Who Says The American People Don’t Want Impeachment?



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  1. When the Watergate hearings started, people weren’t backing impeachment. By the time they ended, people were. The investigative hearings made the difference. (I’d expect Pelosi to know that.)

      • If you get a chance, go see what Laurence Tribe has to say about the benefits of just going through the process of impeachment. He does not think it’s doomed because Democrats don’t have the Senate.

  2. I would say you will certainly find some pundits at Daily Kos who say they fear that if the Democrats nominate a true progressive in 2020 they will lose. You will also find just as many who favor a true progressive. Among the rank and file, Warren has handily won the biweekly Daily Kos straw poll many times now.

    You also write, “…had the Democrats used their time in power to pass bold progressive policies they’d be right now reaping the political benefits and the country might’ve been spared the catastrophe we now find ourselves in.” The only time the Dems had a Senate majority and then only sometimes was in the first two years of the Obama administration—what with sudden deaths and unexpected party switching and what not. But hindsight is great, huh.

    The WHITE working class may have voted for Trump, because of anxiety about losing dominance within society rather than economic anxiety. The non-white working class voted for Hillary.

    This might be a better link for the “foam the runway” quote: https://shadowproof.com/2012/07/20/barofsky-book-geithner-confirmed-in-2009-that-hamp-was-designed-for-banks-to-spread-out-foreclosures/
    I have my own beef with the way the financial recovery was handled. I don’t like dragging future returns into the present. Sooner or later the piper must be paid. I also agree there should have been some prosecutions. However, I think you overstate your case. Also how about losing the gratuitous profanity?

    • Hell, I can remember some “progressives” who talked about sitting out the 2010 midterms to “punish Obama” for not delivering 100% of his campaign promises, especially on health care. The talk at the time was “give the people a decade of right-wing control and they’ll swarm to the progressive cause in 2020” (these dolts obviously didn’t consider how those right-wingers might not be so willing to give up control). And thanks to the fact that most states hold their own gubernatorial and state legislative elections when there’s no Presidential race to compete with, it made it a whole lot easier for the right-wing to take control (executive, legislative and judicial) of more states and, now, we’ve got a Supreme Court (another concept that “progressives” tend to treat as “unimportant” during Presidential campaigns) that just said “it’s not the Federal government’s business to ensure that voting districts in the states are actually drawn fairly or responsibly” and many fights across the country over gerrymandered districts that allowed GOPers to have *supermajorities* in their legislatures even though, as a whole, their candidates got less than 50% of the popular vote.

      • Voters respond when they can feel in their lives the federal gov doing something to make their lives less insecure – they haven’t felt it since 1965.

    • LBJ did more in 2 yrs for working people than Obama & Bill Clinton did in their lives. Obama blandly accepted the idea that he could reach across the aisle & McConnell played him badly – I was saying that had Obama passed real relief for the ripped-off homeowners (HAMP was a joke) – & prosecuted a few bankers in big high-profile cases (even a few would’ve gone a long way to establishing some accountability) the Dems might’ve big in a more popular position – The Kos always smugly takes the side of the corporate Democratic establishment instead of working people – they smugly wrote constantly about Hillary’s inevitability in 2015-2016 only to be made to look silly – then they blamed Bernie who did more to energize the base than HRC did – Obama lost the progressive base in 2010 with disastrous results b/c he didn’t deliver (especially Arne Duncan alienated all the teacher unions – a big part of the Dem base) – the base stayed home, McConnell was never called out but allowed to out-maneuver him & then Citizens United wiped out progressive voices.

    • “The WHITE working class may have voted for Trump, because of anxiety about losing dominance within society rather than economic anxiety. The non-white working class voted for Hillary.”
      ^^^^ THIS ^^^^

      POC well know that more jobs mean nothing when their resumes get rejected because of their names. They also know a job won’t bring back a son murdered by the police or ease their worry of it occurring. And I’m sick of bothsider bull shit. Bad enough when its from the right wing.

