This appeared out of the wild blue yonder yesterday. As you know, yesterday both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal reported a May 25 formal announcement and FEC filing by Ron DeSantis, plunging him squarely into the 2024 GOP primary for the top spot on the ticket. And on the same day, off in his corner of the Twitter sky, Glenn Youngkin airs this upbeat video, citing St. Ronnie by name, even, about the direction America should go. Are we the least bit off base to think that this could herald Youngkin throwing his own hat in the ring?

You have to admit, this is a wild card, if it happens this way. Youngkin was asked a while back if he would consider running and his answer was a hard no, but times change and so do peoples’ minds.

Here’s Charlie Sykes’ take on it.

Here comes Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin . We are not experts in these things, but this certainly has a strong folks-he’s-running vibes to it:

I mean, who doesn’t like videos with jets?

But there are at least two odd things about this: (1) It leans heavily on Reagan nostalgia that feels a bit pre-2016, and (2) Youngkin seems to be betting that the GOP electorate is in the mood for upbeat optimism, rather than six more years of lizard carnage. Like this:


It goes without saying that (for now) Youngkin is pretending that Donald Trump doesn’t exist, but the video may be an indication that he feels there might be an opening for the pleasegodnotTrumpagain lane.

I think we should keep a sharp eye peeled for this. Trump is a disaster, yes. He’s also leading DeSantis by 30-some points. DeSantis is also a disaster and he’s the only one who’s running who is even pulling double digits. Everybody else in the race is in low single digits. So Youngkin entering the race would indeed be a wild card.

Regarding DeSantis, his “strategy” is eluding just about everybody. As far as anybody can parse his thought processes, he believes that Big Money donors will endorse him while he is in a knock down drag out fight with the biggest employer in Florida. Disney is a ruling force in Florida and DeSantis is hell bent to continue to antagonize them.

Disney pulled a $1 billion project off the table yesterday, they may very well pull $17 billion worth more. That possibility exists. And they could do it one by one. For DeSantis to be at war with a major player in his own state while he’s trying to capture the imagination of the entire nation and legitimize himself on the big stage of national politics is beyond anybody’s comprehension — other than Ron and Casey DeSantis, apparently.


It’s time to make like Jayson Boebert and pour a tall glass of beer and watch the show. Things are starting to rock in this primary. I don’t see DeSantis beating Disney. I see him beating himself into the ground.

I say this because his argument with Disney is not based on any sound business principles but rather some vague concept of “wokeness” and the issue seems to be that if DeSantis can cow Disney, then he can strike a blow for MAGA values and be the new MAGA king. The problem with that is that the GOP megadonors are clones of the people he’s chosen to fight at Disney. DeSantis may be able to persuade these megadonors that he’s a better alternative to Trump, who has worn everybody out, but he won’t do it if he indicates recklessness towards big money and big business. Show me a Republican politician who has soared to prominence pi$$ing off big business. Please, I want to see that.

I can only imagine how bad this is going to get because I have nothing to compare it to. DeSantis is on a kamikaze mission. Today he is New Hampshire, jabbering about how second graders shouldn’t have to use pronouns, oblivious to all the signs behind the scenes that things are not going his way.

At the end of the day, we’ll see the best laid plans of Ron DeSantis go awry while The Mouse will be alive and doing fine, pronouns, rainbows and all.


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  1. A while back I wrote about people sitting out there thinking this might be their time if Trump gets into serious legal trouble and faces multiple criminal charges in multiple jurisdictions. That will make it more difficult for Trump to attack others because he’d be vulnerable too – not to mention spending time in court.

    Virginia is a state where a sitting Governor cant run for a second term right away. AFTER someone else serves their four years any former Governor is free to try for another term. History shows that’s virtually impossible. This commercial, both in voice and appearance the most dynamic (for lack of a better word) I’ve ever seen from the guy. Maybe he’s gotten a f**kton of coaching, and maybe this was just production magic from studio technicians. Trust me, on the campaign trail he’s about as dynamic as a wet mop.

    In a way he was a state version of Trump, fortunate to run against a candidate that was underwater in the positive/negative category and unlike Hillary Clinton Terry McCauliffe has a n actual sleaze factor. Youngkin somehow convinced Trump to pretty much stay the hell of of VA and yet get Trump to toss out supportive statements. And the issue of “woke” was rising up and McCauliffe made a HUGE gaffe & Youngkin, who campaigned as a “sensible conservative” but as Virginians have learned was lying his a$$ off slipped in.

    Woke is going to be there in 2024, but I for one think that while it’s possible a GOP that might become desperate for “NOT Trump” might in the primaries turn to him but I’m not sure he can hold up to the spotlight even in a national campaign in the primaries. We’ll see, but as I said I thought he dropped some subtle hints a while back he might harbor not the Senate but the WH for his next job and it’s looking like he really is sizing things up.

    • Like most Republican things, the ad is big on image and short on substance.

      And then they get the image wrong. Eurofighter Typhoons are not F16s.

      If they can’t get that right, what else have they glossed over to lie to us.

      It’s like advertising NASCAR racing with the image of a Peugeot.

  2. This nazi lied to the voters about systemic racism NOT being true. He stirred up voters about critical race theory being taught in the schools, another lie. Phuck every one of these white supremacists in sheep’s clothing, hiding their hoods in the closet. I’ve asked numerous black folks in my 25 years of being in two different black families, whether they preferred an open racist to the sneaky kind, like this weasel. They clearly felt the blatant racists are at least honest about their evil. They blame the sneaky kind for misleading people, yet they hold the same beliefs. They smile in your face, then stab you in the back. Like the song Backstabbers.

  3. Let him run like all the other fools and guarantee Trump to win the nomination then see what the thugs do when their orange totem is convicted here their and everywhere including one that precludes him from ever holding office again.

  4. I agree…these asshats are all fighting to see who can take the wheel of the Titanic as the deck chairs slide into the north sea. Bon voyage you nazi phuckers.


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