We see amazing things in the press every day, but I’m pretty sure this has to be a first. When before have you seen a lawyer to a president, who also moonlights as a TV journalist, (or is Christina Bobb a journalist moonlighting as a lawyer? Both? Neither?) claim that the sitting governor of the most populous state got there by fraud? And, moreover, that if said governor runs for POTUS, that he will steal that office as well?

The ethics of this fascinates me in particular, because I have two degrees, one in journalism and one in law. Opinion pieces are one thing, but they need to be labeled opinion. Then again, this is RSBN and they’re looking to step over the dead OAN and give Newsmax a run for the money, so this makes sense on that level.

And insofar as legal ethics are concerned, to be disparaging a candidate who might be the opponent that your current boss will face in 2024, for the same crime(s) which your boss is being investigated for committing himself, is one of the wildest things I’ve ever seen a lawyer do. I wonder how much longer she’ll be carrying a bar card in her wallet? Or, maybe she figures the legal career is tanked, so she might as well run wild on camera.

Interesting how this is being set up in the first place, because with all that Trump has been through recently, his chances of even running again in 2024 have become slimmer, let alone winning.

And it gets worse. Here, RSBN viewers are told to not watch the other outlets, oh noes, they’re liars over there. We’re the only ones telling the truth. Watch us us us. We’re not horrible.

Excuse me. Trump has policies now? And the MSM is reporting on them?

It does make sense, though. The first thing a cult does is convince you everyone else is lying to you and only the cult has your back. Trump has a cult and RSBN is dying to be its official voice.

RSBN. Russian Slanderous Bullshit Network, available on cable.

And I think they should have a feature show every day “Trolls For Trump” and they can all compete to see who has the most insane commentary for that day.

Mark my words, you’ll see a kind of face off between RSBN and Newsmax in the not too distant future.. I shudder to think how weird it can get. Donald Trump with AR-15 in hand, singlehandedly chasing a mob of cannibalistic pedophiles, loaded on adrenachrome, down the beach and into the ocean, where they swim to Atlantis to get reinforcements for their Evil Cause, as Trump declares Mar-a-Lago the new Pentagon of the 51st state of Trumpistan and a nuclear power, in its own right.

You think I’m joking? Wait.

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    According to data compiled by the Heritage Foundation, the average American family has lost $7,200 in household income under President Biden; individual Americans are $4,200 poorer, as well.
    And to think. All this can be reversed if Bidens handlers would put back in place Trumps policies they reversed. And you wonder why this is happening. We would have $1.80 a gallon gas, world peace, safe neighborhoods, secure border (78 terrorists apprehended so far at the southern border. He’s going to get us all killed), almost no inflation, and the list goes on and on.

      • Please research Feb 2016 – $1.764, Feb 2016 – 1.969 national average. During his Presidency gas stayed @ $2.50ish or below.
        Are you going to say you’re stupid or shall I? And you have 2 degrees? Did you get them off the back of a cereal box?

          • Because TX and LA have really low gas prices, compared to the rest of the country. Which is why those states are full of gas-guzzling pickups and SUVs.

          • That’s where most of the U.S. refineries are. Once crude oil has been refined into gas and diesel it has to get transported to other places that can store large amounts, and from there transport it on tanker trucks to gas stations. In those two particular states, those costs of getting it from the refineries to the gas stations is way lower and while the folks in the corner suites at the oil companies are as greedy as they come, they also know passing along a good chunk of the savings means people in their states will put up with all manner of shit (pollution of the water and land) for cheap gas. And that’s why politicians that back big oil keep getting elected in those states, especially TX.

          • This reply is to ozajh: Your comment that Obama was president in 2016 does not affect the point that red4751 was trying to make. He was not saying that Trump was responsible for the price of gas in 2016. Red4751 was rebutting Ursula’s assertion, “We haven’t had $1.80 gas in decades.” Red4751 went on to say, “During his [Trump’s] Presidency gas stayed @ $2.50ish or below.”

            I don’t know where red4751 got his numbers, but here are official US government numbers: February 2016 – $1.872; March 2016 – $2.071. These numbers come from the U.S. Energy Information Administration at the following URL:


            The most recent month that I saw in the graph that had gas at or below $1.80 was December 2008 with a price of $1.745. That month was an aberration. To find prices consistently in the range of $1.80, I had to go back to March 2004, 18 years ago. Prices started climbing after that date.

            As for red4751’s assertion that gas stayed around $2.50 or below when Trump was president, the highest price of gas in the linked graph during Trump’s presidency was $2.987 in May 2018. (I hope that I scanned the graph accurately.)

            I hope that this information helps everybody.

        • Bear in mind we keep you around for comic relief. You can be bounced out the air lock and into cyberspace to explode anytime I want to push two keystrokes. And it’s very cold, in cyberspace.

        • For someone to demand “research” from someone else, it seems that he (it?) should do some research as well.

          Barack Obama was President for ALL of 2016. Nothing that Trump did had ANY impact on any prices in 2016.

      • My records show gas was under $3 a gallon in L.A. for most of 2016 (there was a spike in July), and didn’t go up until after the former guy became president.

    • And these 78 “terrorists.” How do we know they’re terrorists? As opposed to refugees or garden variety criminals looking for a new home?

  2. I don’t care if you quote February or March stats—-in Feb., Mar., 2016 Mr. Obama was president. TFG didn’t get awarded the presidency until November 2016.



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