Futility is doing the same thing over and over, and still expecting a different result

Traitor Tot is licking his nuts again. He is running around all day, every day, waving that cheap plastic Scepter that he got in a BK Kids meal, and anointing his chosen ones for the 2022 midterms. I hear that Melania has to pour a soother down his throat to quiet him down in time for Hannity.

And now he’s putting his mouth where his mouth is. Wait, let me correct that. He’s putting the money of a bunch of scared, older, undereducated, poorer white people in his base where his mouth is. He’s going to Arizona tomorrow for his first rally of 2022! When he isn’t even officially running for anything yet!

NBC News did an in depth look at his 90+ endorsements so far for this cycle. More than 70 of them are vapid proponents of The Big Lie. And among gubernatorial and Secretary of State candidates, almost all are stop the steal acolytes. In fact, tomorrow night, his two star performers in this dog and pony show are his chosen one for Governor, and his acolyte for Secretary of State, both of whom are campaigning on refusing to certify state election results if Trump loses. The pattern is already clear. 2022 will be a bitch fest about 2020, and GOP candidates will vow to never let history repeat itself.

But this tends to present a problem. Why? Because, Most. People. Don’t Fucking. Like. Donald. Trump! And they have shown it over and over again. In 2016, Trump lost the popular vote by more than 3 million votes, but uncle Vlad gave him an early Christmas present. In 2018, Trump did everything possible to insert himself into the campaign, including inventing ghost illegal immigrant caravans steaming towards the US border to take over and vote for Democrats. The Democrats picked up 40 seats in the House, and the GOP lost the national popular vote by 6 million votes!

In 2020, the GOP almost completely erased the Democrats House gains of 2018, and yet Trump lost the national popular vote by more than 7 million votes. Mostly white suburban women voters who spanked Trump by proxy in 2018 by voting for Democrats, came home in 2020 to vote GOP down ballot, but either voted for Biden, or skipped voting the top of the ticket entirely.

See, here’s the McGuffin. These mostly white, mostly female suburban voters already know full well that there was no widespread voter fraud in 2020. Those election results came out exactly how they intended them to when they voted. Abd they’re all snickering at Trump’s infantile petulance.

But Trump can never admit defeat, so The Big Lie it is. And since the national and state GOP are nothing more than watering cans to carry the Trump message, The Bid Lie it will be. One of the often overlooked facts of 2018 is that the Democrats made modest gains in some state houses, and state legislatures when mostly white suburban GOP voters turned against Trombie candidates at the state level.

Look, Trump has already endorsed more than 90 GOP candidates, both federal as well as state, and he’s just getting started. He absolutely loves having everybody line up to kiss his fat ass. There will be many more, which means that in most states, not only the House and Senate, but the state offices will have Trombie loyalists running in them.

But the problem is that most normal people who graduated 8th grade cannot tolerate Trump! They hate everything he is, everything he represents, and everything he stands for. And now, in 2022, a year in which Trump is not only not on the ballot, but not even President anymore, he is going to be running an entire national, statewide Trombie slate in November.

Now, I am not making any predictions. But I do want to draw on recent history. In 2017 Trump ran as much of a Trombie GOP House slate as he could, and did everything to insert himself into the election, and the GOP got spanked for 40 House seats. But what happens in November, when all of those mostly white, suburban GOP woman voters, and independents, go into the polls, and see not only Trombie nation on the federal level, but also at the state level as well? Do they move not only to purge Trump from the federal level, but also either sit out or vote Democratic to purge Trump from their state parties as well? Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. When is that stupid man going to be stopped? he is a shame to humanity and decency.
    Good on you for reporting and calling it as it is
    Unfortunately the GPO ( most, not all) like the attention and the money, who care about democracy in the US according to them.

    • True Viviane! I too am so sick of Loser trumps mouth! He was the worst president in HISTORY! Thank God we President Biden was able to talk to our Allies and calm their worries that America was going Communistic!!! He can take all those ppl with him that wants to destroy our Democracy! They can move to Russia where I’m sure they all will be much happier!!!

  2. Let’s hope the electorate is smarter than the Virginia voters who were lied to by a Trumper, who created a fear of CRT, which the idiots didn’t realize wasn’t being taught in public schools. Then voila!! The fascist fires the Civil rights legal division. Goddamn pigs are smarter. We’ll see as traitor tot loves to chirp.

    • Youngkin had two advantages most GQPs won’t have. He had no primary and he didn’t let Trump within a 1000 miles of anywhere he appeared. He looked like your daddy’s republican and lulled low info voters into a false sense of security. These mid-term rethugs want Trump to rally for them. I say “Please, proceed!”.
      P.S. – VA voters are already experiencing buyer’s remorse and Youngkin hasn’t even taken office yet

  3. You really have to scratch your head at the bottomless, ridiculous lies he tells at the AZ rally.
    HE actually told his braindead sycophants that the Biden administration was passing up whites and distributing the vaccines to blacks and other minorities. Even the dumbest of these crazies has a TV set that broadcasts the fact that CVS, Walgreens and various other locations are vaccinating anyone who wants one. He’s gone full racist/fascist and unless the normal people in our country come together and educate the deplorables and anyone on the fence in every was possible by marching and advertising in every major branch of media, social and newspapers, etc. we may really see the end of democracy. His niece said it accurately when she called him the most dangerous man in the world.


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