I have to say, it is heartwarming to see a Republican do the right thing. It harkens back to a time in our history, not all that long ago, when the culture war hadn’t yet turned us into two warring tribes in Bizarro World.

Doug Ducey took the high road. Good for him.

He not only congratulated the winner of the gubernatorial race in Arizona, he stuck a pin in the hot air balloon that is Kari Lake and Steve Bannon’s plan to further polarize politics in the state and delay certification of the election. My hat is off.

This is how it’s done. It really is that simple.

I can only assume that Ducey realizes how utterly toxic Lake and Bannon are and he sides with the other elected officials of the state. I also assume that he is concerned, as is the rest of the country, about why Arizona is ground zero for this level of idiocy.

All that said, it will be snowing in Phoenix before Ducey tops this moment. Remember this?

And don’t forget, Ducey has personal reasons to be disgusted with Trump and all this nonsense. Trump insisted on shoving Blake Masters down everybody’s throat as the senate candidate. In a saner political climate, Ducey would have run for that senate seat and he would have been a much much better candidate. There’s no comparison.

That said, I have zero sympathy for the GOP. This is the ticket they bought when they embraced Trump, first class on the Extremism Express.


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  1. Thank you Doug Ducey for doing the minimum, ala Mike Pence. You did the right thing but that does not make you a hero. However, should the rethug party ever regain sanity, you might have a future.

  2. You mentioned the Senate. Sinema as we know eagerly dove into deep shit, and rather than somehow clamber out and start hosing herself off she chose to dig/swim down deeper into the pile. I’VE got a better chance of being elected to her seat in two years and I live on the other side of the country! Democrats might, if she survives a primary (doubtful) hold their noses and vote for her but Ducey has just given himself a chance at capturing a big chunk of Independents in a state where there’s a strong streak of that quality. Sure, some in the GOP will be angry with him the way we are with Sinema but most of them will vote for Ducey over ANY Democrat. Against a wounded Sinema or if it’s an open seat Ducey has a real chance at becoming a Senator now. Which is probably what caused him to take this stance.

  3. Absolutely this is what caused Ducey to do “the right thing”. He’s a republican. If he thought going nuts extremist would get him farther, that’s where he’d be going right this moment but this one appears to be thinking rationally about tomorrow. Ethical Egoist, always doing what is BEST for HIM and ONLY HIM.


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