This is getting ridiculous. Even before Traitor Tot was under investigation, much less indicted, he was bellowing that new President Joe Biden was weaponizing the DOJ to go after patriotic Americans exercising their First Amendment rights. English translation: A mob of ragtag neo Nazi’s and Klansmen breaking into the Capitol on January 6th, wanting to drag House Speaker nancy Pelosi out by her heels, cracking her head on every Capitol step, and demanding the lynching of Mike Pence.

And it only got worse. When it was Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg that first indicted Trump on 34 counts of fraud, Trump screamed that the weaponized Biden DOJ was using Manhattan DA and Fulton County DA Fani Willis were brainless tools of the Weaponized Biden DOJ. And when Special Counsel Jack Smith finally hauled his fat, orangutan ass in, it was a Witch hunt from the Weaponized Biden DOJ to keep him from running in 2024!

I thought it might be interesting to do a fairly brief side-by-side comparison of the actions of His Lowness and his DOJ to the actual actions of President Biden in his dealings with his Attorney General, Merrick Farland, and Garland’s DOJ;

  • One of Trump’s first executive acts was to nominate his toadying first Senate supporter, KKKeebler the Elf, aka Jeff Sessions as his Attorney General, with specific instructions to target his political enemies for retribution and prosecution
  • When Sessions did the honorable and ethical thing by recusing himself from considering appointing a Special Counsel to invetigate the Trump-Russia affair due to a conflict of interest, and left it to his second-in-command, Rod Rosenstein to appoint Robert Mueller, Trump sh*t canned his ass, and in a fit of pique, backed his primary opponent when he ran to get his old Senate seat back
  • Once Rosenstein was installed, Trump immediately compromised him, and Mueller’s investigation by having him slap Mueller with reporting restrictions that no former Special Counsel had been subjected to
  • When Trump appointed the morally bankrupt Tubby the Ewok, Bill Barr as his new Attorney General, he immediately pressed Barr to create, if not find reasons to investigate, and if possible, indict opponents like Hillary Clinton and former GBI Director James Comey
  • Which led to former FBI Director James Comey, as well as Sessions fired former FBI AD Andrew McCabe, fired 8 hours before his retirement was scheduled to take effect, to incredibly intrusive IRS deep audits, even though their IRS records contained no discrepancies to mandate it, costing them tens of thousands of dollars to defend themselves. Both audits were closed with no criminal referrals
  • When Special Counsel Robert Mueller submitted his final report to the Attorney General, Tubby the Ewok took to the airwaves a full 48 hours before a highly redacted version of the report was released to the public, to promote a shamelessly bullsh*t spin job that allowed Trump to claim Total Exoneration! Nevermind the facdt that the report, redacted or not, was a damning indictment of Trump’s complicity, replete with the caveat that DOJ policy prohibited indicting a sitting President

I could go on and on, but you get the picture. El Pendejo Presidente treated the Department of Justice as his personal law firm, and it performed as expected. Trump even prostituted the Department of the treasury, by having lackey Steve Mnuchin fight in court a perfectly legitimate House committee request for Trump’s tax records. But let’s just take a minute or two to discuss the extreme, unconstitutional measures that President Joe Biden has undertaken to weaponize his Department of Justice against his enemies;

  • When Biden nominated Merrick Garland as Attorney General, he swore an oath during the announcement that the DOJ would be gree from political interference from the White House
  • Since Garland was confirmed, Biden has never personally attempted to contact the Attorney General. And when he wants an update from the DOJ, he requestrs the update through the White House Counsel, which is how things have been done ever since Nixon and Watergate
  • It wasn’t Biden who started screaming and yelling for Merrick Garland to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate the origiins of January 6th, and Trump’s alleged purloinment of national security documents when he left, it was Garland alone who appointed Jack Smith as Special Counsel to investigate those issues due to the expansion of the investigation
  • One of the perks of becoming President is that you get to clean house at the DOJ, firing US Attorneys from the previous regime, and appointing your own. This goes doubly true for any remaining Special Counsels from the previous administration
  • Biden came into office beset by not one, but three Trump holdover Special Counsels with active investigations. John Durham was in the middle of a luxurious four year investigation into the origins of the FBI’s investigation, including luxury jaunts to Europe with his boss, Tubby the Ewok. Another was investigating FBI procedural violations during the investigation, as well as Democratic operatives malfeasance. And the third was investigating Biden’s own son, Hunter of gun and tax violations
  • Durham wound down his four year boondoggle finding no FBI violations of procedure in their investigation, seriously bumming Trump and FUX News. The second got a low level FBI agent to plead guilty to lying on a FISA warrant application regarding Trump flunky Carter Page
  • The third one filed criminal charges against Hunter Biden for lying on a federal form to purchase a firearm. This despite a standing DOJ rule that that felony not be a stand alone charge, and the fact that a federal appellate cout has already found that form unconstitutional, violating a persons 2nd Amendment rights
  • And Biden has been a legal and constitutional Rock of Gibraltar. During the Trump trial in Manhattan, Biden maintained a stoically neutral attitude, saying only that it was a matter that was up to 12 jurors in New York to decide. And in regards to his son’s case, Biden simply reiterated his love for and pride in his son, and that he would honor the decision of the jury, and would not pardon Hunter if he were convicted 
  • And it was during Biden’s term that a GOP appointed US Attorney in Florida determined that there was insufficient evidence to charge GOP preppie scumbag Matt Gaetz for a laundry list of drug and underage sex trafficking charges
  • And while we’re at it, as we speak there are two Democratic members of congress that are under federal indictment, and a sitting Democratic Senator, Bob Menendez, who is in the middle of his federal corruption trial. Full Disclosure Under Trump’s DOJ two GOP congressmen, CA rep Duncan Hunter, and a New York congressman whose name escapes me, there are so many of them, were convicted on corruption charges

I don’t know how much clearer or stark the practical differences between the Trump DOJ and the Biden DOJ can be. And with Trump darkly promising and threatening legal retribution against his enemies, it’s critical for Biden surrogates to hit the airwaves and highlight the stark differences between the Rue Of Law, and the Trump favored Department of Retribution. If Trump doesn’t do a BUCK-BUCKAW! and chickensh*t his way out of the upcoming debate, Biden has a golden opportunity in his opening statement to highlight the differences between a President who upholds the rule of law, and a fat poltroon wanting nothing more than to clean his criminal slate and punish his enemies. Which system would you rather live under, America?

I thank you for the privilege of your time.


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  1. Thanks for that detailed comparison, Murf.

    If there are to be no more chump trials before t h e election, we need to recount, reiterate and renumerate the many past crimes of the Looney Tunes Lumpet everywhere we can. We need to keep these facts in front of the public. May we never forget!

  2. ” To argue with a man/woman who has renounced the use and authority of reason, and whose philosophy consists in holding humanity in contempt, is like administering medicine to the dead, or endeavoring to convert an atheist by scripture.” Thomas Paine, The American Crisis
    Sorry Murf…your analysis is correct but the patients are dead as a door nail.


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