Donald Trump is in Michigan tonight, pushing the political fortunes of MAGA candidates, and lying his ass off about everything else.

He is in the usual yuuge auditorium, where Marge Greene acted as his warm up act, asking for her political enemies to be imprisoned.

Interesting she would say such a thing and then Trump would follow up with a prediction of his own.

And of course the purported stolen election is featured prominently. Not just his stolen election, all kindsa stolen elections. Here a stolen election, there a stolen election, everywhere a stolen election.

No, I don’t know what the nuns are doing there. Anti-abortion support, perhaps? Or, maybe they wanted to see Satan incarnate for themselves, so they could go back to the convent and pray? What I know is that the Catholic church is strong in Ireland and abortion is legal there. Why oh why are we so backward in the U.S.?

You’re going to love this. This is Trump playing a video on Letitia James’ “witch hunt.” This is a first. Trump is plenty scared, or else he wouldn’t be playing this, nor would he be talking about going to prison.

James has Trump dead to rights. If she did not, Trump wouldn’t be trying to rally the mob in his favor.

Trump’s mood on this is similar to his mood when he lost the election and didn’t want to leave office. Look to him to act in a similar manner. I would not be surprised if he ordered his MAGAs to violence. The question then becomes, would they do it? He’s not still president and in a position to pardon them, as they thought was the case before.

I hope we don’t end up finding out the answer, but like all things Trumpian, the worst you can think of happening is usually the thing that does in fact happen.



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  1. I don’t think there are enough magas left to do anything major. the problem now are the lone wolves who are egged on to violence.

    • Unfortunately, it doesn’t take a lot of people to do a lot of damage. This weekend is the commemoration of five years after the Las Vegas mass shooting at the music festival. About 60 people were killed, as I recall. One lone gunman. it doesn’t take a lot to destroy.

  2. The nuns? If I were Satan, besides convincing part of the world I don’t exist, I would recruit lost souls seeking power, & respect as religious leaders & teachers, & dress them in clothing that immediately everyone would think of as holy. I believe it’s called camouflage. Oh. I would then blame the good people wanting justice, love, and compassion to rule the earth with all the evil I and my followers were actually doing. Just saying.

      • Possibly photoshupped? Almost no orders wear those old-fashioned habits. Today it is divide and maybe a simple and veil–but not even the veil these days. Hell,in the early 70s most barely wore a veil. 7Catholic schools, 6diffetent orders of nuns.

  3. Actually, to me, my first thought about the picture of the nuns was it was Photoshopped. There’s just something about it that doesn’t look fully real. (Still trying to figure out why 5 of the nuns seem to be looking directly at the camera–if it’s a legitimate picture, of course.)


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