I don’t think that Trump realizes just how deep in shit he is right now. As the J6 committee showed last night, Trump is an inveterate liar, and has been one all of his life. Lying is as natural for him as breathing. But when you lie as a way of living, and as a matter of survival, there are inherent risks.

Look, even before the first votes had been counted in 2020, Trump had already been trumpeting for more than a month that the only way he could lose was if the elections was stolen! And as the J6 committee has already showed in their opening argument, Trump spent millions of dollars of campaign funds to push the voter fraud cop out to the public. And he has continued to push it for more than 18 months now, ensnaring millions of feeble minded souls.

When you look at a criminal prosecution, any criminal prosecution there are two basic legal facts that must be proved. The first is criminal intent, in other words, you had to intend to break the law when you made your plans. The second is an overt criminal act. Meaning that you had to take at least one step to make that plan come to fruition.

Trump, an inveterate lifelong liar, managed to build in an automatic criminal defense for his actions on January 6th. The defense is that Trump was so delusional that he honestly believed that the 2020 election was stolen from him. He couldn’t have criminal intent, since he believed his own bullshit. But there’s one small problem there.

Let’s say that you’re 21 years old. You’ve been working since you were 16, and you have a $5000 grub stake built up. You tell everybody you know that you’re going to take that $5000 out to Vegas, turn it into $100,000, come back, and go into business for yourself. Your mother tells you you’re being childish and immature. Your father tells you tour pissing up a rope. Your brothers tell you you’re delusional, and your coworkers tell you you throwing your money away.

None of that has the slightest bit of effect on you, you’re a genius, and you’ll show them all. You are convinced you’re right. So you fly out to Vegas on a Delta flight, and you limp back home on a Greyhound bus. You can’t be amazed when everybody you know gives you a ration of shit. After all, You were warned!

And after last nights hearing, that’s exactly where Donald Trump finds himself. because there is a limit to inherent stupidity. If you’re not legally insane, then you’re capable of taking incoming information. And your parents, your siblings, your friends, and your coworkers all told you you were being a moron.

Enter Donald Trump. Well before January 6th, Trump had been told by his own campaign, his own campaign data weenie, his own son-in-law, his own daughter, his Department of Justice, his Department of Homeland Security, and his own Attorney General that he was peddling bullshit. And yet Trump persisted.

Let’s just look past the J6 hearings for a moment, and the possible legal repercussions for Trump with the DOJ. Right now, Fulton county District Attorney Fani Willis has a special grand jury going to determine possible Trump vote  fraud in the state of Georgia. And after last night, she now has empirical evidence tha weeks before Trump placed his call to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to find him 11,780 votes, Trump was already aware that there had been no Georgia voter fraud. Think that might be of interest to her, especially where the interference of Trumptards like Lindsey Graham and Mark Meadows are concerned?

After last night, if the DOJ didn’t have open criminal investigation going on Donald Trump, they no longer have any choice but to open one. The evidence is just too compelling. But the DOJ will be cautious, and they will take their time. But Fulton County DA Willis is likely light years ahead of the DOJ in her investigation. Before you look to the DOJ, keep your eyes on Fulton County.


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  1. And let us not forget that there is still the matter of Trump being caught with boxes of highly classified/sensitive documents stolen from the White House that were hidden at Mar-a-Lago. I know the January 6th hearings are eclipsing that investigation at the moment, but I think it has the possibility to be just as big a bomb when it finally drops. Fingers crossed! ?

  2. Given the long criminal history that he has not paid for, I will reserve judgement. Two things must happen or else the legal system will again be exposed as a system of oppression of the poor by the rich. First, Trump needs to go to jail. Period. Second, the voters need to get off their collective consumer asses & VOTE these traitors out of power. If neither happens…well bend over & kiss your ass goodbye. Hitler brainwashed AN ENTIRE NATION to its destruction. It’s been done before. The jury is out & ALL OF US are waiting to see if we go free or if we are introduced to “the end. My only friend”.(Jim Morrison). Fascism allows no middle ground.

  3. Either DOJ is being very cagey about any criminal investigations against former guy or Garland is still sitting on his thumb and I am inclined to put more weight on the latter. I cannot fathom why in the world President Biden chose Garland since there were many better candidates with at the very least the energy to do something.

  4. The real.problem for Tank Willis in Fulton County isn’t the facts; she has those. The real.issue is the county make–up: 39%white, 45%Black. All it takes is one white MAGAt to hang the jury.

  5. Isn’t there a federal law against soliciting donations for fraudulent/criminal purposes? If Trump has spent millions of campaign dollars trying to overturn the election, surely that should be included in criminal charges against him.

  6. It will be a sunny day when American Democracy is exposed for all it’s weaknesses. The Republican Party must be held accountable.



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