White House Counsel Don McGahn Leaving In Fall After Kavanaugh Confirmation


White House Counsel Don McGahn apparently doesn’t like the heat so he’s getting out of the kitchen after the expected confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh and after the midterms. He would like Emmet Flood to take his place, according to Axios:

The timing for a McGahn departure is right for both sides, the officials say:

  • McGahn, whom some Trump allies fear coughed up too much information during his extensive cooperation with Mueller’s team, would leave on a high note, after the confirmation of Justice Neil Gorsuch, and the expected confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.
  • McGahn ran point on Trump’s record run of conservative judicial selections, which has endeared Trump not only to his base but also to Republicans skeptical of his presidency.
  • In Flood, Trump would get a White House counsel with impeachment chops from the Clinton years, and little internal baggage.
  • McGahn has told a confidant that he doesn’t expect to leave Trumpworld entirely after he leaves the White House. He privately said he expects to continue to be of assistance to the president through the re-election campaign.

Can’t say I blame him.  If and when the White House ends up in a confrontation with Robert Mueller that could result in a constitutional crisis and evidently McGahn is not up for it.

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