Nimrata Randhawa, AKA Nikki Hayley gave her Republican rally goers in South Carolina a “get out of racism free” card in Charleston, S.C. yesterday in a city which once boasted one of the biggest slave markets in America and sparked a Civil War trying to keep them.

Haley, who looks about as “furrin” as Tucker Carlson’s aunt from Rhode Island, dispensed the dispensation to her crowd of Fox News viewers with no apparent irony in preparation for the 2024 campaign for the Republican nomination for President wherein she will be thoroughly trounced by the biggest racist to ever stand for that office.


“Nikki Haley used her 2024 campaign launch to draw upon her heritage in order to slam those who have depicted the United States as a fundamentally-racist country.

The Republican former governor of South Carolina and Ambassador to the United Nations formally announced her 2024 run for president in Charleston, SC on Wednesday. As Haley bemoaned how America is “spiraling toward socialism,” she pivoted to warn that that’s not the only thing weakening the country.

“On Biden and Harris’ watch,” Haley claimed, “a self-loathing has swept our country. It’s in the classroom, the boardroom, and the backrooms of government. Every day, we’re told America is flawed, rotten, and full of hate. Joe and Kamala even say America is racist. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

While Haley didn’t point to any specific example, the crowd cheered before she referred back to the fact that she is the daughter of Indian-American immigrants.

“Take it from me, the first minority female governor in history: America is not a racist country!” Haley proclaimed. This drew more adulation as she continued to say “this self-loathing is a virus more dangerous than any pandemic. It’s a system of a lack of pride in our country, and a lack of trust in our leaders. And it ignores the values that have sustained America since our founding.”

Let’s wait and see how badly drumpf trounces you in the next 18 months before we go patting ourselves on the back, what you say Nikki?

And in front of a crowd that regularly watches a news channel that consistently “others” the current V.P.







You should really change your name to Oblivious, Nimrata.

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  1. Oh Nimrata , you silly little nitwit. We don’t loathe ourselves, we loathe the people who thought slavery, institutional racism, etc. are and were a good idea. We really loathe the idiots who state, knowingly or not, that these things did not and do not exist. See, we could be so much and yet people like you keep our nation in a race to see which country is the least educated, has the largest poverty-stricken populace, and in short, is the worst shit-hole on the planet.

    We COULD be so much but as long as almost 1/2 the population wants to remain a country chock full of ignoramuses, we’ll never get anywhere let alone reach our full potential.

  2. I’m not a fan of Haley’s – she once was one of those Republicans of which I though “ugh” but figured there were worse ones out there. Then she sold out and threw in with Trump, albeit in the most calculating (for her Presidential ambitions which we knew she had even then) by being his U.N. Ambassador both to gain international/diplomatic street cred but also well away from Trump’s DC shit-show. And she’s done and said plenty since to make her just another Trump P.O.S. Having said that I must regretfully disagree with your premise – that she Anglecized her name for politics. It’s a charge that’s come up multiple times before so Snopes looked into it. Yes, she was born with the name you cite but you left out that her birth certificate (she was born in SC) lists her middle name as Nikki, which is a common one back in India and means “little one.” Perhaps he parents wanted her to have an American sounding name to go by and raised her using Nikki most of the time instead of Nimrata. Hell, Nikky is much easier to say and it would have made things easier for her in school from the beginning. It’s also worth noting he h.s. yearbook has her given first and last birth names without the “Nikki.” But she’s apparently gone by Nikki most of her life. As for her last name she got married. And, like most women took her husband’s last name of Haley. That was in the mid 1990s well before her political career. So taking all that into consideration there is plenty for which Haley can and should be criticized, but trying to pull a fast one by “Americanizing” her name to boost her political aspirations isn’t one of them. (FYI, the business of leading the taking down of the Confederate themed SC state flag made me learn more about her because it seemed right then she was going to be a Presidential candidate and one to take seriously one day. Of course, she threw that once promising career out the window by joining team Trump. And while for a time it looked like she’d managed to avoid most of the Trump taint she tossed that out the window when young as she is she could have kept her mouth shut or at least limitied herself to bland platitudes)

  3. “this self-loathing is a virus more dangerous than any pandemic. It’s a system of a lack of pride in our country, and a lack of trust in our leaders. And it ignores the values that have sustained America since our founding.”

    Tell that to tfg who, from his acceptance speech in 2016 and continuing today, talked about how this country is a festering hell hole and that US Intelligence is corrupt. Tell that to all the GOPers in the House who support him and are “investigating” the DOJ. No one spreads distrust, self loathing and lies more than any Republican currently in office.

  4. By the way she was interviewed and she wants to cut back ‘entitlement programs’. That’s medicare, medicaid, food stamps, etc. Look at the poor, and working poor, and tell me how minorities will fare. My adopted niece is a 26 y/o black single mom. She works her ass off just to pay the bills. Hey rich lady…fuck you!!!! You may play up your minority status but you pass for white and the only minority you belong to is the 1% of ultra wealthy people.

  5. “…a lack of trust in our leaders”? You mean the leaders that deny election results, minimize the risks of Covid, refuse to enact gun safety laws, and want to gut Social Security and Medicare? We’re supposed to trust THOSE leaders?

  6. America simply doomed! There is no salvation from politicians! The constant lies, the open corruption, the childish games that being played at the populations expense! they are worse than any plague, virus or any other disease! The time has come to rise up against the criminals and remove them peacefully or by force and replace them with people who actually care about America! RISE UP & REVOLT! Its all we have left to try! America will not endure under the currant system!

  7. What planet is she living on, ‘cause it’s definitely not earth. Die-hard Trumpers won’t vote for someone of Indian heritage or a woman. It’s a double whammy against her. She obviously hasn’t figured out the makeup of the Republican Party.

  8. The truth is so scary to these folks. See? We’re not racist, Nimrata, er… I mean Nicki, just said so! Another minority from the Carolina’s telling us their is no racism in America! How do they get them to do that? Hey Nicki, how many elections do you think you’d have won down home had you not changed your name? My guess is nada! Yours too probably, that’s why you changed your name. I don’t find that I feel any loathing for myself having faced the truth about the history of my country. It’s more like I feel sorrow for some of the things having happened and would like for them to never happen again. To accomplish that, we must face the truth as a country and move forward. But I do feel some loathing, it’s for the people who pretend parts of our past never happened or happened in a much more benign way. That some of those things are not still happening! Other than that, I’m okay.


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