Man, when Trump sees this interview go out on the air the make up man or lady is going to get canned for sure. He looks awful. I don’t mean just hasn’t slept for 36 hours awful, I mean hasn’t slept, hasn’t eaten, has chewed all his nails — plus tried to saw off the top of his head, awful.

You tell me what that red line is. Did he walk into a Queen Anne highboy and gash himself? Did he try to saw off the top of his head with a can opener? Did a golf cart run over his head and that’s the mark from the tire?

I seriously have no clue. But here’s what is hilarious. He brags about his health.

He looks even worse in this clip. All he needs are the neck plugs and he could double for Boris Karloff in Frankenstein. He’s got the same mark in Las Vegas, but they covered it.

Let this be a lesson to you. If you go on OAN or RightSide Broadcasting, whatever this is, they have no budget for a makeup artist.

Trump is going to go totally apeshit when he sees this. Everything is appearances to him. To him and to his entire freaking family, it’s all appearances, nothing else. Here he looks dreadful.

Is anybody here an M.D.? What does it mean when you have bulbous purple eyebags and then over the eyes a vermillion slash? Anybody?

He actually looks a hell of a lot better in this sketch than he does above.


Now this one is more like it.

Mehmet Oz did call the shot right if he referred to Trump as a “specimen.” Of what species, we are not sure.

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  1. That is a shadow of his hair being cast on his forehead. Look just above the red line I have added to this image. That is the clot of sprayed hair casting that shadow.

    • Go look at the other piece from tonight, where Trump is speaking in Las Vegas. He’s got the SAME mark, except it’s brown. So I assume it’s covered with makeup. That would mean it’s actually a mark and not a shadow.

      If it was a shadow it wouldn’t show up in two different speaking engagements, is my point.

    • That was my forst thought. But then I compared the color with other shadows on his face, and they don’t look the same. Also, the hair is not a line but a bloc – a shodow from it would shadow all the forehead above the line, not just the line teself. I may be wrong, of course But that’s how it looks to me.

    • The even jellies are the evil by which this miscreant was ever able to climb down the steps into the sewer that is his mind. Jericho March my rosey red ass.

  2. Two possible explanations come to mind, and my own personal life experience has caused me to think of both of them. That’s quite a mark on his head, and I can’t help but wonder if he’s on a blood thinner. Perhaps he has atrial fibrillation which given what we know about the guy and can see with our own eyes wouldn’t surprise me a bit. But I can say that a dark mark like that will appear on the scalp if your head bangs against or is hit by something with a small edge/corner etc.

    Having said that, let’s consider Trump and golf. Being lefthanded and not exactly financially flush once I got into college and learned there was a “semi-private” course roughly a half-hour from home (non-members could play it as much as they wanted for a daily fee) I managed to purchase an almost matched set of clubs. And my competitiveness being what it was I sometimes would throw one. Once I threw one so hard when I failed to clear a water hazard that it actually went into the thing – a helluva throw if I say so myself. Again, given how difficult it was in those days to get halfway decent left-handed clubs I was mortified, and lucky enough that the water was clear enough I could see the club under a few feet of water and waded in after it. Whew! That cured me of club throwing and I learned to immediately drop my club if I saw a shot going bad – to keep me from throwing it or, and here’s the point doing what I’d seen others do which is slam it against the ground or against a golf cart causing the shaft to bend (if not break). I also know some weird shit has happened when people lose it that way on the golf course and people have been hurt and even killed by throwing clubs that bounce off say a golf cart and come back and hit them!

    Maybe Trump hit a bad shot, slammed his club into the ground hard enough to bend it badly and then got so pissed looking at his bent the fuck up golf club and threw it at his cart – and it bounced back and hit him in his ugly face! Stranger things have happened with thrown golf clubs. And as I said, personal experience tells me the impact, even if not severe would leave that kind of mark on the face of someone taking a blood thinner.

    Another possibility is that he fell. Again, this is something I have personal experience with given my own partial disability that leads to difficulty getting around and balance problems. We’ve seen plenty of examples of Trump’s episodes of shuffling around and leaning as though he’s got some issues with his own balance. (remember the “ramp of death?” at West Point?) Now, what I’m about to suggest will amuse you. The bathroom is a particularly fraught environment for someone that has balance problems. Falls and near falls are common and for most people bathrooms are small enough to catch yourself before you fall all the way BUT even if you don’t go all the way down there are any number of corners/edges on which to bang a body part including your head. A couple of months back I took a hard fall getting out of the shower and fell backwards. My butt took most of the impact but my head bounced off the edge of the bathtub and my head rebounded forward into a corner at the front of the bathtub/shower enclosure and left a straight mark (maybe four inches long) on my forehead that looked a LOT like Trump’s and it was there for a long fucking time.

    Here’s the funny part. Take a good look at Trump’s head and that mark. Maybe, just maybe he rushed to his fake gold toilet to take a piss and was fumbling with his zipper and lost his balance – and hit his fucking head against the back edge of the toilet bowl? I can just picture him on the floor. Cussing over banging his head and having pissed himself, or better yet having first splashed his ugly mug into the water inside the bowl itself before falling the rest of the way to the floor?

    Tell me the though of that didn’t bring a smile to your face! I for one find it funny as hell, even better than Trump nailing himself in the bean from a bent golf club he’d thrown at his golf cart. But I CAN say both scenarios are possible given the mark that’s so clearly visible despite all the makeup.

    • And Himself’s ego is such that he probably won’t allow installation of grab bars. (My father designed his own set, and had my brother get the materials to build it. But my father was a fine engineer.)

  3. Note to baby huey…next time you fling a plate against the wall…stand further away from the wall…unintended consequences will bite you in the ass every time!



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