The Biden White House certainly has a penchant for installing as Press Secretary remarkable women who possess an hilarious ability to deflate the inanity of right-leaning reporters asking stupid questions for their equally imbecilic fake news outlets with oh so subtle pin pricks.

Karine Jean-Pierre may differ slightly in style Jen Psaki, who for my money remains the champion of the “I’m gonna put you down, but you’ll be too idiotic to recognize it” style of responding to stupidity, but Karine is fast gaining ground, and with a few more choice moments like the below she just might take the lead over her predecessor.

Asked about Cancun Cruz’s invitation, to her personally, to visit him at the U.S. Mexico border, Karine adopts a puzzled look and says… “who?”


Good point, I wouldn’t meet with “who” any place other than a well populated food court.

Karine also invited Zodiac to vote for Democrats efforts to fully fund DHS, which might actually help alleviate problems at the border more than another hot blast of wind from the crooked mouth of his doppelgänger Ted Cruz…


That’s all they have, Emme, all matters of substance put them at a disadvantage.


Karine is working on that, Rose.

😬😬😬😬 Better you than me, Forest…


Absolutely, Sunny.

Yep. She low key dropped that “who?” in there perfectly.


Are you saying Ted eats worms, Mr.?
Very well, then, carry on…🤣🤣🤣

Oh, how I wish I didn’t.


Yes! She is masterful with those – “My, but aren’t you a special kinda idiot” looks…

I realize that this is not the most pressing of current events, but sometimes you just have to kick back and enjoy the Schadenfreude…

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  1. Come on Karine…you know teddycrumb. He’s that pile of mashed taters in the corner, trying to pass himself off as a human being.

  2. How did Cruz,ever get into the Ivy League? Not a legacy. Dad not rich. I’m didn’t know the ability to.lie with a straight face was a major.


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