O.K. It’s like 6:40 in the AM here in the Central Time Zone and we still don’t have any answers as to why the Orangeutan showed up in D.C. in his golf shoes last evening.

Nothing new to report, but there have been some killer Tweets sent out into the cosmos as we slept.

My favorite is from Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss who has really upped his Twitter game in recent months in case you want to give him a follow…


Here’s another…

Don’t call me Shirley! 🤣🤣🤣👍


Very strange indeed.

“I picked a helluva day to quit “Dulles.”


In honor of Ukraine.

Perry Mason on the case:

The script that keeps on giving:


Have a great day, everyone, I now leave the news in the capable paws of Ursulafaw until I get home from work…

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  1. I think the biggest tell is the lack of garbage coming from his social media account. He usually isn’t this quiet for this long. If he’s not stirring the turd there is something afoot and it is not something he is happy about nor is it something he wants known. Be interesting to find out what’s up.

  2. That is some seriously good snark, and coming from a serious and seriously talented bona fide historian! I’ll bet some of the late night comics are personally begging him to come on their shows today! He might as well do so. It’s not like actual real journalists give a shit – they’d much rather take some time off and cede the “news” to all things Queen Elizabeth and the UK Monarchy!

  3. Sorry, but not even Perry Mason would touch Trump’s case. Perry had too many scruples (and, if memory serves, all of his clients were INNOCENT).

    • Well, my “pair” are right there where they’ve always been, including my time in the Corps. Maybe you served too. Maybe not. No matter. Here’s what I know. Very early on Trump secretly (we only found out when RUSSIA reported it and the administration reluctantly had to admit it) that Trump met with the two top Soviet, oops I mean RUSSIAN officials below Putin in the fucking OVAL OFFICE, and revealed classified “NOFORN” intelligence to them. Information I might add was supplied by Israel who has always been reluctant to fully share stuff with us, even to Presidents they knew were trustworthy. It led to an important source in the Kremlin having to “go dark” (and not just to us) and it’s likely that was the person we know was extracted from Russia by the intel community. For damned sure we know Trump compromised the identity of someone who would have been summarily exectuted if Pootie’s goons had been able get their hands on him/her first! So there’s that.

      There’s other stuff before this regarding violations of longstanding protocols with classified information, and there’s even pictures and videos of some of it because sometimes it happened in the public dining room at his fucking FL club! Just shooting the shit and showing pictures to foreign leaders right out in the open where not just wait staff but any visitor dining at the club could walk right by and see/hear!

      Then there’s the danger he put our troops in. One of the best know examples which will affect us (in a bad way) for decades is the way he yanked the rug out from under the Kurds, without whom we wouldn’t have crushed ISIS (at least he let the military complete operations planned and implemented before he took office) and you should think about that. What makes Special Forces special isn’t limited to their extraordinary training in fighting skills, it’s how they are trained to be what’s known as Force Multipliers. In case you don’t know, that means living, training and fighting alongside the locals who support us. Like the Kurds, and it took a LONG time for them to trust us after Bush 41 screwed them in the aftermath of the first gulf war! But Trump hung them out to dry to please his dictator buddy and fellow Pootie suck up Orban. In the process he put every Special Forces and even regular units that fight in coordination with foreign locals that organize to fight authoritarian regimes at risk on notice of something profound – U.S. promises to have their backs were worthless. They might be good for a while, but at most only four years until the next election and sometimes if the wrong person like Trump was in office and wanted/needed to curry favor with the type of asshole foreign leader we once led the world in standing up to they were toast. You should think about that. I mean REALLY think about that. Chew on it down to the fucking bone.

      I don’t think it’s tinfoil hat thinking to believe there is still more highly classified information Trump has held on to. Or that he hasn’t shared some of it, if not all of some stuff them some with the promise of more to come for more money/help from our enemies. He will sell out ANYONE and ANYTHING including our country for his own protection and benefit.

      If you had any fucking common sense at all YOU would be afraid of what he might have already done, and will do next!

      But even if you do (which I doubt – you’re probably on the list of wannabe idiots willing to wipe his ass after he shits out some burnt steak or “hamberders”) you’ll never admit it.

    • Not afraid. He will lose if he runs, because we women loathe him after Dobbs. I just want him to be arrested in the most public and humiliating way possible, preferably naked with his tiny penis flapping in the breeze .

      I wish Carlin were still alive. His opinions,would be hilarious. So would Tom Leher. If you don’t know who they are, it explains why you think we are,afraid of the Orange Orc.

      FYI,when it comes to classified documents,there is an actual PROCESS even the president must abide by. He can’t just pick.up a crayon and cross out “classified.” And because of him people who provided Intel abroad are likely being arrested,and executed. Too bad it can’t happen to him, the fat slob

    • We aren’t cult members and can see him for the criminal he is. Don’t you think if he really had the respect of every country on the planet and Biden was a laughing stock, the election stolen and we’re a genuine innocent man being persecuted by the DOJ, the most renowned defense lawyers, not to mention the leaders of every country on the planet would be up in arms, would be having knife fights over who gets to represent a ‘billionaire’ former president being persecuted by government over reach. Amnesty International would be on the case. So, where are they? You think George Soros has THIS much power but chose to let GOPers win down ticket and give democrats super majorities not just in US house & Senate but in every state too? You thought Hillary should be locked up for 3 confidential documents on a server. That sounds like a storage issue to me. Why would Hillary get locked up for a storage issue?

  4. Apparently in a,clandestine meeting with a bunch of people at his golf course in VA. No one knows why. The Orange Orc is up to no good,,and he doesn’t even have a copy of the,Marauder’s,Map, unless Rowling gave him one because he hates trans folk as much as,she does he doesn’t know what “transgender” means.

    • Meeting on the golf course BC his conversations can’t be recorded there. Meeting with GOP-Nazi party member Kevin McCarthy in particular to obtain advice on what to do next as an exit strategy to extract himself from impending doom with law enforcement closing in from all sides. Good luck Trumpelthinskin attempting to use bribes and death threats to walk free this time. Ain’t gonna work. The whole world is watching and expecting justice to be served.


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