The cult has convened in Georgia. A reporter at the Atlanta Constitution-Journal says, “I’ve covered more than two dozen Trump rallies around the nation. This is the smallest crowd I’ve seen at a rally of his in Georgia since he won the 2016 election — significantly smaller than the crowd in Perry in September.”

Here are a few of the low lights.

First we hear from Trump the expert on climate change.

Here he demonizes Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Here’s the story of the Dreamsickle Deity’s prowess on the golf course.

I can tell you statistically that the odds of making a hole in one are 12,500 to 1. For professional golfers like Tiger Woods, other world class golfers, the odds drop to 2,500 to 1. Maybe Trumpty did it. Maybe piggies with unicorn horns wearing pearl necklaces flew around the golf course cheering him on while he did it. I wasn’t there. Or, maybe a caddie who wanted to get a raise dropped the ball in the cup rather than chase the real one in the mud?

Don’t want to forget about the Q folks, now do we?

Here’s Trump doing his interpretation of a dancing bear. Or something.

And you knew this was coming.

And this.

NATO idiocy.

And here’s more grievance laced with profanity. Poor Donald.

This note is as good as any to end on. Trump is a victim. Life is unfair to him. He gets so much less than he deserves. This is what he preaches and the crowd identifies. They, too, are victims in a cold, cruel world.

If he says anything beyond this, I’ll put it in a subsequent piece. But this is how it is, in the Georgia moonlight, with a crowd that is not that big, nor that enthusiastic.

Maybe this is how MAGA nation ends, not with a bang but with a whimper. Maybe it just folds like an old lawn chair and gets put in the back of the garage, to gather dust. Maybe it’s time for them to grow up. We shall wait and see. But one thing seems certain: the rabid anti-Kemp, anti-establishment GOP furor that he hoped to get rolling in Georgia tonight does not seem to be happening at all.


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  1. Cult of personality campaigns tend to bend to reality at some point. Ralph Nader ross Perot Bernie, trump’s cult is winding down, may take a few months, but losing is contagious

  2. For a man who dances like an old man gingerly walking on ice, flapping his arms like a newborn, all covered by a coat/tent to hide his very large stomach, he can barely walk much less get a hole in one from 200 yards away. Reminds me of the scene in Young Frankenstein where the police chief sneaks up to the dartboard in a game with the doctor. He jams all the darts in the middle, making dartlike sounds while the doctor isn’t looking. So Trump rides his lardbutt onto the green, drops the ball into the cup & tells his golfing buddies he got a hole in one or else their fees will double. A gifter will grift everytime. 40,000 lies later…add one more.


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