That there’s corruption among some “Justices” on SCOTUS is undeniable. If you’re reading this you no doubt know plenty about Clarence Thomas’ grift. Over four MILLION in gifts he didn’t report. At least that we know about. I for one think it’s a safe bet there’s more out there but it would take a proper investigation to get a true handle on just how corrupt Thomas is. Now we have Senators Sheldon Whitehouse and Ron Wyden formally requesting DOJ, as in AG Garland to appoint a Special Counsel.

As Alternet reports, last week the two Senators sent a formal request that a Special Counsel be appointed to investigate not just “repeated and willful omissions” of reporting gifts on financial disclosures (required of officials) but also “possible violations of ethics and tax laws.”  That second part in particular means possible crimes as in criminal avoidance of taxes.  According to the linked article their letter to the AG states:

“The scale of the potential ethics violations by Justice Thomas, and the willful pattern of disregard for ethics laws, exceeds the conduct of other government officials investigated by the Department of Justice for similar violations,” Whitehouse and Wyden wrote. “The breadth of the omissions uncovered to date, and the serious possibility of additional tax fraud and false statement violations by Justice Thomas and his associates, warrant the appointment of a Special Counsel to investigate this misconduct.”

SCOTUS as you know think they are oh so effing special they are above the same standards and even laws every other federal judge must follow when it comes to conduct, recusals, and of course financial reporting. They consider themselves above the law, and because the case involved Trump decided Presidents are above it too. Well, Republican Presidents. Is there a person out there who thinks the kind of Immunity SCOTUS invented for Presidents would have been given to a Democrat? Or be tolerated moving forward?

In any case Thomas is the poster child for abuse of the system. I mentioned he’s taken over four million in grift in the past twenty years and that’s many times what the rest of the Justices, even a couple of fellow GOPers who have enough grift of their own that rates a look combined!  The article notes that on Sen. Whitehouse’s website there’s a PDF that breaks down Thomas’ grift into two categories – a remarkable list from Harlan Crowe and a separate and also appalling list from others.  (A link at the end of this piece shows the letter – check out Appendix B)

Thomas once again reminds me of golfing great (a hundred years ago) Walter Hagen who didn’t earn all that much in pro golf, at least in tournament play (purses weren’t much back then) but lived a lavish lifestyle due to golf hustling and rubbing shoulders with rich benefactors. In exchange for getting to hang with him they happily coughed up all manner of benefits. Hagen famously said he didn’t really need to be a millionaire, he just wanted to live like one. That my friends is how Thomas has been living the good life on the salary of a Justice. Largesse from rich people who not so coincidentally could (and have) benefit from the kind of rulings Thomas has made and will continue to make.

What will happen? Well, even if we weren’t talking about Merrick Garland being AG given nominating conventions and a Presidential campaign coming up this will get lost in the shuffle. Garland will ignore it and let’s face it, the news is going to be dominated by all manner of stuff. However Whitehouse and Wyden have laid down a marker and it might just come up during the campaign as SCOTUS will be an issue.

And suppose we win in November which I still believe we can and will do if certain Democrats will STFU and get behind the President with full-throated support.  That Garland will be replaced as AG in a second Biden administration is a given. (Personally I’d like to see VP Harris resign and take over as AG but that’s a whole different subject) Maybe, just maybe during the period between the election and the inaugural Garland will appoint a Special Prosecutor as a “f**k you” to the GOP. Hey, early voting was underway when RBG died. Trump wasted no time nominating Barrett and McConnell rammed it through so let the GOP squeal like pigs.

Well, that’s probably wishful thinking but I wanted to point out (again) this is something that might come up during the debate about SCOTUS during the campaign.

(FYI, you can read the letter requesting a Special Counsel here)



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  1. When is this piece of shit pile of stinking corruption going to be removed from the highest court in the land? A court, btw, he has NO business being a part of and never should have been nominated let alone seated on. This is an outrage.

    The s.c. has made itself irrelevant the over the past couple of years but this corruption on top of a mountain of corruption and absolute ignorance of what actually IS in the US Constitution makes it a court of criminal fucks six of whom need to be removed ANY AND EVERY WAY POSSIBLE.

    If DOJ doesn’t act on this IMMEIDIATELY, Garland must be removed and replaced with someone who can actually lead that department. He has been a fuck-up since day 1.


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