and then browbeat the coffee runner newbie into actually signing and delivering the thing. Corcoran may be dumb enough to work for Trump, but not dumb enough to hang his ass out in the wind voluntarily.

Smith is going to want to know whether Trump was personally aware that he still had classified materials when the declaration he approved was drafted. And Smith is going to want to know if Corcoran was aware of other documents when he drafted the declaration. And since Bobb’s quickest, cleanest way to maintaining her ticket ti practice is to roll over on Corcoran, I smell 5th amendment privileges being often proclaimed if Corcoran can’t get immunity from Smith.

Never has it been more true that MAGA actually means Making Attorneys Get Attorneys. But the subject of Smith’s purported line of questioning exposed by the motion is interesting nonetheless. Apparently Smith doesn’t just want to settle for unauthorized possession of the documents, he seems to be shooting for fraud and conspiracy charges too. Hell, the more the merrier. As for Trump? Hell Donnie Depends, when bad shit happens to me, I just remember the old BS&T ballad, Drop all your troubles by the riverside. Grab a painted pony and let the spinning wheel ride. 

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