A picture is worth 1,000 words and in this case 1,000 laughs. Donald Trump crowed about his “great wall.” This was going to be a great wall to put that one in China, excuse me, Chy-nuh, totally to shame. What do they know about greatness? Theirs is an old stone wall, this is a great, new, Trump wall and nobody builds walls greater than Trump, just ask him.

It was a good myth and it was an even better grift. Steve Bannon made millions off of it and then got pardoned.

Take a look at the reality of what Trump hath wrought.

Maybe Marsha Blackburn saw the wall and this was her panicked response. Something spooked her.

What do you suppose is next?

  1. Electrifying Trump’s wall?
  2. Soaping Trump’s wall?
  3. Painting a giant middle finger on it?
  4. Blowing it up?
  5. Ignoring it until it rusts?

Stay tuned for the next chapter, “After The Wall.”

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  1. The Berlin Wall, with all of its watchtowers, barbed wire and armed guards didn’t stop people getting across – and Trump’s metal poles are supposed to be effective?

  2. Sections of Traitor Tot’s wall have blown down in a light breeze. It has also been easily cut with battery powered saws available or $100 or less. I would say a rope and grappling hook could work also. And that doesn’t even consider tunnels, which have been being used to get across the border for decades… The wall also will not stop airplanes or helicopters. Traitor Tot’s border wall has been as big a waste of $$$ as Traitor Tot himself is a waste of oxygen!

  3. I’ve been to Chy-nuh and walked many kilometers of that other wall. I have no doubt 1,000 years ago it was a formidable boundary. Trump’s graft wall, whose only purpose was to funnel tax-money to friends? I suspect the Mongols, using 13th Century tech, could scale it with ease TODAY! What an utterly useless waste of money. Astonishing that there are still people who worship that human cesspool of a being like a god and would love him to be president again. Mind-warping stupidity!!!

  4. Let us all thank the good Lord in Heaven that Donnie isn’t at the helm on this Ukraine war. One self serving egomaniac at the table is more than enough. Pray also that should the next great war break out because of the escalating tension in NATO from an adversary who very well may be totally certifiably insane. God help us all the only thing left standing may be this stupid wall. And God help us no one around to admire it!


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