Another day, another downward plunge for Herschel Walker. Let’s see, today is November 25 so that means it’s 11 more days until December 6. What can the man possibly do to top “this erection is about the people?” you may ask.

And I’m going to tell you. Walker trashed both his son, Christian, for being an ugly kid and then blamed it on his wife’s “awful genes.”

Oh, and that’s not all. He said the kid was “dumb as a brick.”

And you know I’m going to say, “it gets worse.” How it always does amazes me, but you have to admit, that is the direction these things always go, with stunning regularity.

I wonder why Walker doesn’t polish his own head? Or, maybe he did and he was even dumber before?

Republican “thinking” defined.

The party of family values. Just saying.

I love it that Herschel delivered his own kid. And then he deputized him, I’m sure, and taught him how to shoot. But not before he prepared a pot luck for his new kid and all his multiple personalities, so they could get acquainted.

We can only hope and pray that Raphael Warnock can pick up the votes that went to the Libertarian candidate in the general election and waltz away with the runoff. There is no way this clown belongs in the Senate.


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  1. You have to take the time to listen to Walker’s speeches. He talks as though he played football without a helmet. I’m sorry if he has CTE but he should not be running for public office. I’m not kidding. Either that or his lack of formal education. I swear, he sounds like a field hand.

  2. Christian Walker should thank the Lord every day that he looks like his mother and not that ugly, stupid sperm donor of his.

  3. Absolutely no one should vote for this asshole. How they could possibly think that he would be a good Senator is unbelievable. He is one of the worst Senatorial candidate in the entire history of out government.

  4. He is dumber than a box of rocks,and obviously suffers from.CTE and likely either has narcissistic personality disorder or psychopathy as well. He has also shown a propensity for violence and contempt for women.
    What people here aren’t getting is that is exactly why he won the primary. White evangelical Christians and stupid red necks voted for him for just those attributes. Toss in his former career as an athlete,,and he could win:
    ***Played football for UGA. ✓
    ***NFL career✓
    *** Violence toward women (keeping those sluts in their place)✓
    ***Paid for abortions to avoid paying child support✓
    ***Got Jeeeeeeezzzzzzussssss✓
    ***A moron so they can identify ✓
    *** Violent solutions to a lot of issues✓

    Remember, they reelected MTG. There is no end to the stupidity and depths of racism and misogyny he appeals to.


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