Earlier today I wrote that even Trump wasn’t so stupid that he didn’t realize how much trouble he was in. I still believe that deep down he knows it, but I’m just now seeing portions of Trump’s public facing online statement, and starting to think that he just might be that delusional.

For instance, in his statement, Trump said that the FBI pounded on the door, and broke into his private residence. Small problem. Trump wasn’t at Mar-A-Lago, he was in New York preparing for his deposition before NY AG Letitia James civil investigation.

How the hell does Traitor Tot know that they pounded on the door? Especially when  the FBI knew he wasn’t in residence, and contacted the Secret Service to notify his Mar-A-Lago detail that the agents were coming with a duly authorized search warrant. The Secret Service granted them admission, and they simply disabled the locks and entered, no breaking in! Like everything else in his life, Trump exaggerated the event to maximize his victimhood.

Let’s go on, shall we. Trump bitched mightily that the FBI conducted an unannounced raid with a search warrant! Really? No shit, Sherlock? News Flash! FBI search warrant raids are always unannounced, you dumb shit! It keeps miscreants like you from destroying or hiding evidence when you realize they’re coming.

Trump went on to scream to the heavens that the FBI even Broke into his Personal safe! Wrong-o Emperor Numbus Nuttus. The FBI had a legal search warrant, and legally gained access to your safe. I’m sure that your locks are fine, and that your secret formula hair spray will be there when you get back. The DOJ has bigger fish to fry than your vanity.

Trump went on to thunder that Biden and Garland had Weaponized the FBI and the DOJ! Are you fuckoing kidding me? Trump fired his FBI Director who was launching an independent investigation into him, and appointed a tame lap poodle who whitewashed the Mueller report, and initiated countless politically motivated investigations into his opponents and rivals. Biden and Garland have been trying like hell to depoliticize the FBI and DOJ.

Then Trump went full more batshit, and directly threatened the Attorney General of the United States. When the GOP retakes the House in November, then real accountability will start. So my advice is, save your documents, and clear your calendar pal, you’re going to be busy! Is he serious? Trump is a private citizen, albeit a private citizen with taxpayer personal protection, but a private citizen nonetheless. And now he’s threatening the very man who has the power to put him away.

As I said at the top, maybe I was wrong previously. Personally, I still believe that at a subliminal level, Trump fully understands the mortal danger he’s in. But if he’s delusional enough, or arrogant enough, maybe he feels that he can win again this time by pure force of will. Good luck with that one, Jasper!


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  1. No one would have known about the search if he hadn’t broadcast it. There is no video because no one in the area had a hint. I think it’s hilarious that the trombies in the area decided to let their freak flag fly when he wasn’t even there and the FBI had already left, driving around the area of Mard a Lago.

      • I would say exile them all to Clipperton Island, but I wouldn’t want to do that to the orange crabs. Also France might not like it, I think they own the island. Too bad we can’t exile them to the Kremlin!

        • Devil’s Island maybe? He isn’t bright enough to!dig his way out unlike the Count of Monte Cristo…PR maybe Bikini Atoll. I.hear the radiation has died down a lot. Or Alcatraz. He can entertain the tourists by rattling his cage bars and reclaiming his innocence.

          • The radiation has died down a lot?? Yeah, maybe the SOB will be there the 1/4 million years it’ll take for that to happen. I wonder what his skin colour will be after 1/4 million years of Bikini Atoll sun-tanning?? I would REALLY like to stick around for that!!!

  2. You know what? I actually hope Trump WAS so petulant, so stupid as to refuse to provide (or allow someone down there to) provide the combination and/or key to his fucking safe. And DARED the FBI to break in believing they wouldn’t have the guts to do so. Oh Trumpty-Dumpty, how stoopid thou art. I’m certain the FBI had a tech or two on hand just in case with any equipment they needed to break into Trump’s safe without creating a mess. And given what a cheap-ass prick Trump is hell, they probably could have cracked it old-school with a stethescope listening for the clicks of the tumblers!

    As for his level of stupid, once again I think of it being a case of simply ignoring what even he knows to be commons sense. And again I’m reminded of a moment in Stephen Coonts’ book The Intruders where the main character who is a Naval Aviator (the A-6 Intruder) has a stupid attack of his own just after Vietnam and throws an asshole through a plate glass window of a bar at Sea-Tac airport in Seatle for insulting another Vietnam veteran who lost a hand and part of an arm. Due to a sympathetic prosecutor (a Marine who’d fought at Chosin) his skipper is told paperwork will be “lost” and no charges will be filed. However, the possibility of a lawsuit remains so Grafton gets his shore tour cut short, and “volunteered for a six-month deployment with a Marine Squadron. Despite himself Grafton gets close to many of the jarheads and one difficult Navy night a nugget comes into the room where Grafton has duty looking like death warmed over. Upon learning that the young jarhead nearly let a deckhand cause him to taxi off the bow of the ship after landing (certain death btw) Grafton gives some good advice, telling him not to do ANYTHING that doesn’t feel right to him in a plane because he’s only got the one ass to lose. He concludes his advice with “It’s not the fall that kills you, or the sudden stop at the end. It’s the realization that you are indeed this fucking stupid!”

    That I think is Trump. He just goes along and ignores common sense sometimes despite what seem like uncanny survival instincts. But sooner or later luck runs out and it might well have finally done so for Trump. And what will “kill” him is the awful realization that he wasn’t bulletproof after all, that he was indeed “this fucking stupid.”

    • I like these comments of yours, leaving nothing to chance … Trump’s grand slam, “Bullet Proof”, position was bolstered and fed by the evil voices he chose to follow … The failing GOP has let the beast out and has no plan to put it back … Thus, making them jumpy and nervous in tall shadow situations …

      Amazing, that they never learn, running the Republican clan like a well synchronized drill team, having the Turtle laying out a plan of non-support for ANY Democratic plans, so obviously, on the International stage, there are some friends we have in Ireland that just shake and hang their heads in disbelief …

      Well, it is a short time now for Trump, the J6 team is building steam on everything at our Capitol, Trump has climbed to the top of the tower for them already … He is absolutely guilty of Treason, I wonder what the Republicans are going to try to keep THEMSELVES out of prison …

  3. I don’t think the FBI “pounds” on any doors. I suspect they politely knock and if that doesn’t work they just break the damned thing down. I cannot believe they’d need to in this case certainly. Surely butt for brains has people who answer the door for him.

  4. As his niece reminds us,when one is so narcissistic/arrogant it can definitely =stupidity because it’s all about what you created.He decrees and it must be so. No other option.
    so yeah Murph,delusional to the rest of us. “Ding ding ding went the sirens,Clang clang clang went the bars” (forgive me Mrs. Blane /Martin)

    • It was great to see her on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show… trying her best (and mostly succeeding) to not break out into a shit-eating grin and just start laughing. A few small upturns of her lip, but she remained professional.

  5. Bullshit and bluster has always saved him in the past. It’s his default position and he doesn’t know anything else. He thinks it will work now like it did with his petty crimes of yesteryear.
    I agree, get the popcorn ready, this is the prelude to the moment we’ve been waiting for. Tangerine Nixon perp-walked out of his white-trash Versailles estate in cuffs.

  6. I don’t know if this is right, but it is certainly plausible. Scarily so. The only thing I would disagree with is the suggestion at the very end. Trump is constitutionally incapable of admitting that he ever did anything stupid. Trump, as far as Trump is concerned, is a very stable GENIUS: he never, ever, fails. Even in the example you gave, if Trump was about to die it would definitely be the fault of somebody or something else.



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