  3. You know, it’s just too bad that the Democratic “base” was just SOOOOOOOO in love with the idea of “a black man as President” in 2008 that it NEVER bothered to actually investigate said black man’s actual voting record during his time as US Senator because, if they had, they might have been a lot LESS enamored and more willing to back the woman whose ONLY real flaw was her Iraq War vote (because *her* Senate voting record was almost exactly identical to the black man’s, except when you factored in ALL the votes they both voted on, hers was actually the MORE liberal/progressive record).

    So, please Mr Palermo, do NOT talk to me about the Democratic “base” and how its zeal to nominate “progressive” candidates is so great. We got skunked in two consecutive elections by nominating the old-fashioned liberal politicians (back when “progressives” were “liberals”) and, again, it couldn’t see just how TRULY centrist its preferred 2008 candidate was. Then, in 2016, we saw that “progressive base” willing to destroy its Party by electing an OPPORTUNIST who only ran in the Democratic primaries because he COULDN’T WIN AS AN INDEPENDENT. (And, of course, after losing the nomination, he PROMISED that in ALL FUTURE ELECTIONS he would run as a Democrat. He said he was only going back to “Independent” because he “was elected as an Independent” and he felt he needed to serve the voters. He shouldn’t even be in this contest and the fact that he is allowed to be is an EMBARRASSMENT to REAL Democratic voters.)

    And, as for Ms Warren, let’s not forget that she only became a Democrat during Bill Clinton’s term in office (she won’t/can’t say exactly when that happened) but she was an avowed Republican a hell of a lot longer than Hillary Clinton was but her supporters just give her a free pass because she “talks the right talk” now. (Remember the Hillary haters who, in 2016, were still giving her grief over her HIGH-SCHOOL “Goldwater Girl” time–even as she’d been working for Democratic campaigns from at least 1968?)

    • I don’t know about avowed Republican, but she is of an age when she may have been a Republican when Republicans were nothing but the other party. She became a Democrat when Republicans seriously lost their way after Reagan.

      • Who cares? What’s important is where Warren wants to take the country today – the Kos, like Hillary & Biden, need to realize it’s not 1995 anymore.

        • Apparently you care, because you do not seem to think a person’s change of party affiliation is ever genuine. What we do not need is party loyalty. We need loyalty to the oath of office.

    • Bernie’s ideas in 2016 are now ALL the Democratic candidates’ ideas in 2019 – funny how that happened.

      Obama beat Hillary in 2008 – she should’ve taken the hint.

      The Repub base gets everything it wants – the Dem base never does – you can’t win elections if your base stays home.

      • Great article, a herculean effort, well researched and thought through. I would quibble with the assertion that the Republican base gets everything it wants. It gets everything it wants from an economic standpoint, the tax cuts and the regulatory appeasement. But, until Trump, it really didn’t get any of the social reforms it wanted, it couldn’t do anything like a “wall” because big business needs the influx of labor provided by undocumented immigrants. Trump’s clubs themselves demonstrate that truism.
        Liberals tended to get the social changes we’ve demanded, LGBTQ rights, increased diversity and treatment of women and such, but get none of the economic policies … with the exception of the ACA, which flawed as it is, was still a MASSIVE tidal wave in American politics, forever changing how we view healthcare.
        Your thesis, however, is spot on, and extremely well-written. This Warren supporter certainly agrees with you.

        • yes – good point – they call it the “culture war” – that’s why Bannon & Breitbart & the rest of the chuds attack the 3 pillars & institutions of cultural liberalism: Science (climate denial); Journalism (“fake news”); universities (trolling while screaming “free speech” & claiming it’s all indoctrination). They have a game plan to strip legitimacy from these institutions & replace it with the cultural hegemony of white ethnic nationalism. We live in interesting times.

  4. They need to impeach if not simply to bring Trump’s taxes into some form of enhanced scrutiny. Impeachment would give them a lot to work with regarding subpoenas.

    • Yes – it’s unbelievable to me that the House has not obtained his tax records given his criminality regarding taxes we already know about – & this idea of immunity from testifying to Congress of former (& current) employees is unconstitutional – the Dems should ne hammering this point as it quietly winds its way through court – given the national interest in this it’s stupid the courts are so slow as if Trump’s taxes & witnesses are just another court case. Dems do not communicate well – but we sure hear from Repubs – I showed my class the 1954 Army-McCarthy hearings: it sure looks like Congress had power then!


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