Is there an echo in this room? Or disembodied spirits? I keep hearing a man say, “I did nothing wrong,” which is Donald Trump’s mantra, but guess who has decided to pick it up and amplify it?

If you said John Eastman, right you are.

Eastman is a victim of Evil Players. He is a blameless legal scholar, it’s the bad guys you want to go after, not him.

Interesting argument, eh? Overthrowing the government is not un-American but prosecuting those who would seek to overthrow the government is un-American.

Eastman is not going to come to a good end. These guys never do. Joseph McCarthy went to an early grave at the age of 48. He was drinking himself to death, he was disgraced and he couldn’t even live in a normal house or apartment because there were so many people who wanted to kill him.

I don’t know if Eastman is going to arouse quite that level of enmity, but definitely what he did is on a par with McCarthy, in terms of subverting and undermining our basic values and freedoms.

I hope Eastman gets the book thrown at him. The entire law library, in fact.

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  1. Eastman was the architect.of the insurrection. He bent over backwards trying to convince Pence not to certify the election. He belongs in prison.

  2. I’d be ok with keelhauling this ass-wipe. Most would suggest using an aircraft carrier given they are over a thousand feet long but I’ve got a better idea. Use an Ohio Class ballistic missile sub, which is if memory serves over 550 feet in length. That’s half the distance you say? Yep, but by using the sub, you can SUBMERGE it and have divers take Eastman out for his trip under the hull at a depth of say 100 feet! And submerged those suckers can exceed thirty knots, so rigging things up with pullies at the bow to haul him from stern to bow at thirty knots and a hundred feet depth would be worse than an aircraft carrier!

  3. These bitches are exhausting, when they’re caught ded to rights, they start screeching about “victimhood”……welp, they have prayer circles in prison, so there’s that🤷🏾‍♀️


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