This will be what any of you familiar with my articles will deem uncharacteristically short.  Here goes:

Earlier I was busy but had Lawrence O’Donnell’s show playing on TV and was listening.  He had a segment with a couple of legal talking heads, one of whom was Andrew Weissmann.  When that guy talks I listen because it’s always worth hearing.  He said something that struck me, which I haven’t been able to get out of my head.  The discussion was about Rudy G. and his civil trial.  More to the point that with Rudy admitting guilt, that he lied about the two women he not only defamed but also put in financial and physical jeopardy for the rest of their lives he brought the matter to an abrupt end.  But, there’s a kicker:

Ending the matter also ended the need for him to continue providing DISCOVERY!

Yes, he’d provide some but was behind and had already gotten fined by the judge.  He was also under court order to provide a bunch more by the end of August or face more significant sanctions than the almost 90k his tardiness has already cost him.  This is where Weisman made the observation that should make your ears twitch:

There’s likely all kinds of damaging information Rudy didn’t want to have to turn over as part of the discovery process!  Weissmann was, like the rest of us startled that Rudy suddenly admitted guilt knowing there’d be severe consequences.  So he asked, what was SO damaging in that discovery that Rudy decided to accept the big hit he was going to take?

That my friends is a hell of a question.

If you’re like me, when you heard the original news that Rudy had fessed up you were shocked.  Also, if you’re like me after thinking about it you figured it was probably because he’s broke and he’s got other legal problems and needs competent lawyers which sure as hell won’t work for free.  So, in this case which is a civil one admitting guilt and throwing himself on the mercy of the court was a calculated “cut his losses” type of thing.  Save his resources for the stuff that might wind up sending him to jail.  Hey, the dude’s in the Hurt Locker and buried under multiple large piles of legal troubles!

Until tonight it never occurred to me there’s be a deeper, darker reason to cut his losses in this case.  That there’s stuff that could hurt him, or hurt others who could turn around and in retaliation testify/provide evidence against him that he hopes to keep buried.

Like I said, this got my attention.  Now, I consider myself a fairly smart guy but part of that means I know there are plenty of smarter folks out there.  Some of them are lawyers.  Prosecutors in fact.  And some of THOSE are after not just Rudy’s a$$ but people he’s worked with in recent years up to and including Trump and Trumpists who along with him orchestrated the Big Lie!

Weissmann isn’t the only one out there smarter than me who happens to be a lawyer who knows a thing or two about prosecuting people.  A couple of them come to mind.  Names that have already popped into yours.  Like Jack Smith and Fani Willis!  How much do you want to bet they will have their respective teams at work tomorrow (if they already haven’t been from the moment Rudy admitted guilt) obtaining all that discovery Rudy’s pled guilty to keep hidden?

Stay tuned.

(P.S.  I just love an excuse to post that pic.  I still say it’s not hair dye, but transmission fluid leaking from his head!)

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  1. It’s also complicated if G has offered himself to testify in the Jan 6 case. If he has any agreement with Smith he has to confess to all crimes and he can’t have a different position in the civil case. If he has an agreement then the DOJ has access to the disputed emails, etc. We do not know yet if he has flipped. But if you are correct, that his motive was to stop discovery, then he is likely not cooperating with the DOJ. It makes you wonder what the rumors of his lawyers reaching out to Smith’s team eventually led to.

    • Indications are that Rudy went to DOJ trying to get himself a deal. Begging for one even. And DOJ/Smith haven’t been interested. They have plenty without them including evidence from Rudy himself obtained long ago. Evidence they will be able to introduce in court without needing to call Rudy to the stand. If there’s more they want, as in whatever he’s trying to hide by getting this civil case shut down I’m sure they can get it if they want – without having to strike a deal with Rudy to get it. So he’s in full-blown desperation mode at this point.

  2. Rudy was,always pond scum. He informed his wife he was divorce g her in a press conference. He used NYPD to play chauffeur his mistress around. He screwed NYC as badly as he did his,wife.

  3. I hear you Gillian…the mindless, shallow press played him up after 9/11, but everyone I knew that lived in NYC thought he was a horror. He hasn’t transformed…he’s always been a slimeball.


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