Talk about being out of touch. I don’t know whose situation is the more desperate these days, Maria Bartiromo’s or Jim Jordan’s. Bartiromo managed to dodge the bullet and just barely. She was expected to lose her job in the post-Dominion fallout at Fox and miraculously that didn’t happen. So she’s still in the game and has got to make herself shine, once again.

Then there’s Jim Jordan, who try as he might, just can’t come up with whistleblowers of any magnitude nor credibility. They just keep falling apart on the job and neither he nor Jim Comer seem able to do much of anything about that.

So Bartiromo just tipped her hand now about how desperate she is to get something going from the good old days, meaning those halcyon times when Roger Ailes was in charge and the Fox News ratings were actually climbing. She just asked Jim Jordan if he would be willing to investigate Hillary and Bill — again. The pregnant pause while Jordan contemplates WTH he’s going to respond is worth watching the clip for.

Talk about kitchen table issues, the real meat and potatoes that Ma and Pa Public are dying for their government to get to the bottom of, this is it. Yes, let’s go after the retired Clintons. Absolutely. Why leave them in peace? Find a way to weaponize the fact that they write books and stroll in the woods. The vast right wing conspiracy has been cooling down for years now and we can’t have that. We need to get some more Clinton blood out there.

Don’t be surprised if Jordan calls Trey Gowdy and discusses it with him.


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  1. DO IT A$$HOLE! Double Dutch dare you! I know. I’m advocating they waste millions of taxpayer money to find Bigfoot, but just think of all the good it will do for the democrats IF they have the balls to FIGHT! Keep rubbing your stupidity and lack of integrity in the voters’ faces, and maybe, just maybe THEY WILL SMARTEN UP! Hey stranger things have happened. In fact, drag Hillary into another hearing, so she can wipe that stupid arrogant look off your face, like she did with the republicans in the Benghazi nothing burger. What a poor excuse for a human being.

    • His constituents have put him in office this long. I’m fairly convinced there isn’t a working brain cell in that entire congressional district.



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