A Tip For 2020 GOP Senate Incumbents


Shiny up those lobbyist resumes guys and girls. And temper your expectations, after all, there are only so many spots to go around, and quite a few of you could be trying out for the varsity. Highlight the fact that, as a former Senator, you have first hand experience on what it costs to buy a vote, not one penny more or less. And please, try not to admit that wither William Barr or Donald Trump were ever born.

The William Barr testimony in front of the House Judiciary Committee was the worst thing for Senate GOP hopes since “Brewskii” Brett Kavanaugh raised his right hand, took the oath, sat down, and literally cried like a little girl on the stand about how much he liked beer. Kavanaugh was a disaster for the GOP Senate because he was a brash, arrogant, serial liar with no morals, and the personal warmth of a scorpion. And Tubby the Ewok was exactly the same.

William Barr was every bit as arrogant and aggressive as Kavanaugh was at his hearing. This was no accident. Barr would have loved nothing more than to duck out on this appearance, as he has on every previous one, but Glorious Bleater wanted him out there, kicking Democratic ass and taking names. And bless their little hearts, the gerrymandered toads on the GOP side of the room joyfully jumped in, tossing out every piece of half rotted red meat they could find for the base.

This was a true nightmare for vulnerable GOP Senate incumbents. Trump got exactly what he wanted, an hours long Roman circus, in which his side showed their teeth, and his House GOP flunkies threw out a Golden Corral buffet of racism and hatred to gin up enthusiasm for the base. But you know what? Who cares? Trump already owns those mindless fools lock, stock, ans barrel.

The problem for GOP Senate incumbents is that you can’t gerrymander an entire state. And you know who else was watching today. White suburban moms were watching. College educated whites were watching. Seniors, who know better than anyone what this country is founded on, and should look like, were watching. Young voters, who are getting tear gassed every night were watching. African Americans who are seeing this corrupt administration try to bastardize their peaceful movement were watching. And they weren’t buying.

The Democrats annihilated Barr. They had obviously done their homework, and showed up ready for battle. Barr wanted to filibuster the 5 minute segments, so the Democrats largely stuck with simple yes or no questions, and shut him down when he tried to meander off into the weeds. Eric Swalwell was excellent, reminding Barr of his confirmation testimony, when he stated that a President giving out a pardon to a defendant in return for his silence, and then drew an 8×11 picture of Trump’s commutation of Roger Stone’s sentence. Pramila Jayapal eviscerated Barr for sending DHSS storm troopers to Portland to gas peaceful protesters, but deciding that a bunch of MAGA hat wearing yahoos carrying long guns and demanding the lynching or beheading of the duly elected Governor in Michigan required no adult supervision. Time and time again, they called Barr out on previous inconsistent statements.

Some people may have found that rather dull, and wondered why the Democrats were getting into the weeds with Barr, but I get it. And so should they. Barr may have made the original statement a year or two ago, but if he is called on it, and lies about it today, then today is when the statute of limitations would start. And if Trump loses in November, there will be nothing to stop a new Attorney General next year to start investigating these discrepancies, and he’ll have plenty of time.

If nothing else, today should serve as a moment of clarity for the drunken sailors of the GOP Senate. Trump is clearly going to jettison everything necessary overboard to try to swim to the finish line in November, and that includes them. Any GOP Senators with at least a fighting chance who do not begin to distance themselves from Trump right now, will have nobody but themselves to blame in November, when the vortex of the SS Trumptanic going to the bottom drags them down with it.

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  1. However, Nadler should be put on a committee where he won’t be in charge of questioning weasels. We need more aggressive chairs, ones who aren’t willing to take shit any more.

    • Sorry, but I think he’s terrific. It’s not the role of the chairman to showboat but to send in his star players and he’s been great at that.

      • Indeed, Anastasia. One of the most unfortunate knee-jerk tendencies our side has made through the age of Trump is the assumption that we need to completely imitate these asshats to be “successful”. One would think current events and their trajectory would educate them on how self-destructive such an idea is.

  2. And given how Trump is letting his House lapdogs’ reelection campaigns financially drown after they kicked back a percentage of their OWN campaign funds to the Mango Mussolini? It comes off as twice as pathetic.

    • “Mango Moussolini”. I like it Bare. I will use that one. And Joe, have you used “Tubby the Ewok” before? I’m home alone and laughed out loud. You guys are fun!

      • “Mango Mussolini” isn’t original to me, sadly (though I will claim credit for “Mr. Tangerine Man” and “The Not-So-Great Pumpkin”), but the resemblance is so striking that it’s worth bringing up. And yes, “Tubby The Ewok” is a Murfster original.

  3. I have a Senator that’s in trouble come November. In addition to polishing a resume Tillis will need to get a very good lawyer on retainer and set him or her to work. Right away. He took a shitload of NRA money over the years including his first Senate campaign in 2014. He took a lot afterwards too in order to build up his “war chest” as he didn’t beat Hagan by all that much, and while NC is gerrymandered to the hilt you can’t gerrymander an entire state and the NC’s prospects in court of holding on to all that were looking tough in court for some years before they got their ears pinned back a bit. Registrations in this state are much more balanced than the supermajority the GOP forced though via their gerrymandering would indicate. My point with all this is it’s pretty clear that a whole bunch of NRA money that’s gone to Republicans started out as rubles. It seems the NRA was putting money into that pipeline before Trump ran in 2016 btw. Then consider how quiet the NRA has been this year. They are in deep financial trouble and while they’ve got Billy Barr covering their ass they know damn well there are career prosecutors who pulled loose a lot of threads with the Buttina case and that Mueller’s team uncovered stuff that’s been hidden away by Barr. They’ve got their own legal problems. Add all that up and Tillis has got to be worried about not just his future but his freedom come next year. I wonder how many others on the vulnerable list have the same problem he does, or have other skeletons in their closets that mind not bear examination under a new AG?

    • These self-absorbed GOP flakes, that just go ape and obvious with their money schemes, feeling like no big deal, they have the Trump idiot saying everything is fine, don’t worry, then, on top of that there’s the main foghorn leghorn Billy Barr that has little to do except clear the way for more money cleaning via Putin and others, forgiving or completely overriding any rule of law or even defining his versions of Constitutional procedures …

      However, no matter how well it seems to be going for the GOP at times, they seem to forget, that little trail of shit they drop along the way, no matter how long, still stinks like pig shit everywhere it goes … and the Dems can find the smallest traces right to their name tags on office doors, positions on committees, even ones pinned to their lapels …

      This whole mess we have now as the finest, bestest GOP ever, is sitting on a huge teeter-totter, with a huge gorilla ready to thump down on the other end the ensuing launch will best be cleaned up with street sweepers and water cannons …

  4. Two things:
    First, we need to go after Mitch the Toad, which the mainstreamers seem to be loath to do. They talk AZ, NC, ME et. al, but rarely mention KY, where Am needs all the help she can get fighting the base in the east.
    The other thing is that instead of “moving forward, ” i.e. forgive and forget, as Obama did with the Dubya miscreants, Biden needs to take names and kick ass, including those of the senate losers, and don’t give the Toad immunity should he get reelected. He has much to atone for.


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